Cancer Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated May 10, 2023

Cancer compatibility in relationships can be difficult to figure out. People born under this sign hide their sensitivity at first.

You may think you’re a perfect fit, only to be surprised by Cancer’s mood swings. Compatibility is a delicate balance.

Common Cancer traits like defensiveness and moodiness make compatibility a challenge. The best matches for Cancer are other water signs and earth signs.

Even when compatibility is high, Cancerians struggle to find balance in relationships. Their ideal partner needs to understand their delicate emotional nature.

Cancerians can be warm, nurturing, generous and loving. But without the right chemistry, they’ll appear insecure, temperamental, and melodramatic. People born under this sign don’t adapt well.


Cancer compatibility with Scorpio ranks highest. Not only are they both water signs, but they also have an instinctual understanding of each other’s needs. Scorpio people are mistrustful. Cancerians are patient and nurturing. Their charm disarms Scorpio.

Cancer men find Scorpio women intriguing. Her confidence inspires him; he can’t resist her sexual energy. Scorpio women recognize the vulnerability Cancer men try to hide. She helps him find courage through his emotional nature.

Cancer women are attracted to Scorpio men because they are charming and powerful. Scorpio men are instinctively protective of Cancer women. Cancer women defer to the ambition and willfulness of Scorpio men. They easily avoid power struggles.

They are both highly intuitive. They can bring out deep levels of connection and emotion. Both must be careful not to let insecurities lead them to jealousy or possessiveness.

Cancer wants a devoted and attentive partner. Scorpio is obsessive when in love, giving Cancer abundant attention. Scorpio is Cancer’s best match for marriage.

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Next on the Cancer compatibility chart is the sign of Pisces. Cancer and Pisces share many similar traits. They’re sensitive, nurturing, compassionate, empathic, and intuitive.

Cancer helps Pisces channel their creative talents. Pisces is a dreamer: Cancer appreciates this. Cancer’s savvy business skills and desire for a stable home life give Pisces a clear mission on which to focus.

Cancer men see Pisces women as damsels in distress. They’ll want to come to the rescue. Cancer women are attracted to the wounded, vulnerable side of Pisces men. She’ll want to rescue him in her way.

Theirs is usually an ideal relationship. Yet both can become jealous of the other. They also need to be careful to avoid enabling codependency. They may tolerate toxic behavior.

When Cancer and Pisces are in love, they’ll want to make the relationship last; even if this means turning a blind eye to problems. They need to be honest and set boundaries with each other.


A Cancer man’s compatibility with a Cancer woman is highly rated. She helps him come out of his shell. He is attracted to her sensitivity and intuitive nature. But there is a catch.

They need to be patient with each other’s emotional volatility. If both partners are in an emotional crisis, they feel neglected. One has to be more grounded than the other.

Even if they take turns in this role, Cancerian couples need a partner who can be strong while they fall apart. This couple shares the same desire for security. They are also family oriented.

They share similar attitudes toward money and career as well. When a Cancer man and Cancer woman are together, they never have to question each other’s loyalty. Their love will last a lifetime.

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One of the best matches for a Cancer is a Taurus. She is attracted to his romantic, generous, and stable nature. Cancer women feel protected by Taurus men because they are successful and emotionally stable.

Taurus men have to adjust to the emotional nature of Cancer women. Yet they provide warmth, nurturing, and affection. Cancer women help inspire Taurus men to pursue their dreams.

Cancer men and Taurus women have strong compatibility as well. He shows her his sensitive side, inspiring her to let her guard down. Taurus women don’t trust easily. Cancer men can charm his way right into her heart.


For Cancer compatibility with Capricorn to work, both need to tolerate some tension. For Cancer and Capricorn, opposites attract. Cancer is affectionate, sensitive, and demonstrative. Capricorn is reserved, logical, and self-disciplined.

Despite their differences, these two can form a solid relationship. Their partnership can lead to marriage. They are cautious, loyal, and crave security. Cancer can warm the heart of an aloof Capricorn.

Capricorn men and Cancer women have the best chances of success. She has to understand his love language. Rather than expressing his feelings, he works to provide for her. He’ll also do things to help her succeed.

Cancer men and Capricorn women can also form a long-lasting bond. She needs to accept his vulnerable, moody nature. If she criticizes him, he may forgive, but he’ll never forget. They need to focus on common goals.

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Cancer compatibility with Virgo can range from strained to good. A Cancer woman’s compatibility with a Virgo man is the most strained. She wants him to show emotion, but he suppresses his feelings. His logical nature seems distant to her.

