10 Pisces Spirit Animals (Definitive Answer)

Updated March 17, 2023
10 Pisces Spirit Animals (Definitive Answer)

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Pisces, then you need to determine the Pisces animal.

Which creatures best match this zodiac sign’s personality?

When you want to figure out someone’s spirit animal, you don’t need to go on a quest or perform a ritual.

All you have to do is compare their star sign’s typical characteristics with the traits of different animals.

By learning more about the quintessential Pisces behaviors and qualities, you will know which animals are the best representation of the Pisces spirit.


Pisces animal cockatoo

The cockatoo is a beautiful, large bird that is typically white with yellow feathers protruding from the top of its head.

Some cockatoos may have orange instead of yellow accent feathers, and there are even rare cockatoos completely covered in striking black feathers.

Cockatoos are vocal and can learn to speak and sing. They have been known to memorize melodies, serenade their owners, and dance to music.

The musical gifts of the cockatoo make this winged creature the perfect spiritual match for the Pisces horoscope sign. Pisces is a very artistic and creative star sign, and many Pisces people are gifted with musical abilities.

Lots of Pisces people play instruments, sing, or produce music as a career or a hobby. The vocal and musical nature of the cockatoo makes this striking bird the ideal spirit animal for Pisces.

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Pisces animal shrike

The shrike is a predatory songbird, but its musical abilities aren’t this creature’s most fascinating characteristic. The mating rituals of the shrike make this bird stand out. Shrikes are monogamous, so they tend to stick to just one mate.

Male shrikes attract a female mate by building up a cache of attractive and brightly-colored items.

Once the male has lured the female to his territory, he performs an elaborate dance that mimics the way he skewers prey on thorns, and then he offers the female food.

When it comes to the typical Pisces personality, a male born under this sign is very romantic. He makes a devoted partner and will do anything to win the affection of the women he loves.

Pisces people are very generous, especially with their loved ones. Like the shrike, a Pisces will try to entice a member of the opposite sex with gifts.

The generosity and intricate mating ritual of the shrike are what make this bird the ideal Pisces spirit animal.


Pisces animal octopus

The octopus is a mysterious, intelligent creature that has three hearts. As a spirit animal, the octopus represents wisdom, kindness, and generosity.

For the typical Pisces personality, a female born under this sign is magnanimous and sweet. She cares deeply about other people’s feelings and is highly compassionate.

The octopus is a spiritual match for Pisces because people born under this zodiac sign are so giving and loving, it’s easy to imagine them possessing three hearts.

Pisces individuals aren’t just romantic lovers. They are also sensitive, caring, and empathetic when it comes to their children, friends, coworkers, and even total strangers.

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Golden Retriever

Pisces animal golden retriever

All dogs are known for being loyal to their owners, but one of the most loyal breeds of them all is the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are friendly and easy-going. They are great for families with pets because they are so gentle and, unless provoked or protecting their owners, are not aggressive.

When someone born under the zodiac sign Pisces dates a partner, they are loyal and devoted to that person.

Just as the Golden Retriever sticks by its owner’s side, Pisces people build their worlds around their partners. They will do anything to protect them and make them happy.


Pisces animal swan

As a spirit animal, the swan represents grace, peace, and elegance. The swan is the ideal Pisces woman’s animal because a Pisces lady exhibits many of these traits.

Pisces people are compassionate and care deeply about others, so they tend to have a gentle, calming presence. Just being around Pisces can make you feel soothed and tranquil.

Others tend to flock to Pisces for their support because Pisces people are so nurturing and pleasant to be around.

The swan’s natural poise and quiet dignity have inspired countless songs, poems, paintings, dances, and other works of art. As a very artistic zodiac sign, Pisces is the perfect match for the swan spirit animal.

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Pisces animal crow

The crow is a black bird that represents mystery and magic. Pisces is a very enigmatic and mystical sign, making the crow a good match for the Pisces spirit.

