Aquarius Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated August 5, 2022
Aquarius Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Determining the best matches for Aquarius compatibility can be tricky. People born under this sign are unpredictable.

Aquarius people are great at friendship but elusive in love. They take pride in their erratic personalities. They always keep you guessing.

Aquarius people are social. They can befriend anyone without difficulty. But when it comes to romance, their compatibility is limited. You’re a good match or not.

If you don’t have the right chemistry with an Aquarius, you’ll be frustrated. Aquarius people are intense, yet they need space. They want to love on their terms.

Aquarius compatibility is highest with fire signs or other air signs. But even then, there is no guarantee. Aquarius people love to break the rules, even the rules of love.


An Aquarius man’s personality is not much different than an Aquarius woman’s. Both are shocking, intelligent, yet emotionally distant. Aquarius people need a challenge in love.

They become bored and need a partner who continually fascinates and surprises them. Hence, Leo is the best match for Aquarius. Those born under the sign of the Lion excite and entice Aquarius people.

Leo is opposite Aquarius. The relationship relies on the tension of opposites attracting. If you want a peaceful and harmonious relationship, don’t look to Aquarius. They need excitement and drama to remain interested. Leo is perfect for Aquarius.

A Leo person can easily match Aquarius’s intensity. Both crave adventure. Aquarius is a humanitarian, and Leo is all about the individual. Together they have great chemistry. They balance each other’s perspectives.

Ideal Leo and Aquarius dates are parties, galas, and fundraisers. They love showing their humanitarian side. Leo enjoys being the life of the party. Aquarius is happy being in a crowd and getting to know people.

Leo tops the Aquarius compatibility chart because they are bold, independent, and passionate. Aquarius withdraws, which frustrates Leo at times. But if they work to understand each other’s needs, their partnership can be rewarding.

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After Leo, an Aquarius’s best match for marriage and dating is Gemini. Aquarius and Gemini are highly intellectual. Their personalities are similar enough to help them understand each other, but not so similar that they become bored with each other.

Both Aquarius and Gemini are emotionally distant. This makes it challenging for them to pursue a romance with each other. Aquarius may admire Gemini from a distance, but unless Gemini initiates flirting, Aquarius may miss an opportunity.

Yet once these two begin flirting, Gemini’s charm will keep Aquarius engaged. Aquarius’s wit and brilliance fascinate Gemini. They pursue each other without being demanding. Both understand the need for space and breathing room.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who can match his wit and intellectual abilities while also helping to balance his personality. Gemini women can be caring and affectionate but are also intelligent, flirty, and playful.

The top traits for Aquarius man compatibility include intelligence, innovation, and independence. He needs a partner who is a trailblazer. His ideal match is someone unique.

Aquarius women are attractive to Gemini men because they are clever and caring. An Aquarius woman may see a Gemini man as a wanderer who needs focus. Aquarius tries to help him find his purpose.

They are also compatible because they share the same interests. Gemini people are eternal students who love mental stimulation. Aquarius people take this a step further and explore the unusual and taboo.

This pair helps each other appreciate new interests as well. Both are outgoing and open-minded. Their shared need for knowledge and intellectual stimulation is the glue that keeps this pair together.


Aquarius and Sagittarius are a good match; they are compatible in long-distance relationships. They understand and respect personal space.

These are two highly compatible personalities, yet their shared independence and need for distance can make it hard for the relationship to get off the ground. But once these two get together, they understand each other.

Sagittarius people are well read and love to travel. Aquarius loves to learn about different cultures. Both are humanitarians who love to join group efforts toward change. They can be bold and adventurous as well.

Sagittarius is passionate and energetic. Aquarius is intense but needs periods of solitude. Sagittarius is independent enough to avoid being insecure when Aquarius needs downtime.

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Aquarius and Libra are a good match when it comes to dating. They enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. Both love to learn about culture and appreciate art and music. Both also care about justice and fairness.

Libra brings sensitivity and compassion to the relationship; this can warm an Aquarius’s heart. Aquarius helps encourage Libra to pursue their bigger vision. Libra gets a boost of confidence from Aquarius.

Yet when it comes to serious relationships like marriage, this couple has a few issues. Libra is lighthearted and carefree while dating. But the more Libra falls in love, the more possessive and jealous they become.

This turns Aquarius off. Unless Libra can come to terms with Aquarius’ temperamental nature, they will continually feel abandoned when Aquarius needs space. The erratic sign of Aquarius is not known for open communication.

They are more likely to shut down. Sensitive Libra is hurt by this. Both need to be open about their needs for this relationship to work long-term.


Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius can be tricky. They will understand the other’s needs, yet their similarities can make the relationship chaotic. Usually, people born under this sign need a partner who can balance their personality.

They can also be so independent that neither feels their needs are satisfied. Even if they are in love, Aquarius and Aquarius can trigger each other’s insecurities. Both need to work on communication.

They may have difficulty showing each other how they feel. Both can get lost in their separate hobbies, which makes it difficult to nurture the relationship.

Eventually, this couple can create a lasting romance or even a successful marriage. Both need to respect each other’s space while also working on speaking up when they need reassurance.

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An Aries man and Aquarius man compatibility are similar. Both need partners who are intellectually stimulating and also independent. Yet Aries becomes jealous while Aquarius does not.

This leads an Aries man or woman to feel like their Aquarius partner is not interested in them because they don’t text back instantly. Aquarius is usually just busy with other things. They don’t habitually return texts.

Aries women are assertive, and Aries men are dominating. This can be perfect for an Aquarius, who is attracted to Aries’s dynamic energy. This couple can excite each other. They are both outgoing. They both love parties and gatherings.