She wants a fairy tale romance, and he is preoccupied with work and routines. He tries to make her feel secure, but without the emotional connection, she will lose interest.

Cancer men and Virgo women have a slightly better chance of success. Cancer men are nurturing but not smothering. Virgo women accommodate their partners. She will try to understand his need for emotional transparency.


In relationship to Libra people, Cancer’s compatibility percentage is low. These two have almost nothing in common. They are romantic, but that’s where the similarities end. Their styles of showing love aren’t even aligned.

Libra needs ample space and breathing room, even when in love. Cancer doesn’t know how to interpret Libra’s emotional detachment. Cancerians become jealous of Libra’s flirtiness. Libra feels smothered by Cancer.

They may be attracted to each other at first glance, but there is not enough chemistry to keep these two together. They’ll constantly misunderstand each other. Cancer will brood on hurt feelings. Libra will wonder what they did wrong.

Even when Libra tries to convince Cancer of their love, it will not be enough. Cancer will seem needy, and eventually, Libra will grow tired of trying to prove themselves. Their romance likely ends in hurt feelings and disappointment.

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A Leo woman is not the best match for a Cancer man. He may be fascinated with her bold and dramatic personality, but she won’t show him the compassion he craves. Leo men and Cancer women are also a mismatch.

Cancer is cautious in love. Leo is impulsive and carefree. Cancer wants to settle down and have a family, and Leo wants to enjoy an exciting night in the town every night of the week. Their personalities clash.

Cancer may feel betrayed by Leo’s inability to connect on a deeper emotional level. Leo’s penchant for drama is also too much for Cancer to handle. Leo will feel smothered by Cancer, seeing people born under this sign as needy.

They can form a lasting friendship because both are loyal. But in romance, they unintentionally hurt each other in the long run. Their approach to life and love are too different.


Cancer compatibility with Gemini is also better for friendships than romance. Even as friends, they often misunderstand each other. Gemini is frivolous and can easily hurt Cancer’s feelings unintentionally.

Cancer hides behind their defenses, while Gemini wants to follow their instincts and throw caution to the wind. Gemini’s social nature will trigger Cancer’s insecurities.

Cancer’s need for constant reassurance and affection crushes Gemini’s free spirit. If they try to date, it is short-lived and ends in disaster. Cancer will rush Gemini to commit, something Gemini can’t stand.

The more clingy Cancer becomes, the more Gemini shuts down. Gemini’s distance only fuels Cancer’s belief that they will be abandoned by their partner.

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Cancer’s compatibility with Aries is also challenging. Their relationship is filled with heartbreak and drama. Aries is spontaneous and adventurous. Cancer is a homebody. Cancer is cautious and emotional, and Aries is bold and daring.

An Aries man tries to rise to the challenge of understanding a Cancer woman. An Aries woman tries to save a Cancer man from his emotional lows. Ultimately, they will become frustrated when they can’t change each other.

Their sexual chemistry is also misaligned. Cancer needs affection and plenty of foreplay. Aries is direct, overlooking these romantic aspects of intimacy. Aries can be dominating. Cancer is not assertive enough to set boundaries in the bedroom.


Cancer and Sagittarius are so incompatible it’s hard for them to even be friends for long. At best, they may succeed as colleagues. Their motivations and personalities are worlds apart.

Sagittarius is independent, spontaneous, and acts on a whim. Cancer looks for consistency and security. Cancer is offended when Sagittarius shows up late. Sagittarius feels smothered when Cancer tries to get them to commit.

Cancer wants to enjoy home and family life, while Sagittarius has a restless urge to travel. Sagittarius doesn’t want to stay in one place for too long, but Cancer can’t wait to set down roots and build a stable life.

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One of the worst combinations among the signs is the partnering of Aquarius and Cancer. Regardless of gender, this relationship is not sustainable. They may fascinate each other, but the relationship won’t last.

Even the most independent signs have difficulty maintaining a romantic relationship with erratic Aquarius. Cancer, which needs emotional connection and security, doesn’t stand a chance. If Cancer compatibility with Aquarius had a numerical rating, it would be zero.

If they try to compromise and understand each other, their efforts are not enough. Aquarius loves to be an enigma, while Cancer must know where they stand. Aquarius is notorious for ghosting.

Cancer is left feeling devastated. They expect consistent communication. An Aquarius’s attempts to make a Cancer person feel loved always fall short. Cancer, on the other hand, goes overboard. Cancer smothers Aquarius with emotion.

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