10 Sure Signs a Gemini Man is Dead Serious About You

When a Gemini man is serious about you, it’s usually going to be very obvious. You’ll be able to tell the difference between a Gemini man who wants a casual relationship and a Gemini man who is ready to be exclusive. When a Gemini man is ready to commit to a relationship, he’ll do things […]

Understanding a Distant Gemini Man (Why? How To Fix?)

A distant Gemini man isn’t always a bad sign. Sometimes, he’s not distancing himself from you. He’s just distracted. Before you worry too much, figure out if he’s distancing himself from you or if he’s just busy with something else. Gemini men are unpredictable and complicated people. He might ignore all his friends and family […]

Guide For When a Gemini Man is Giving Silent Treatment

A Gemini man will give the silent treatment for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s on purpose, other times it’s not. Before you start to worry though, make sure he’s actually ignoring you on purpose. He isn’t always trying to. Gemini men aren’t always good at responding to messages. They get caught up with other […]

7 Obvious Signs Gemini Man is Not Interested (in You)

If you’re not sure how your Gemini crush feels about you, you’re probably wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is not interested. What are the clues that this zodiac sign isn’t into you romantically? Gemini is a very enigmatic and mercurial sign, so it’s no wonder you might be having trouble reading your […]

Is Gemini Man Jealous and Possessive in a Relationship?

It’s rare for a Gemini man to be jealous or possessive in a relationship. He values freedom and independence far too much. If he trusts you, he’s not likely to act on his feelings even if he does get jealous. Gemini men are pretty optimistic in relationships. They want to see the best in their […]

Will a Gemini Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

A Gemini man’s apologies aren’t hard to come by. They aren’t always sincere, though. Gemini men are quick to apologize even if they don’t mean it. They often just want to move on from an argument or make the other person feel better. Gemini men will often apologize right away after an argument or after […]

What to Expect From a Gemini Man After He Breaks Up

If your Gemini guy just dumped you, you might be wondering what happens to a Gemini man after a breakup. How does this zodiac sign react to a relationship ending? A Gemini man prides himself on being unpredictable, so it’s no wonder you’re curious about how your Gemini ex is acting now that you’re no […]

Possible Reasons Why a Gemini Man Stopped Texting You

If a Gemini man has stopped texting you, that’s not always cause for concern. Don’t freak out right away if this happens. Gemini men are flaky sometimes. They often simply forget to respond or get caught up with something else. Gemini men love to talk. They also love to do a wide variety of other […]

10 Clear Signs a Gemini Man is Commitment-Ready

Commitment isn’t always easy for a Gemini man. He might be afraid of commitment but when he’s ready to commit, he’s all in. You’ll usually be able to tell right away when he’s serious about you and your relationship. The first thing a Gemini man will do when he’s ready to commit to somebody is […]

10 Obvious Signs a Gemini Man Cares Deeply About You

If you’re looking for signs a Gemini man cares about you, they are thankfully often fairly obvious. When a Gemini man cares about somebody, he’s usually not able to hide it, even if he wants to. His emotions are pretty clear. When a Gemini man cares about you, he’ll be entirely comfortable around you. He’ll […]

What is The Gemini Spirit Animal? (Definitive Answer)

If you belong to the Gemini zodiac sign, you might be wondering what the Gemini animal is. Which creatures represent the spirit of this complex and curious star sign? When you want to determine a sign’s spirit animal, all you have to do is compare the traits and behaviors of that sign to various members […]