Quick & Easy Guide To Text Flirting With a Sagittarius Man

Many Sagittarius men love to flirt over text, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting your Sagittarius man to have a bit of light flirtatious with you when you message him. The key to texting a Sagittarius man, whether you’re flirting or not, is not to overdo it. Don’t constantly message him, and don’t… […]

Will a Sagittarius Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Sagittarius men don’t like to dwell on mistakes. They won’t apologize in conventional ways when they do something wrong. They gloss over apologies. If you read between the lines, you can tell when a Sagittarius man is trying to say he is sorry. He gives specific cues that indicate he’s remorseful. Sagittarius men don’t view… […]

10 Obvious Signs Sagittarius Man is Not Interested (in You)

Sagittarius men are busy people. They have active social lives. A Sagittarius man will not focus on someone he’s not interested in because he has other people he needs to pay attention to. A Sagittarius man might act interested if he wants something from you, but he’ll be obvious with his disinterest most of the… […]

9 Clear Signs That a Sagittarius Man Loves You Like Crazy

You’ll be able to tell that a Sagittarius man is in love with you because he’ll spend more time with you than he does with other people. He won’t be around 24/7 but he’ll want to keep you in his life. He’ll also be more generous and affectionate with you. Even a Sagittarius man who… […]

Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are direct. They prefer being with people who don’t play mind games with them. It’s relatively easy to mess with a Sagittarius man’s head if you know what to do. Many Sagittarius men hate being wrong, for example. If you constantly tell a Sagittarius man he’s wrong, that will mess with his head,… […]

What to Expect From a Sagittarius Man After He Breaks Up

Sagittarius men are distant in love. After you break up with a Sagittarius man, he doesn’t waste time pining for you. He moves on right away. You may question if he cared about you when you see how he reacts to the relationship ending. Sagittarius men aren’t sentimental. Their style of handling a breakup seems… […]

Do Sagittarius Men Come Back? (How To Make Him Return)

A Sagittarius man might come back to you, depending on why you broke up. Many Sagittarius men can be forgiving and might be willing to give things a second shot, especially if circumstances have changed. You should not be too pushy with a Sagittarius man, though. Remain in contact, be his friend, and apologize if… […]

Keys to Talking About Feelings With a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men aren’t the most emotional people. They have more logical and philosophical personalities. Your Sagittarius man won’t always want to talk about how he’s feeling. He will open up to you eventually if he cares about you and trusts you. It will take some time, though. Don’t push him too hard and go at… […]

Possible Reasons Why a Sagittarius Man Stopped Texting You

Sagittarius men have a lot going on in their lives. They like to travel and adventure a lot. He’s not going to be checking his phone while he’s out experiencing the world! He’s not the type to immediately respond, even when he is on his phone. If he takes a while to respond to your… […]

How To Get a Sagittarius Man Back (After a Breakup)

Don’t be too clingy with your Sagittarius man if you want him back. Don’t try to manipulate or pressure him, or you’ll push him further away. Focus on yourself and on fixing what went wrong with your relationship. You should also focus on your friendship with your Sagittarius man. Apologize if necessary and try to… […]

Quick Guide To Sexually Pleasing a Sagittarius Man (Easily)

If you want to satisfy your Sagittarius man in bed, you’ll need to think outside the box sometimes. You need to be open to having new experiences and constantly mixing things up. You might need to have sex often or have sex for a long time to please a Sagittarius man. He has a high… […]

Guide For When a Sagittarius Man is Giving Silent Treatment

Sagittarius men are highly independent. They like to have space away from their partners. If your Sagittarius man needs space and you won’t give it to him, he’ll give you the silent treatment. Learn how to give your Sagittarius man time alone. If he’s ignoring you, do your own thing! Keep busy and be patient.… […]

10 Secrets to Making a Sagittarius Man Miss You (A Lot)

You can use most of the same techniques whether you’re trying to make your Sagittarius ex miss you or you’re just trying to catch the eye of a new love interest. Make sure he’s noticing your presence and he’ll miss you. Don’t actively reach out to him. You want to seem mysterious and aloof. Do… […]

10 Surefire Techniques to Hurt a Sagittarius Man (Beware)

If you aren’t close with a Sagittarius man, it will be more difficult to hurt him. He can easily brush off criticism or hurtful comments from someone he doesn’t care about. If he loves you, many things can hurt his feelings. Your Sagittarius man will be upset if you lie to him or try to… […]

Understanding a Distant Sagittarius Man (Why? How To Fix?)

