What Happens After an Aries Man Breaks Up with You

If your relationship with an Aries guy has just ended, you are probably wondering what happens to an Aries man after a breakup. How does this zodiac sign react to losing a romantic partner? Every star sign reacts differently to breakups, and each sign also has various ways of coping with the pain and discomfort […]

9 Ways to Hurt an Aries Man

Whether you’re trying to seek revenge or want to know how to avoid causing him pain, you need to know about hurting an Aries man. How can you hit this zodiac sign where it hurts? You might be trying to get back at an Aries man who has hurt you, or perhaps you just want […]

What is The Aries Spirit Animal? (Definitive Answer)

When you’re learning about the Aries zodiac sign, you might be interested to know about the Aries animal. Which creatures does astrology say best represent this feisty, energetic zodiac sign? If you want to find a particular star sign’s spirit animal, you don’t need to perform an elaborate ritual or take a test. Simply comparing […]

Flirt With an Aries Man by Making Eye Contact

An Aries man’s eye contact can be intense. Some people even find it intimidating! Aries is ruled by Mars, so everything he does has a competitive edge to it, even flirting. When you flirt back, be just as bold as he is. Flirting with an Aries man is easy when you know what to do. […]

Why Has an Aries Man Stopped Texting Me?

When an Aries man stops texting you, that’s not always a bad sign! There are many valid reasons for ignoring a text or two. You might need to look for signs outside of his texting habits to see why he’s ignoring you. Some Aries men just don’t like texting. If they stop texting you, it’s […]

10 Signs an Aries Man is Serious About You

Aries is a passionate sign so a serious Aries man will show many obvious signs he’s in love with you. If you have to question whether or not he’s serious about you, that’s likely a sign he’s not there yet. When Aries men are pursuing people, they are bold and confident in their flirting and […]

How to Talk to an Aries Man About Feelings

An Aries man’s feelings are usually fairly easy to figure out. He’s an open book and he has a hard time hiding them. This doesn’t mean he always wants to talk about feelings, though. It’ll take time to get him to talk about how he feels. If you want an Aries man to talk about […]

Is The Aries Man Jealous and Possessive When in Love?

Aries men can be jealous and possessive when it comes to their partners. They are definitely a fire sign! Aries men are passionate but sometimes that passion goes too far and becomes negative. An Aries man’s jealousy can get ugly. Is an Aries man a possessive partner? He certainly can be, for a variety of […]

How Does an Aries Man Like to Kiss?

An Aries man’s kissing style is passionate and uninhibited. He doesn’t hold back and he won’t think twice before kissing you if he gets the urge. If you respond with as much enthusiasm as he shows when he kisses you, he’ll love it. If you want to learn how to kiss an Aries man, the […]

How to Play Mind Games With an Aries Man

An Aries man playing mind games can drive somebody up the wall. He’s highly competitive and mind games are another way of competing. If you want to play him at his own game, you need to learn how to play mind games like he does. It’s not always a good idea to play games with […]

How to Flirt with an Aries Man through Text

Flirting with an Aries man through text is easy if you’re already a confident, forward person. The best way to flirt with him is just to go for it. Don’t hold back and don’t be shy. Flirt openly and be sexy. Aries men love to flirt. They also love attention. If you are open and […]