Guide For When a Pisces Man is Giving Silent Treatment

Overall, the best way to react to a Pisces man giving you the silent treatment is to just do your own thing. If he needs time to himself, he won’t want to hear from you until he is ready to socialize again. Be kind and compassionate. Try to understand that he needs to withdraw sometimes.… […]

How To Get a Pisces Man Back (After a Breakup)

After a break-up with a Pisces man, the best thing you can do is give him space. Pisces take time to digest their feelings. They are intense and empathic. A Pisces man needs to sort through his complex emotions before he realizes that he doesn’t want the relationship to end. Don’t count on an immediate… […]

10 Secrets to Making a Pisces Man Miss You (A Lot)

You can keep a Pisces man on the edge of his seat waiting for your text if you know how to captivate him. Pisces men are impressionable in love. Your Pisces love interest is sentimental. Once you get under his skin, he becomes obsessed with you. But if he’s distant, you can still make him… […]

Is Pisces Man Jealous and Possessive in a Relationship?

Pisces men are intuitive people, but they are also too trusting. Even if something seems off, a Pisces man would prefer to see the best in his partner. Pisces men also like to have independent partners. They like it when they are in relationships where their partner doesn’t rely on them too much. He’ll have… […]

What to Expect From a Pisces Man After He Breaks Up

Pisces men crave connection with other people. While you two were dating, he likely developed a deep connection with you. Even if he ends the relationship, that connection isn’t going to go away immediately. A Pisces man is likely to miss his ex. He may feel nostalgic for the relationship he once had with them.… […]

10 Clear Signs That a Pisces Man Loves You Like Crazy

When a Pisces man loves you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you. He’ll spend all his time with you, message you constantly, and be openly affectionate. A Pisces man who genuinely loves you will also be engaged in your life. If it’s more than infatuation, you’ll be his closest friend… […]

Will Ignoring a Pisces Man Make Him Chase You?

If you try to ignore a Pisces man to make him chase you, don’t ignore him completely. Give him a short break from you. That will be enough to make him miss you, and he might reach out. If a Pisces man seems upset, don’t ignore him. If you are ignoring him and his mood… […]

What To Wear To Attract a Pisces Man? (Dress For Sign)

One way to dress for Pisces is to pay attention to the color and pattern of your clothing. Floral prints are often a hit with him. Many Pisces men also like the color blue and all the various shades of that. Flowing, casual styles are also a hit with Pisces men. You might notice that… […]

Easy Guide To Dating a Pisces Man (To Love Success)

Recognizing the way a Pisces man’s mind works and the way he behaves in relationships will help you know what to expect while dating him. The more you know about his star sign, the better you will understand him. Once you learn everything about dating a Pisces guy, you will know how to keep a… […]

10 Surefire Techniques to Hurt a Pisces Man (Beware)

You can hurt a Pisces man by betraying his trust. Ignoring a Pisces man or criticizing him can also deeply upset him. This is especially true if he cares about you. Pisces men are forgiving people. If you accidentally hurt a Pisces man, he’ll forgive you for almost anything. Just apologize, and you two will… […]

February Pisces vs March Pisces

Each sign of the zodiac has three subsections. These are called “decans.” February Pisces people are in the first decan. March Pisces people are in the second or third. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Each decan of Pisces also has a subruler. The first also has Neptune as its subruler. The second decan of… […]

Easy Guide To Elicit a Text Response From a Pisces Man

If your Pisces man enjoys texting with you, he will respond to you. Building a strong connection and bonding with him will ensure that he loves talking to you! Be kind and empathetic toward your Pisces man. Compliment him often and ask questions about how he’s doing. Focus on him and make him feel comfortable,… […]

10 Secrets to Making a Pisces Man Obsessed (with You)

Pisces men are usually attracted to women who are kind and gentle. He doesn’t want somebody who is overly critical or overbearing. He wants somebody he can openly discuss his feelings with. Start by being a helpful, supportive friend to him. If he already has a connection with you based on that, he’ll be more… […]

Pisces Man Specific Flirting Style (Details Explained)

Pisces men don’t tend to be too forward when flirting. They can be romantic, playful, and affectionate, but it takes them some time to build up to that! Your Pisces man will be compassionate when flirting. He’ll focus on your comfort and back off if he thinks you’re not responding well. He might seem shy… […]

Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Pisces Man

You can mess with a Pisces man in many ways. Pisces men tend to be incredibly sensitive. He might play certain games with you, but he probably can’t handle it if you play with him back! Ghosting a Pisces man, criticizing him, and guilt-tripping him are all things you can do to play mind games.… […]

Possible Reasons Why a Pisces Man Stopped Texting You

Some Pisces men are unreliable. You just can’t trust them to always reply promptly. He often has his head in the clouds. He might have imagined that he messaged you back while he was daydreaming. If he is angry, hurt, or upset, he might also take a while to reply. He’s not the type to… […]

Understanding a Distant Pisces Man (Why? How To Fix?)

Sometimes, a Pisces man is distant in response to something you did. If you’ve been distant lately, he’ll respond by distancing himself as well. He will also distance himself if you do something to upset him. Pisces men are emotional. If your Pisces man feels overwhelmed or depressed, he might distance himself from you instead… […]

10 Obvious Signs Pisces Man is Not Interested (in You)

Pisces men hate conflict. He might not want to outright tell you that he’s not interested in you romantically. This is especially true if you two are friends or if you have any mutual friends. If he is constantly avoiding you or making excuses not to hang out with you, that might be a sign… […]

Reasons Why a Pisces Man is Slow to Commit To a Woman

Pisces men value commitment. If your Pisces man is afraid to commit, it might be because he is unsure about the relationship. He doesn’t want to make a mistake. He doesn’t want to make any promises he can’t keep. A Pisces man also needs to feel a strong emotional connection before he will even think… […]

10 Pisces Spirit Animals (Definitive Answer)

When you want to figure out someone’s spirit animal, you don’t need to go on a quest or perform a ritual. All you have to do is compare their star sign’s typical characteristics with the traits of different animals. By learning more about the quintessential Pisces behaviors and qualities, you will know which animals are… […]

10 Secrets to Kissing a Pisces Man (to Ignite His Love)

Many women make the mistake of assuming a Pisces man will be like any other man. But men born under the sign of the fish are sensitive, romantic, and empathic. They have specific interests when it comes to love and affection. If you are too aggressive or intense, he gets turned off. He needs gentle… […]

10 Suggestions To Stop Pisces Man From Ignoring You

Sometimes, Pisces men start to withdraw because they aren’t getting the attention or affection they want from their partners. You can avoid this by always treating your Pisces man with care. If you hate being ignored, tell your Pisces man that. Let him know that you’ll give him space when he needs it but that… […]

10 Tips To Seduce a Pisces Man Through Texting

If you’re trying to seduce a Pisces man, you should take the time to get to know him first. He’s more likely to be open to the idea of sex or romance if he already knows you well. Pisces men are emotional people. They are sensitive and vulnerable. If you can take your time with… […]

Do Pisces Men Play Hard to Get? (An Explanation)

Pisces men usually play hard to get so that they can get an idea of how serious you are about them. This is a man who is afraid of getting hurt. He wants to make sure you’re interested. He might close himself off as a way to not get hurt. He’s not always playing with… […]

Will a Pisces Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Pisces men are compassionate and empathetic people. If you are upset, your Pisces man will likely be upset too. He’ll do what he can to make you feel better. Most Pisces men are not too proud to apologize like some other men are. If they need to apologize for something, they will! Your Pisces man… […]