If your Sagittarius man is acting distant, think about what might be happening in his life. He is probably not distancing himself from you specifically if he’s busy with work, out with friends, or has been focused on a hobby. You should also examine your behavior if you think a Sagittarius man is being distant… […]

10 Essential Steps to Make Any Sagittarius Man Commit

Are Sagittarius men capable of committing to a relationship? They are! They are just often reluctant to commit for a variety of reasons. Sagittarius men value their freedom and independence. They don’t want anything or anybody to have control over their lives. They want to be able to do what they want to do without… […]

Should You Chase a Sagittarius Man? Does He (Really) Like It?

Sagittarius men love the chase. They have dominant personalities and they always rise to a challenge. If you two have been flirting, he’ll take charge and show you that he’s interested in more most of the time. He is an independent person who values his freedom. If you do chase after him, don’t overwhelm him.… […]

November Sagittarius vs December Sagittarius

Some of the differences between the November Sagittarius and December Sagittarius people can be subtle. For example, Sagittarius is considered an adventurous sign, but many December Sagittariuses take that to the next level and are thrill-seekers. There are three different types of Sagittarius people. This is because each sign is divided into three subsections (decans).… […]

Is Sagittarius Man Jealous and Possessive in a Relationship?

Sagittarius men value freedom in their relationships. They will end a relationship if they think their partner is too controlling or too reliant on them. This means he’ll try to never act jealous or possessive. When he trusts you, that will make him less likely to become jealous or possessive. Even if you’re talking to… […]

9 Suggestions To Stop Sagittarius Man From Ignoring You

If your Sagittarius man is intentionally ignoring you, he might need space. If you two fought, be prepared to apologize. If not, be patient and leave him alone for a while. He’ll come back when he’s ready. Your Sagittarius man will be unlikely to ignore you in the first place if you don’t push him… […]

10 Sagittarius Spirit Animals (Definitive Answer)

Finding a spirit animal doesn’t have to be as complicated as performing a spell or going on a spiritual retreat. You can determine spirit animals by comparing the traits of the zodiac signs to different members of the animal kingdom. Once you know more about the typical Sagittarius characteristics, you will be able to recognize… […]

Sagittarius Man Kissing Style & Expectations (Preferences)

A kiss from your Sagittarius man feels like a dream come true. Sagittarius men are amazing kissers. But if you don’t understand his kissing style, you may alienate him. You don’t want to bore him while kissing. You may miss an opportunity to thrill him if you don’t understand what he craves. His kissing style… […]

10 Secrets to Making a Sagittarius Man Obsessed (with You)

Sagittarius men like to surround themselves with people who are adventurous, wild, and interesting. They want partners they can have fun with. They also like highly independent people. A Sagittarius man values his freedom. He likes to see that any potential partner of his won’t try to restrict him. Don’t come on too strong if… […]

9 Tricks To Make a Sagittarius Man Text You

A Sagittarius man is more likely to text you when he already likes talking to you. If he knows you’ll have interesting conversations, he’ll text more! Excite him and joke around to keep him engaged. Never demand a reply from your Sagittarius man. Even if you reach out first, wait for him to reply. Be… […]

What To Wear To Attract a Sagittarius Man? (Dress For Sign)

Sagittarius men like people who are interesting and unique. He loves it when his partner is adventurous. Your clothing should be just as wild as everything else about you. Go against the grain. Don’t dress like everyone else. Try a variety of styles and find something that works for you. Don’t worry about sticking to… […]