Easy Guide To Elicit a Text Response From a Pisces Man

Updated September 3, 2023

You can’t always guarantee a Pisces man’s text response, no matter how much he likes you, but you can do some things to make a reply more likely!

Many Pisces men like to text but don’t always initiate conversations. You may have to start things off with him.

If your Pisces man enjoys texting with you, he will respond to you. Building a strong connection and bonding with him will ensure that he loves talking to you!

Be kind and empathetic toward your Pisces man. Compliment him often and ask questions about how he’s doing. Focus on him and make him feel comfortable, and he’ll respond to you.

Text your Pisces man that you miss him or that you need his help, and he’ll respond! Make it clear that you want a response, but don’t be too pushy.

Be Kind

When figuring out how to text a Pisces man, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to be kind to him.

Do not get upset if your Pisces man doesn’t reply immediately. Never accuse him of ignoring you or of not responding on purpose!

Instead, be kind and compassionate. If a Pisces man hasn’t replied to you in a while, reach out to ensure he’s okay.

When you are always kind and sweet toward your Pisces man, he’ll enjoy chatting with you more! He’ll want to reply to you and won’t feel guilty when he has to respond late for one reason or another.

Your Pisces man will avoid chatting with you if he knows you get mad when he replies “too late” or accidentally misses a message. When he’s not worried about that, he’ll actually be more likely to respond.

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Be Empathetic

A Pisces man’s communication style tends to be compassionate. He will do his best to make you comfortable while texting, and you should return the favor by being empathetic and compassionate in the way you text.

When you’re empathetic and good at picking up on your Pisces man’s mood, it will be easier to elicit a response from you.

You’ll know when to reach out to him and when to hold back and give him some space. When you’re in tune with your Pisces man’s emotions, he’ll appreciate it!

When a Pisces man knows that you care about his feelings, he’ll also be more likely to message you in general. You won’t have to wait for a reply because he’ll initiate conversations with you.

Compliment Him Often

You should compliment and praise him often if you want to seduce a Pisces man through text. Build up his self-esteem and make it clear that you like him!

How do you compliment a Pisces man? Be genuine and sincere with him. Let him know what you like about him. He likely has many talents and skills, so compliment those!

A Pisces man will be more likely to reply to you when texting you is fun for him. He will respond if you need help, but he’s more likely to consistently reply when he has a good time texting you.

Boost your Pisces man’s self-esteem and make your interest in him obvious. Praise him and make him feel good about himself! That will ensure that he not only replies but also initiates conversations!

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Say, “I Miss You”

What kind of texts do Pisces men like? Texting a Pisces man to tell him you miss him is a great way to show him you’re thinking of him and elicit a response.

If it’s been a while since you last heard from your Pisces man, let him know you miss him. That might be what he needs to respond to you!

A Pisces man may be busy and forget to text you sometimes. He might feel overwhelmed if many people are messaging him or if he has a lot of work to do.

Your Pisces man might not have realized it’s been a while since he last messaged you. If that’s the case, seeing a text from you that says you miss him will make him realize how long it’s been!

Ask About Him

If your Pisces man has a lot of people vying for his attention, he might not always respond right away. This is especially true if many people ask for favors or need emotional support!

If your Pisces man isn’t responding to you, try reaching out and asking how he’s doing. He might need support, and he’ll respond if you offer some to him.

Sometimes, asking for help or letting your Pisces man know that you need support will elicit a response. If he’s not responding to those messages, check in with him!

Ask your Pisces man about his day or what he’s up to. If you haven’t heard from him in a while, tell him you’re thinking about him and ask if he needs anything.

Your Pisces man will appreciate you reaching out, even if nothing is wrong!

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Ask A Direct Question

The best way to make a Pisces man reply is to ask a direct question. This will show him that you need a reply without pressuring him to respond.

A Pisces man’s texting habits can be unpredictable, but he will respond if he wants to chat with you! Asking a direct question requiring a response is one of the best ways to ensure an immediate reply.

You want to show your Pisces man that you are expecting a response from him without trying to force him to respond. If you ask a direct question, especially one you know he can answer, he’ll be more likely to reply.

Ask your Pisces man for his opinion on something, or ask a question about something you know he’s knowledgeable about. If you ask a question about something he’s interested in, he’s even more likely to reply!

Ask For Help

Why do Pisces men take so long to text back sometimes? A Pisces man might not immediately respond if he’s caught up with something else. If you need your Pisces man to reply right away, make that clear.

If you ask your Pisces man for help, he will likely respond quickly. It’s usually best to ask for help right away instead of trying to make small talk. Don’t text about something else to hide your need for help.

The key is to do this sparingly. If you only ever text your Pisces man when you need help, he’ll stop responding! He’ll get overwhelmed and might ignore you.

If you rarely ask for help, texting to ask for your Pisces man’s assistance will elicit a quicker response. Just make sure that you return the favor when he needs your help in the future!

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Text About Creative Topics

Pisces men tend to be incredibly creative people. If you want to elicit a response from your Pisces man and nothing else is working, try messaging him about art or another related topic!

If a Pisces man feels down or overwhelmed, he might appreciate a message about a light-hearted topic. Even if you don’t know all his interests, try messaging about a creative topic because that is always safe.

Text your Pisces man to show him some music you like or to show off some of your art. He’ll always appreciate it when you show off your creativity to him!

Ask your Pisces man what he’s been working on as well. He’ll happily text you about whatever he’s been creating lately and probably send you a few things too!

Tell Him About A Dream

Dreams are one of a Pisces man’s favorite topics. He loves talking about his dreams and hearing about the dreams others have had as well!

A great message to send a Pisces man is, “I dreamed of you last night.” He’ll likely respond to get some details! A Pisces man will definitely want to hear all about what happened in your dream.

Even if you didn’t dream about him, text your Pisces man to tell him all about the silly dream you had last night! He’ll probably respond to tell you what he thinks or to share his dreams.

This is a great way to start a conversation with a Pisces man. Your Pisces man will love taking turns analyzing each other’s dreams or just talking about how odd they are! It will also make him feel good if he appears in your dreams.

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Text At Appropriate Times

Do Pisces men take long to reply? A Pisces man is more likely to answer if he’s not busy or distracted. Texting at appropriate times will ensure faster responses from him.

If your Pisces man is slow to text back, think about what he might be doing. Did you text him during a time he’s usually at work? Does he sleep in, and you texted early in the morning?

Sometimes, your Pisces man is just busy, and you’ll need to wait. Texting at times when you know he’s free will ensure a quicker response from him.

Your Pisces man is more likely to respond if he’s not busy. If he’s at work, focused on a project, or out with friends, he likely won’t reply to you right away! Text when he’s not busy, and he’ll respond to you.

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