Virgo Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated September 10, 2023

Virgo compatibility requires specific personality characteristics. This sign can be friends with many people but is selective about romance.

Virgo never settles in love. This sign is a perfectionist and wants a partner to match their specific criteria.

Virgo is most compatible with other earth signs and water signs. People born under this sign are in no rush to settle down. They take their time in love.

Virgo is practical in love, with a subtle approach to romance. Their partners fail to realize when Virgo is attracted. People born under this sign take their time evaluating a relationship.

People born under the sign of Virgo need a partner who helps them let their guard down. Their ideal match shares some common ground but is not too similar.


A Virgo woman’s compatibility with a Pisces man is based on opposites attracting. These two are opposites on the zodiac wheel. The differences in their personalities are stark. Yet they still balance each other’s needs in relationships.

A Virgo man’s compatibility with a Pisces woman can also be high on the list. The slight difference is that Virgo men aren’t as flexible as Virgo women. Pisces need a partner who can balance their dreamy, passive nature.

Virgo finds inspiration in Pisces’s style of going with the flow. These signs complement each other while helping each other blend practicality and imagination. They need each other to help balance their extreme tendencies.

Common Virgo characteristics include perfectionism, practicality, sensibility, rationality, and intelligence. Pisces adds fun and pleasure to the relationship by adding creativity, intuition, compassion, empathy, and love.

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Next to a Pisces man, the best match for a Virgo woman is a Cancer man. These two also balance each other. Cancer is intuitive yet also savvy when it comes to business. Virgo is strategic and cautious.

These two work well in romance and can also thrive when they work together on a business or shared career. Cancer’s emotional nature softens Virgo’s hard edges. Virgo’s sensibility helps Cancer remain anchored.

Virgo men and Cancer women are also an excellent pair. This couple helps satisfy their shared desire for security and comfort. Virgo can be sensual and makes sure Cancer is comfortable. Cancer shows Virgo’s attention and affection.

Virgo doesn’t always understand Cancer’s erratic moods. Cancer is labile but not irrational. Cancer helps Virgo connect with their feelings; Virgo appreciates Cancer’s intuition. Virgo’s compatibility with Cancer is among the best.


Virgo and Taurus are earth signs. They have enough in common to relate to each other. Taurus is more romantic than Virgo, and this helps to soften the relationship. Virgo and Taurus understand each other’s desires for loyalty and practicality.

They are patient and slow-moving in love. Neither becomes frustrated when the other wants to take their time before settling down. They also both understand the need for respect, loyalty, and commitment.

They want the same things in love, security, stability, loyalty, commitment, and affection. They avoid drama.

Taurus and Virgo work together to set a strong foundation. They focus on accomplishments and achievements more than emotion, but they share common goals.

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Virgo’s compatibility with Virgo can be hit or miss. They understand each other’s needs but are also too much alike. Their similarities can repel each other if they’re not careful.

Virgo men and Virgo women are perfectionists. They trust each other to live up to their shared high standards. They work well together in many ways. Yet in romance, both are emotionally detached. Neither brings passion to the relationship.

Virgo and Virgo may procrastinate on showing each other they care. This relationship may be successful. But if one partner wants more romance and affection, they will be disappointed.


Virgo’s compatibility with Scorpio stems from balancing their different personalities. Virgo is practical and methodical. They care about tedious details. Scorpio appreciates this attentive observation as they notice nuances as well.

They are rational and analytical, yet Scorpio is also intuitive and insightful; Virgo appreciates this.

Virgo and Scorpio’s compatibility comes from their differences. Scorpio is sensitive and emotional; Virgo is grounded and down-to-earth.

Scorpio is intense, and Virgo is lowkey. They clash when it comes to sexuality. If Virgo is open to learning from Scorpio, this humble sign can learn to explore pleasure in new ways. Scorpio needs more sexual experimentation than Virgo.

With some effort and motivation, Scorpio and Virgo can fulfill each other’s fantasies. They create the right balance between emotional intensity and intellectual connection.

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Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, yet their compatibility is not always guaranteed. They share personality traits like practicality and an aversion to drama. They are more intellectual than emotional in love as well.

Capricorn is self-disciplined and restrains their desires; Virgo understands this. Virgo is not hedonistic and appreciates Capricorn’s personality. Their relationship is a no-frills romance.

