Scorpio Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated September 10, 2023

Scorpio compatibility is specialized. The sign of the Scorpion is tenacious in their search for love.

A potential partner is the best match for Scorpio if they meet specific criteria. Scorpio would rather wait for the right partner than settle.

Scorpio craves intimacy in relationships, but they don’t easily let their guard down. Scorpio’s trust must be earned. This sign is only compatible with a select few other signs.

Only an empathic person understands Scorpio’s moods, intuition, and defensive nature. A Scorpio’s personality can be a riddle. The most compatible signs know how to bypass Scorpio’s defenses.

Scorpio is intense and dominating. They clash with people who try to challenge their authority. Yet they can also be vulnerable and sensitive. Water signs are their best match.


The best Scorpio compatibility percentage is with the sign of Cancer. They are both water signs and share a sensitive and romantic nature. Scorpio is more guarded, but Cancer can melt their heart.

Cancer knows how to get Scorpio to drop their walls and open their heart. Scorpio can rely on steadfast and nurturing Cancer. Cancer’s intuition helps guide them to make the best decisions concerning Scorpio.

Scorpio’s protective nature takes over in this relationship. Cancer accepts Scorpio as being in charge. Scorpio makes Cancer feel safe and secure. Cancer is attentive enough to satisfy Scorpio’s need for devotion.

Scorpio can be manipulative but has no reason to deceive Cancer. A Cancer in love with Scorpio will already be loyal, devoted, and obsessed. Scorpio can influence Cancer to become more confident and adventurous.

Cancer is not the most erotic sign, yet a Cancer in love with Scorpio will explore Scorpio’s fetishes in the bedroom. Scorpio understands Cancer’s moodiness and insecurity. Cancer helps to comfort Scorpio, cheering their somber mood.

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A Scorpio man’s compatibility is strong with a Pisces woman. Pisces’s vulnerability triggers Scorpio’s protective instincts. Scorpio and Pisces share a love of spirituality. They are interested in shifting consciousness.

Scorpio is edgy and assertive; while Pisces is demure and passive. Yet they work together to keep each other fulfilled.

They stimulate each other’s creativity and desires. Pisces is imaginative, and Scorpio is intense. Their sexual dynamics are rewarding.

Scorpio women know how to ease Pisces men’s anxiety. They are nurturing and protective. Both share enough empathy to understand each other. Pisces may be more introverted than Scorpio, but they can easily find common ground.

Scorpio compatibility with Pisces is almost always excellent. The one problem this couple has is Pisces retreats into fantasy when stressed. They may tell little lies unnecessarily to avoid conflict. Scorpio is turned off by lies, no matter how small.


Scorpio compatibility with Scorpio can be passionate and intense. Their similar traits can help them get along but also lead to conflicts. Scorpio and Scorpio try to manipulate and control each other.

Much of their relationship boils down to a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman trying to beat each other at their own game. Each wants to maintain the upper hand in the relationship, posing a distraction from their actual bond.

If they can bypass insecurities, this couple will succeed. They need to feel secure and in control. A Scorpio woman and Scorpio man know how to make each other happy, but they also know how to exploit each other’s weaknesses.

They should be open and honest with each other. They are highly compatible in the bedroom. Sex sometimes serves as conflict resolution for this couple.

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Scorpio’s compatibility with Taurus is based on the adage “opposites attract.” They are different enough to create tension. Their relationship is a challenge but this entices Scorpio. Taurus can become frustrated because Scorpio won’t bend to their will.

Scorpio and Taurus share an unshakeable resolve. They can’t compel each other to do anything they don’t already want to do. They must stay on the same page. If they compete or disagree, they’ll sabotage the relationship.

Scorpio and Taurus in romance can be passionate, loyal, caring, and stable. Taurus can solidify Scorpio’s deep moods. Scorpio can inspire Taurus to become more attuned to their sentimental side.


In the early stages of dating a Scorpio man, a Virgo woman may seem to check all the right boxes. She is insightful, clever, cautious, and practical. A Scorpio man may think Virgo is hiding a sultry, passionate side.

After getting to know Virgo, Scorpio learns that this sign is as humble and innocent as they appear. This can either entice Scorpio or turn them off. Scorpio is enamored with Virgo because of their innocent appearance.

Virgo can be meticulous and their perfectionist nature impresses Scorpio at first. But if Virgo turns their critical eye on Scorpio, the relationship may fall apart. They need to be on the same team.

When they share a mission, Scorpio and Virgo build their world. They turn their backs on everyone who doesn’t live up to their standards. But if they start to project blame onto each other, that’s a different story.

They need to have a common goal. When this pair puts their energy into overcoming obstacles, they complement each other. They must avoid competing or criticizing each other.

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A Scorpio woman’s compatibility can be well-suited to a Capricorn man’s personality. Scorpio can be emotional and intense. But a Capricorn man’s practicality and devotion put Scorpio’s mind at ease. Scorpio and Capricorn are intense.

Scorpio and Capricorn share a serious nature. They have a reputation for being edgy and cynical. Yet they enjoy each other’s company. They share ambition and can be materialistic. They’re also hardworking.

