Sagittarius Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated March 8, 2023
Sagittarius Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Sagittarius compatibility is easy for friendship but challenging when it comes to love. This gregarious sign loves to socialize but avoids intimacy.

It takes a partner with the right personality to make a Sagittarius decide to settle down and commit.

In most circumstances, Sagittarius has the highest compatibility with other fire signs or air signs. Even a highly compatible partner doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship with Sagittarius.

This sign is elusive in love because they cherish their independence. Freedom is more important to them than being in a relationship. They also have busy lives.

Sagittarius won’t schedule a partner into their life unless that person has captured their heart. You must be the right match for a Sagittarius to commit to you.


Sagittarius’s compatibility with Gemini is by far the best. These signs are opposites on the zodiac wheel.

Each partner needs the tension of different personalities to remain engaged. They are restless and become bored if the relationship is too easy.

Sagittarius and Gemini also share a love of learning. Gemini is obsessed with facts and trivia. They love to take classes and learn a little bit about many subjects. Sagittarius is concerned with higher wisdom. They are philosophical.

Gemini is fascinated with learning how things work; Sagittarius wants to know why they work. These two amuse each other by expanding each other’s knowledge base.

Sagittarius is passionate, intense, and opinionated. Gemini can hold their own in a conversation and is flexible enough to let Sagittarius take the lead. They inspire and motivate each other. Both are enthusiastic and enjoy having a good time.

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Sagittarius and Aries are both fire signs. They understand each other’s desires. Aries is impulsive and courageous; they love to prove themselves. Sagittarius is confident and passionate.

When these two get together, they are in for an adventure. Aries and Sagittarius are a restless pair. They’re always on the go, and neither is content to stay at home, not even for a romantic date.

Their sexual compatibility is also high. Sagittarius can ignore their sexual instincts for long periods, but when matched with an Aries partner, they indulge their lusty fantasies. Aries and Sagittarius inspire each other to go wild in the bedroom.

Aries and Sagittarius both have dominant tendencies. In romance, they need to figure out how to share power.

Otherwise, Aries will try to overpower Sagittarius, and Sagittarius will walk away. Sagittarius feels no pressure to succumb to anyone’s demands.

Aries is used to getting their way. They don’t know how to react when Sagittarius digs in their heels. Yet if these two can find ways to compromise, their relationship can last.


Sagittarius compatibility with Sagittarius can be hit or miss. Their commonalities are both a blessing and a curse. They understand each other’s need for distance and independence. Yet they are also both likely to avoid making progress in the relationship.

They may take their time getting serious about the relationship. They’re honest but also cautious about intimacy and commitments. They can also be freewheeling, neither is likely to stick to their plans.

One partner will need to take the initiative and set goals. Otherwise, this pair will dream up endless possibilities, but neither will get far in accomplishing their dreams. They need someone to help them anchor their vision.

If one partner is slightly more down-to-earth, this relationship will be successful. They are also careless when it comes to spending. A Sagittarius couple needs to be careful not to take risks and gamble away all their money.

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A Sagittarius man’s compatibility with a Leo woman is more challenging than a Sagittarius woman’s compatibility with a Leo man. Leo men need adventure and passion. Sagittarius women will look to a passionate Leo man for inspiration.

When a Sagittarius woman is in love with a Leo man, she’ll curb her wanderlust to include him in her life. Her independence and confidence turn him on. His flair for theatrical stunts amuses her.

This pair has a good chance of a successful relationship. They must avoid clashing over petty arguments. Both are stubborn and insist on having their way. Power struggles interfere with this relationship.

Leo and Sagittarius need to share power in the relationship. It won’t work if one of them tries to dominate the other. Once they learn to respect each other’s authority and wisdom, this couple enjoys a fulfilling relationship.


Sagittarius’s compatibility with Aquarius is strong. Both are independent and emotionally aloof. Neither will accuse the other of being detached.

They don’t feel emotionally abandoned by each other. They can focus on blending their strengths and enjoying each other’s company.

When Aquarius needs downtime to tinker with their inventions or become introspective, Sagittarius doesn’t mind. Sagittarius has plenty to keep them busy and doesn’t need Aquarius’s constant companionship. Both can trust each other from a distance.

When Sagittarius travels on one of their many adventures, Aquarius doesn’t become jealous. Instead, they’ll spend time with their many friends. This pair can avoid common pitfalls they both face in relationships.

Sagittarius doesn’t mind Aquarius’s shocking and erratic personality. Aquarius appreciates Sagittarius’s philanthropic interests.

What this couple needs to avoid is stagnation in the relationship. Both can be too aloof to maintain a serious connection.

They may maintain such a distance from each other that others wonder if they’ve broken up. It may not be clear to either partner when they are officially in a relationship. Neither likes to communicate about boundaries.

Yet both are honest. When conversations about conflicts need to take place, Aquarius and Sagittarius can be brutally assertive and direct. There is no sugar coating in this relationship.