The magical nature of Pisces is perhaps best explained by this star sign’s spiritual age. Every astrological sign has a spiritual or mental age based on the order of the zodiac.

As the twelfth and final member of the zodiac, Pisces is the oldest or most spiritually mature of all the signs.

Pisces people are often referred to as “old souls” by their peers because their spirits have experienced more than any other sign.

Pisces individuals are very mature, so they are great people to approach for advice, particularly regarding emotional matters. They can also be difficult to read, making the mystifying crow an even more perfect match for this zodiac sign.


Pisces animal antelope

Antelope are reactive and skittish, and they rely on their instincts to survive. Since they feast in grassy, open plains, they need to be on constant alert for predators.

As a spirit animal, the antelope represents using gut instincts rather than intellect to make important decisions. It also symbolizes self-sacrifice to please and assist others.

The antelope is the Pisces man’s animal because one of the typical Pisces traits is generosity to the point of self-sacrifice. Although Pisces is generous without being asked, some people take advantage of Pisces’s unselfish and benevolent nature.

Pisceans are so giving that they tend to deplete themselves of their time, energy, money, and other resources in an attempt to help others.

Pisces people must learn how to say no when others ask too much of them, otherwise they can exhaust themselves.

Pisceans are also very intuitive, so like the antelope, they follow their gut instincts. They allow their hearts instead of their heads to guide them, which typically serves them well.

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Pisces animal skink

Spiritually, the skink represents dreams, intuition, and psychic abilities. Since Pisces is the most mystical sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that the skink is one of the Pisces spirit animals.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the oldest and most experienced sign. Pisces people possess the innate wisdom that comes with age.

Pisces people often seem to have their head in the clouds, but the truth is that thanks to their spiritual age, they have one foot in the earthly realm and the other in the afterlife or heavenly realm.

They have vivid dreams full of symbols and predictions, and their keen sense of intuition allows them to read how other people think and feel. Pisces is also the zodiac sign most likely to possess supernatural or psychic powers.


Pisces animal skunk

The skunk is a furry little black mammal with striking white stripes along its back and bushy tail. This creature gets a bad reputation because it is notorious for its foul odor, but the skunk isn’t stinky all the time.

The skunk has glands near the base of its tail that it uses to emit a strong, unpleasant scent to ward off predators. But skunks are very prudent and judicious, only using this powerful defense mechanism when absolutely necessary.

The typical Pisces sign personality is a match for the skunk because, like this unusual animal, Pisces is a very misunderstood zodiac sign.

Pisces are deeply sensitive and emotional. They may come across as weak or delicate because they are so expressive of their feelings.

But Pisces people are actually quite powerful, and they know that true strength lies in the willingness to show vulnerability.

Pisces’s compatibility with a romantic partner depends on their significant other’s ability to understand their emotional nature and not mistake sensitivity for weakness.

Just as many assume that the skunk smells bad all the time or will spray its stench at the slightest sign of danger, people tend to underestimate Pisces.

But just as the skunk is more discerning and shrewd than others realize, Pisceans are much stronger and wiser than they seem.

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Pisces animal fish

Every zodiac sign has a special symbol that embodies the quintessential traits of that sign. Since most zodiac symbols are creatures, they can be very helpful in determining spirit animals.

The symbol for Pisces is the fish, which perfectly portrays the typical Pisces personality. Like a fish swimming along with the current, Pisces goes with the flow.

Pisces people are very adaptable and easy-going. They are people-pleasers who will bend over backward to accommodate others.

Smaller fish tend to swim in schools and are more concerned about sticking to their kind than the direction they are going.

Pisces similarly cares more about pleasing others and making them happy than pursuing their own happiness, which can lead to exhaustion and frustration.

Pisces people have to learn how to protect their energy and avoid letting others take advantage of them.

They must also learn to stick up for themselves and say no when others push them into something they can’t or don’t want to do.

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