This couple can be successful in romance as well as business partnerships. Scorpio may long for a deeper emotional connection than Capricorn can give, but Capricorn’s positive attributes outweigh this downfall.

A Scorpio man’s weakness in love is his insecurity. His jealousy is easily provoked. But this is not a problem for a Capricorn and Scorpio couple.

Capricorn is honest, direct, and reliable. Scorpio never has to second-guess Capricorn’s intentions.


A Scorpio man’s ideal woman is sweet, innocent, passionate, and creative. In many ways, Libra can be a great match. But these two signs are quite different. Initially, Libra satisfies all of Scorpio’s desires.

But as an air sign, Libra can be flighty and superficial. This won’t keep a Scorpio man satisfied. He needs a partner who can share his emotional depths. Libra means well but doesn’t know how to handle his intense nature.

Libra in a relationship with Scorpio is like Goldilocks wandering into a house inhabited by bears. Innocent and demure Libra doesn’t know what they’re getting into. Scorpio is far more demanding than they let on.

Eventually, Libra realizes they can’t give Scorpio the attention they desire. Scorpio will come to realize that Libra’s accommodating nature is a defense mechanism, not a sign they have much in common.

When this happens, it can seem as if Scorpio and Libra are waking from a dream. They may both feel disappointed and betrayed. Libra will hold onto illusions about the relationship until they can no longer deny the truth.

This pair is not as compatible as both imagined. In romance, they’ll eventually clash. But in friendship, these two can inspire and amuse each other. Scorpio and Libra can be friends with some effort.

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What attracts Scorpio men? Men born under this sign are attracted to emotional depth. They need a partner who shares their complexity and intuition. Gemini women are complicated and full of contradictions.

A Gemini woman’s inquisitive mind and clever personality appeal to a Scorpio man. They fascinate each other.

Yet building longevity in their relationship takes more than this initial attraction. Their differences can erode the relationship.

Gemini frequently changes their mind. Their fickleness leads Scorpio to suspect they are dishonest. Gemini lies to please people and avoid conflict.

Gemini’s little white lies trigger Scorpio’s insecurities. Gemini is too flirty to reassure Scorpio of their faithfulness.

A romantic relationship between Scorpio and Gemini can be challenging but possible.

Gemini needs to become more focused and attentive. Scorpio needs to work through their trust issues. They both need to put effort into compromising with each other.

This pair has a better chance of maintaining a friendship than a romantic relationship. They stimulate each other and inspire their shared fantasies and imagination.


Scorpio’s compatibility with Leo is challenging. They are attracted to drama, and their relationship is full of ups and downs. They may constantly go through a revolving door of breaking up and making up.

They are not a compatible couple, but they can’t seem to leave each other alone. A Scorpio man in love with a Leo woman tries to manipulate her into changing to fit his expectations. A Leo woman is too proud to compromise.

When they push each other too far, fireworks erupt. Their arguments become an epic battle of wills. Their tempestuousness becomes a turn-on for Scorpio and Leo. Their cycle of conflict and passion keeps them chasing each other.

When they grow tired of the power struggles, this couple refuses to call it quits. They may pursue each other out of spite or to have the last word. But this is seldom a harmonious relationship.

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A Scorpio man’s best match in bed is someone as active, passionate, and intense as he is. An Aries woman is compatible in bed with a Scorpio man. Scorpio women and Aries men have plenty of sexual chemistry.

As friends with benefits, this couple excites and thrills each other. But this is where the compatibility ends.

Aries and Scorpio both have dominating personalities. They clash with each other and compete for power in the relationship.

Eventually, Aries and Scorpio burn each other out. Aries acts impulsively and crosses a line. Scorpio never forgives, and their relationship ends in resentment. This pair is better suited for friendship than romance.


Scorpio’s compatibility with Aquarius is low, especially in romance. They have little common ground.

Aquarius’s rebellious nature triggers Scorpio’s insecurities; Scorpio looks for loyalty and faithfulness. Aquarius is too independent for emotionally needy Scorpio.

Scorpio and Aquarius realize early on that their relationship is not ideal. Scorpio may persistently chase Aquarius if they fall in love first. But Aquarius refuses to fall for Scorpio’s control tactics.

Aquarius and Scorpio in a friends-with-benefits relationship, thrill each other in the bedroom.

Aquarius pushes boundaries, and Scorpio is kinky. As long as there are no expectations for emotional connection, they can be compatible in bed.

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Scorpio’s least compatibility is with Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Scorpio are both independent and want to be in charge.

Scorpio wants intimacy. Sagittarius is too distant. Sagittarius’s wanderlust triggers Scorpio’s jealousy and insecurity.

Scorpio appreciates Sagittarius’s honesty, but their aloof nature is too much for Scorpio to handle.

Sagittarius and Scorpio can make a good pair if they are business partners or colleagues, as long as they avoid competing against each other.

In romance and friendships, these two frustrate each other. Scorpio wants commitment from Sagittarius, but Sagittarius is too carefree to conform to Scorpio’s demands.

Scorpio is intense, and Sagittarius avoids cynicism. They repel each other early in the relationship.

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