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Sagittarius’s compatibility with Libra is strained. Libra tries to accept Sagittarius’s need for breathing room, yet they long for more companionship and attention from this independent sign. Sagittarius may start to feel overwhelmed by Libra’s neediness.

Sagittarius’s direct communication style hurts Libra’s feelings. Libra’s passive nature confuses and frustrates assertive Sagittarius.

They need to work on a compromise. Libra is good at this but becomes resentful because they make all the accommodations.

Sagittarius is all or nothing. They don’t know how to cooperate with harmony-loving Libra. Libra may become frustrated trying to change Sagittarius. Sagittarius won’t be tamed, even for love.

A Sagittarius man in love with a Libra woman has a better chance of success. He’s more likely to make an effort to understand her needs and desires. A Libra woman will try to accommodate his need for independence.


A Sagittarius man’s compatibility with a Taurus woman is conflicted. They don’t have common ground. Both can be confident and independent, but Taurus wants attention and admiration. Sagittarius overlooks Taurus’s desires.

Sagittarius loves to travel, and Taurus is a homebody. Sagittarius is intellectual, while Taurus is sensual. Both can be hedonistic and materialistic, but Taurus will feel disappointed and frustrated by a Sagittarius man’s personality.

A Sagittarius woman and a Taurus man will not have better luck. They are worlds apart and want different things. If Taurus tries to impose their boundaries and expectations on Sagittarius, the relationship will abruptly end.

They’ll feel perpetually neglected and irritated by each other. Taurus and Sagittarius can enjoy a passionate affair if it is clear they are friends with benefits. They may also be able to maintain a friendship with some effort.

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Sagittarius’s compatibility with Virgo is even more challenging. They’re both set in their ways, but their lifestyles clash. They don’t share each other’s values. Virgo is a perfectionist; they don’t understand Sagittarius’s carefree ways.

The Sagittarius personality is passionate and spontaneous which makes Virgo feel insecure. Virgo is methodical and detail oriented. Sagittarius wants to look at the big picture.

Virgo is a stickler for rules and order; Sagittarius constantly asks questions rather than blindly following instructions. They challenge each other too much for romance. They can maintain a friendship, though it will be an unusual match.

They can also succeed as coworkers if Virgo is willing to learn from Sagittarius. Sagittarius could learn from Virgo, but they aren’t receptive to constructive criticism.


Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio is difficult. Scorpio craves intimacy and power; Sagittarius loves their freedom and remains detached even in love. Sagittarius unintentionally provokes Scorpio’s suspicions.

Scorpio constantly questions Sagittarius’s loyalty and intentions, but without cause. Sagittarius is completely honest, but it’s not enough for Scorpio.

Scorpio’s trust issues undermine whatever relationship they could have. This romance is doomed to fail.

They can excite each other in the bedroom if they are friends with benefits. Their shared passions and erotic desires can be inspiring to both partners. If an emotional attachment is not required, they can thrill each other.

They can also succeed as business partners. Scorpio helps Sagittarius see what they’ve been missing. Each has insight the other lacks. They are ambitious and motivated by material success. They must be careful not to compete with each other.

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Sagittarius’s compatibility in friendship is tense when it comes to Cancer. This pair is not ideal for romance.

Cancer is too clingy and emotionally sensitive. Sagittarius will not tolerate Cancer’s mood swings; Cancer is hurt by Sagittarius’s direct communication.

Cancer is protective of Sagittarius, but this only makes Sagittarius feel stifled. Sagittarius’s independence threatens Cancer’s desire for connection and security. As friends, they are more likely to succeed, but it is still a struggle.

Sagittarius tries to inspire Cancer to be more confident. Cancer tries to help Sagittarius to accept their emotional nature. A low-stakes friendship can work. Sagittarius’s compatibility with Cancer is too chaotic for intimate relationships.


Sagittarius and Pisces have strained compatibility. They share a love of humanity and spiritual pursuits. They inspire each other’s vision. Sagittarius is a philosophical humanitarian; Pisces is empathic and artistic.

Pisces wants a romantic, intimate relationship. Sagittarius can’t meet their needs. Pisces tries to accommodate Sagittarius but will end up becoming defensive instead. Pisces and Sagittarius work better as friends than lovers.

Even as friends, Pisces doesn’t understand why Sagittarius is so distant. They need to accept each other. They will end up repelling each other in any other relationship. Sagittarius’s truth telling is too harsh for Pisces to handle.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn don’t relate well; they aren’t ideal partners for romance. This pair also frustrates each other as friends. Capricorn is practical and reserved. Sagittarius is grandiose and hedonistic.

Sagittarius will feel cramped by Capricorn’s traditional style. Capricorn becomes insecure because Sagittarius is too carefree for their liking. This couple makes each other uncomfortable.

Sagittarius is progressive and visionary. Capricorn would rather look to the past and preserve tradition than try new things. They don’t have enough common ground to maintain a relationship. They struggle to maintain a friendship.

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