They motivate each other and can work well together if their romance includes shared career or business interests. Virgo and Capricorn find sentimentality in the past and may be a subdued pair.

They can be affectionate but may avoid public displays of affection. Both share a down-to-earth nature and can be practical in romance. They help each other feel secure in love by nurturing each other’s physical needs.


Virgo compatibility with Libra is challenging. They have little in common. They are both intellectual and clever, but Libra is dreamy and imaginative. Virgo prefers to focus their intelligence on practical accomplishments and bores Libra.

Libra wants affection and romance. This seems excessive and hedonistic to Virgo. Libra loves to enjoy life’s pleasures, and Virgo is an ascetic. Virgo is humble, and Libra wants attention and devotion.

Libra is also whimsical and follows their instincts. Virgo is rational and wants to map out the future. Libra’s carefree nature frustrates Virgo. Virgo is likely to become impatient with Libra’s flighty nature.

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Virgo and Gemini are as different as night and day. They share a secret commonality. Mercury is the planetary ruler for both, yet this energy manifests differently. Gemini is an air sign, while Virgo is an earth sign.

Gemini is playful, curious, and witty. Virgo is efficient, pragmatic, hard-working, and somber. They may think they need each other for balance, but maintaining a relationship is more challenging than either realizes.

Gemini and Virgo need to put effort into finding compatibility. They need to accept each other as they are. Virgo can’t resist the urge to try to change Gemini. Gemini will elude Virgo’s attempts.


Virgo and Leo aren’t compatible with each other. With luck, they can maintain a friendship. They have no common ground romantically. Leo is grandiose and charming; Virgo is humble and modest. Leo’s bravado seems vulgar to Virgo.

Virgo’s methodical, predictable nature will turn off Leo. Leo is bored by Virgo’s insistence on following routines and schedules. They irritate each other without even trying.

Virgo wants a drama-free relationship, and Leo is constantly stirring up excitement. Leo is passionate, and Virgo has a dry personality. This is a poor match for romance.

They may inspire each other to try to expand outside each other’s comfort zones, yet they struggle to find compatibility for long. They are also not compatible in bed. Virgo’s compatibility with Leo is unlikely to work in romance.

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Virgo compatibility with Aries is also low on the list. These two bring tension and frustration into each other’s lives. They can sometimes maintain a friendship, but romance is doomed to be a constant struggle.

Aries is impulsive, while Virgo is cautious and meticulous. Aries wants to rush to be part of the action while Virgo avoids chaos. Aries is passionate, and Virgo is rational. These two don’t understand each other.

Aries and Virgo can sometimes succeed in love. When their relationship lasts, it’s because Virgo is too stubborn to give up, and Aries thrives on the constant challenge. They may stick together, but theirs is not an easy match.

Virgo is subdued in bed, and unless Aries can motivate Virgo to try new things, this pair can leave each other feeling unsatisfied sexually. Virgo and Aries need to work hard to compromise or the relationship will fail.


Virgo compatibility with Sagittarius is difficult for both partners. While they share an independent streak, they have little else in common. Sagittarius is philosophical, and Virgo is a concrete thinker. Virgo is efficient, and Sagittarius is extravagant.

Sagittarius’s spending habits trigger Virgo’s anxiety. Virgo is rational and self-sacrificing; Sagittarius is opulent and grandiose. Virgo and Sagittarius are too different to feel comfortable together.

Usually, they’ll repel each other. If they don’t end up in conflict, they’ll try to avoid each other altogether. Virgo criticizes Sagittarius, and optimistic Sagittarius can’t stand Virgo’s cynical mindset.

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Virgo’s least compatibility is with erratic and shocking Aquarius. Virgo’s compatibility with Aquarius is bottom of the chart, but usually, this is not a problem. Aquarius will not typically fall for controlled and reserved Virgo.

There is also an almost nonexistent chance of Virgo wanting a relationship with Aquarius. Virgo is more likely to stay away from this unpredictable sign. Everything about Aquarius goes against Virgo’s sensibilities.

Virgo sees Aquarius as overwhelming, out of control, and unsettled. Aquarius sees Virgo as micro-managing, picky, judgmental, and too harsh. They are more likely to quarrel with each other. or ignore each other if they can’t avoid each other.

If they are forced to interact with each other, such as in a workplace setting or family relationship, they may continually undermine each other. They clash in every possible way.

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