How Easily Do Aries Men Fall in Love?

Updated March 12, 2023
How Easily Do Aries Men Fall in Love?

Do Aries men love easily? Many take a while to fall in love, especially ones who aren’t actively looking for love.

Some Aries men avoid love and focus on other things. If romance isn’t a priority, they’ll take forever to fall in love.

Aries men love passionately once they do fall in love. It just takes them time to get to that point! They aren’t the type to genuinely fall in love all the time.

An Aries man who is focused on his career or something else might want to avoid falling in love. He won’t prioritize romance and may ignore his feelings if he does start to fall for someone.

Aries men aren’t in any rush to commit to someone and settle down. They might stay single for a while or have a series of short-term relationships.

They Sometimes Avoid Love

Does an Aries man fall in love easily? Many do not. One reason for this is that some avoid love for various reasons.

Some Aries men want to play the field for a while. They want to date around and have no desire to tie themselves down to anyone.

An Aries man who is avoiding love might end a relationship as soon as it seems like it might get serious. He might ditch someone as soon as they develop feelings for him.

Aries men can be pretty successful at avoiding love. They’re good at just jumping into the next thing and leaving a casual relationship behind.

If an Aries man doesn’t want love or anything serious, he’ll have no issue ending things as soon as he’s bored.

An Aries man who has been in love before, but got hurt, may avoid love for a while. He’ll need time to heal and won’t open himself up to getting hurt again for a long time.

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They Like To Focus On Other Things

Aries men tend to fall in love and settle down later in life because they prefer to focus on other things when they’re younger.

An Aries man might be focused on establishing himself in a career and becoming successful. If he’s only thinking about work, he won’t have the chance to fall in love!

An Aries man may also want to travel or focus on his hobbies. He’ll pour all his time and effort into his interests, and there won’t be any time for him to date or fall in love.

It’s also common for Aries men to play the field. An Aries man might be focused on casual dating, but he won’t fall in love if that’s not his goal when dating people.

When an Aries man is focused on something other than love, he won’t be open to falling for someone. Even if someone who might be perfect for him comes along, he won’t notice them at all.

They Don’t Fall In Love Often

An individual Aries man likely won’t fall in love very often during his life. He may only genuinely fall in love once or twice.

Aries men might become infatuated quickly, but they know the difference between that and genuine love. An Aries man can be infatuated with someone for a few days or weeks, then leave them behind because he doesn’t love them.

An Aries man likely doesn’t feel he needs to be in love. If it takes him a long time to find love, he’s okay with that. He has other things he can focus on and is in no rush.

Do Aries men love deeply? They do, which is one reason they don’t fall in love often. They dive right in when they are ready to fall in love, and that doesn’t happen all the time!

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Romance Isn’t a Top Priority

For many Aries men, romance isn’t their top priority. Some men might dream of falling in love and settling down with the right person someday, but many Aries men have other goals they want to reach first.

If romance isn’t an Aries man’s priority, it will be more difficult for him to fall in love. His heart won’t be open to romance, and he’ll likely never stay with someone long enough to fall in love with them.

An Aries man might decide later in life to prioritize romance, but he’ll have difficulty falling in love until he makes that decision. It won’t happen naturally if he genuinely does not want to focus on falling in love.

Many Aries men don’t want to fall in love until they can prioritize a relationship. They want to avoid jumping into a relationship they don’t have the time for.

They Value Their Freedom

Will an Aries man settle down eventually? Many will settle down, but only if they know their partner won’t take away their freedom and independence. An Aries man won’t fall in love with someone who is too controlling.

Some Aries men value their freedom a little too much. They can become incredibly stubborn and uncompromising. They can also be self-absorbed and only worried about their own needs.

An Aries man who values his freedom more than love isn’t going to fall in love easily. He might have unrealistic expectations for how much freedom he can have in a relationship.

An Aries man may avoid serious relationships entirely because he knows he can’t have the freedom he wants.

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They Get Bored Easily

One of an Aries man’s weaknesses in love is that he gets bored quickly. Aries men take a long time to fall in love and don’t always give people a chance long enough to start developing those feelings.

An Aries man isn’t going to fall in love after one or two dates. He might even casually date someone for months without falling in love.

If an Aries man isn’t in love with someone and starts to get bored, he’ll move on to the next person. He has no issue leaving someone behind when he’s no longer having a good time.

Aries men sometimes miss out on people who could be good for them because they cut them loose too soon. An Aries man who wants to be excited all the time won’t fall in love easily.

They Ignore Their Feelings Sometimes

An Aries man in love might not always want to express that love. He will ignore his feelings if he thinks he’s not ready for a relationship.

Ignoring his feelings when he’s in love with someone can be difficult sometimes. Aries men have big hearts, and they love passionately. Some are stubborn enough to completely ignore it when they start to fall in love, though!

One of the signs an Aries man is in love but is trying to ignore his feelings is that he won’t be able to stay away from you, even if he wants to.

If it seems like your Aries man is struggling, but he still spends a lot of time with you, it might be because he’s denying his feelings.

Sometimes, an Aries man is the only obstacle in the way of his relationships. If he doesn’t want to be in love, he will completely ignore his feelings and likely sabotage any chance he might have had with the person he loves.

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They Don’t Rush Commitment

Are Aries men slow to commit? Aries men can be incredibly spontaneous in many areas of their lives, but commitment isn’t usually one of them!

Once an Aries man falls in love with someone, he loves them with everything he’s got. He will be willing to commit to them. Getting to that point can take a long time, though.

Aries men have a lot going on in their lives. They are action-oriented and dive right into their career and hobbies, but they try to take their time when it comes to love.

An Aries man doesn’t want to commit to the wrong person. He doesn’t want to waste his time putting effort into a relationship that is doomed to fail! He’ll hold off on falling in love and commitment until it’s the right time.

Why won’t an Aries man commit sometimes? An Aries man will only commit to someone if he can focus on the relationship. Even if an Aries man does love you, he might not reveal it if he thinks he can’t be the partner you need.

They Love Intensely & Passionately

How does an Aries man express love? When an Aries man decides he’s ready for love, he will be all in. He’ll love you passionately and intensely.

Aries men love with their whole hearts. They don’t do anything halfway, which is why it’s so difficult for them to fall in love in the first place.

An Aries man’s commitment issues and reservations about relationships will disappear as soon as he decides he’s ready to fall in love. Once he opens himself up to love, it will be easier for him to fall for someone.

Getting to the point where he’s ready to fall in love takes a long time, though. Many Aries men go through many flings, casual relationships, and years of being single before they find someone worth their passionate love.

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