An Aquarius’s best match sexually is Aries. Their intense sexual chemistry can compensate for the issues that surface in the relationship. Sex can even become a crucial part of their problem-solving process.

An Aquarius man in bed loves to explore kinky and unusual positions. Aries women are also open to exploring extreme sexual fantasies. An Aquarius woman is adventurous in bed and surprises an Aries man by teaching him new things.

An Aries woman and Aquarius woman’s compatibility is solid. Both understand how to balance each other’s needs for space with their desires for affection and romance. If an Aries woman doesn’t dominate Aquarius, the relationship can work.

Aquarius woman compatibility is best with a partner who is unconventional. She needs someone who shares her desire to explore new things. She can be shocking and her partner must know how to handle her intense energy.


Aquarius and Taurus may fascinate each other, but they often clash in relationships. Aquarius men are too aloof and distant for nurturing and possessive Taurus women. She’ll become frustrated when he isn’t attentive enough. He’ll feel trapped by her boundaries.

Taurus men want stability and harmony. They find an Aquarius woman exciting at first, only to feel overwhelmed by the chaos and drama women born under this sign often get involved with. She will bring more excitement into his life than he can handle.

In rare cases, Aquarius and Taurus can find ways to work through the friction in their relationship. Yet this takes a great deal of effort. Usually, Taurus will shut down long before they have a chance to work out their differences.

This is particularly true of Taurus men. Taurus women may try to change an Aquarius man, but he rebels against this. After a while, an Aquarius man is likely to ghost a Taurus woman. She’ll never forgive him for this.

When an Aquarius man wants to marry you, he usually gets cold feet. Instead of proposing, he’s likely to back out of the relationship or try to sabotage it. Taurus women won’t tolerate this.

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Who are Aquarius least compatible with? Among the least compatible signs to pair with Aquarius, Virgo is hit or miss. This relationship is doomed to fail unless the Virgo partner is uncharacteristically flexible.

Aquarius is full of surprises. Virgo likes predictability. If they are independent enough to accept Aquarius’s rebelliousness and Virgo’s orderliness, this partnership can work. Virgo and Aquarius have some common ground with which to work.

Both are not emotionally driven. Both prioritize logic and rationality over instinct. Aquarius women can be highly intuitive, and Virgo men may not know how to understand this, yet they can usually find common ground rationally.

Aquarius men are distant. This doesn’t usually bother a Virgo woman, who has plenty to keep herself busy. But she may look to him for appreciation and emotional connection. He doesn’t know how to show his feelings.


Capricorn and Aquarius people face similar challenges. While some Virgos may learn to accept Aquarius’s wild ways, Capricorn doesn’t. Capricorn men, in particular, have no tolerance for Aquarius’s independent, quirky and rebellious ways.

Aquarius feels stifled by Capricorn’s insistence on doing everything by the book. Capricorn men are traditional and dominating. Aquarius wants no part of this dynamic. An Aquarius man and Capricorn woman may constantly be at odds.

She may try to encourage him to settle down and enjoy family life. He is an eternal wanderer who wants to come and go as he pleases. They will clash over most things and struggle to find common ground.

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Who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with? Next to Aries, the second best chemistry is with Scorpio. Sex usually brings this pair together, but it is not enough to keep the relationship strong.

Unlike Aries and Aquarius, Scorpio people don’t have enough compatibility with Aquarius outside the bedroom. Aquarius and Scorpio frustrate each other. Even worse, Scorpio will try to change Aquarius. They will want to make Aquarius more attentive and expressive.

This is never a good idea. Aquarius is aloof and will ghost their partner. Aquarius men are especially distant. Scorpio craves intimacy, and Aquarius doesn’t know how to provide this.

A Scorpio woman will try to save an Aquarius man from his careless habits. He’ll push back against any effort she makes to try to help him become more grounded.

A Scorpio man is likely to become jealous of his carefree Aquarius partner. She wants to follow her unusual instincts and vision. He is afraid of not being important enough in her life. His fears are justified.

Aquarius people can be idealistic. They may be more in love with a goal or dream than with their partner. Scorpio can’t tolerate this and will feel neglected and abandoned.


Aquarius compatibility with Cancer is among the most challenging matches. An Aquarius man is far too distant and independent for an emotional Cancer woman. She is too needy for his liking. Cancer wants reassurance, and Aquarius doesn’t like insecurity.

An Aquarius woman wants freedom. A Cancer man wants stability, and a harmonious home life. He’ll want to start a family while she wants to travel the world. She is logical, while he is sensitive and emotional.

Without intending to, Aquarius blurts out whatever is on their mind and moves on. Cancer takes every word to heart and is hurt by Aquarius’ impulsivity.

Although Aquarius people can be temperamental and erratic, Cancer’s mood swings are legendary. This couple won’t tolerate each other’s dramatically changing needs. Neither is good at holding space for the other.

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The least compatible pair is Aquarius and Pisces. Pisces tries to accept everyone for who they are. But Aquarius can’t meet Pisces’s need for deep emotional connection. Initially, Pisces will try to suppress their feelings. Yet this won’t work for long.

Pisces women try to rescue Aquarius men from their problems. But Aquarius men don’t want to be saved. They rebel against this effort, leaving Pisces feeling hurt and betrayed.

Pisces men need far more attention than Aquarius women can give them. An Aquarius’s abrupt nature cuts like a knife, and sensitive Pisces will shut down.

They may feel attracted to each other because Aquarius and Pisces love strange things, the occult, spirituality, and social causes, but their personalities are too different. They can’t satisfy each other’s needs.

Aquarius needs space, and this scares Pisces. Pisces wants affection, love, and commitment, and this scares Aquarius. Only in rare cases can Pisces and Aquarius make a relationship work.