Libra Compatibility with All 12 Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated May 26, 2023

Libra compatibility is usually easy to figure out. Theirs is the sign of romance and partnerships.

Yet even this compassionate sign gets along better with some people than others. Libra loves fairness, but they have their favorites.

Libra people try to create harmony with everyone they meet. People born under this sign have a gift for understanding others. Their empathy is legendary.

Yet when it comes to love and romance, some signs are perfect matches for Libra. When the compatibility is strained, Libra will try to make the most of the relationship.

People born under this sign strive to bring out the best in others. Even when compatibility is a challenge, they’ll do their best to make a relationship work.


Libra and Aries’s compatibility follows the adage opposites attract. They fall opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. Through their differences, they maintain interest in each other.

Aries is direct and passionate, while Libra is subdued and receptive. An Aries and Libra couple strives to balance their desire for excitement and their need for peace. Libra may be indecisive but allows Aries to take the lead.

Aries loves to be in charge and accepts the role of leader. Libra is shy and reluctant to make a scene. Yet Libra will find inspiration and encouragement from watching their bold Aries, who is no stranger to drama.

The best match for a Libra woman is an Aries man. Her compassionate, gentle personality helps slow him down.

He needs her affection and kindness to help him find his center. Libra women benefit from the motivating energy of Aries men.

An Aries woman and Libra man find pleasure and satisfaction in love. She is passionate and devoted. He needs time to make up his mind, but once he’s committed, a Libra man will only have eyes for her.

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Libra’s compatibility with Leo ranks high. Leo is generous and affectionate. The sign of the Lion knows how to make Libra feel special. Sentimental Libra enjoys Leo’s attention. Libra avoids drama, but an exciting Leo is irresistible.

A Libra man is enticed by a Leo woman’s confidence and sexual energy. A Libra woman looks to a Leo man for strength and motivation. Leo helps Libra channel their artistic ideas and follow through on creative projects.

Libra helps to balance Leo’s passionate and intense energy. Nothing slows Leo down when their mindset. But Libra can help add perspective so that Leo won’t get carried away.

Their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Libra is sensitive and demure. Leo is attracted to Libra’s vulnerability; Leo’s bold attitude excites Libra. Libra will come out of their shell with the encouragement of an assertive Leo.

A passionate and loyal Leo woman is the best match for a Libra man. They are aligned romantically and excite each other sexually. They encourage each other to pursue their dreams.


Libra’s compatibility with Sagittarius is good but presents challenges that Aries and Leo don’t have. Libra is slow to open up in love. But once they commit, they want to be their partner’s constant companion.

This is unusual for independent Sagittarius. People born under the sign of the Archer need plenty of breathing room in relationships. Libra’s insistence on going everywhere as a couple overwhelms Sagittarius.

If Libra can appreciate Sagittarius’s need for space, they can create a fulfilling relationship. Sagittarius gives Libra confidence.

Libra doesn’t challenge Sagittarius’s strong opinions. Libra can listen to Sagittarius talk about their favorite topics for hours.

They also have a lot of common ground. Libra cares about fairness and justice. Sagittarius is an advocate for the downtrodden. They are interested in social progress and humanitarian work. They’ll want to join forces to improve the world.

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Libra compatibility with Gemini is good as long as one partner is more assertive. Libra and Gemini are air signs, they are idealistic, but neither is good at initiating. Usually, a Gemini man will lead the pursuit of this romance.

Libra and Gemini can be fickle. They are notorious for being indecisive. One of the weaknesses they have is their reluctance to commit. But when they are in love, Libra can soothe Gemini’s anxieties, and Gemini continually excites Libra.

Gemini women and Libra men are a good match. They have plenty to discuss and fascinate each other with their shared knowledge of literature, music, and the arts. Libra and Gemini may embark on a romantic and creative mission.

Libra’s personality is similar to Gemini’s. They share a love of intellectual pursuits and are idealistic, charming, and creative. Libras are like romance-obsessed Geminis. They easily fall in love.


Libra paired with someone born under the same sign can be hit or miss. Compatibility with same-sign couples is a case of too much of a good thing. Libra and Libra couples can’t offer balance and perspective.

Libra, more than any other sign, needs balance in relationships. A partner who is too similar will bore them. They can be sensitive, empathetic, and indecisive. Two Libras together may procrastinate.

Ideally, Libra needs a partner who motivates them to get started on tasks they’d otherwise ignore. Two Libras together don’t help each other in this way. Instead of mobilizing each other, they’ll enable each other.

If one partner is more assertive, this relationship can succeed. Their relationship is filled with affection, romance, beauty, and love. They’ll bring harmony into each other’s lives. They also have little conflict; neither likes to quarrel.

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Libra’s compatibility with Aquarius ranges from tumultuous to fulfilling. Aquarius is a sign of rebellion. People born under this sign are full of surprises. They can be brilliant but also intense.

Libra prefers peace to drama and extremes but can still become enamored with Aquarius. Aquarius introduces Libra to new ideas; Libra helps Aquarius tone down their intense personality. Both are social and outgoing.

Regarding a Libra man’s compatibility rating, Aquarius women can fulfill his desire for fun and pleasure.

Aquarius keeps the relationship from becoming boring. Libra stays engaged because they’re fascinated with the new things Aquarius can teach them.

A Libra man’s compatibility with an Aquarius woman can be fueled by excitement and unpredictability. She may be too intense for him. If he can keep up with her rebellious nature, the relationship may work.


Libra’s personality is all about balance and harmony. They’ll adapt to become the missing piece to any puzzle. But some adaptations are easier than others. Libra compatibility with Pisces doesn’t come easy.

Though they are both known for being compassionate and sensitive, Libra is an air sign. They relate to people intellectually. As a water sign, Pisces is all about deep emotional connection. Such intense emotional desires frighten Libra.

With effort, Libra can learn to be comfortable with their emotions. An emotionally aware Libra has a better chance of forging a lasting relationship with empathic and dreamy Pisces.

Likewise, a Pisces partner who is comfortable emphasizing logic, and emotion, can relate to a Libra. Both need to make adjustments. Libra needs to accept Pisces’s mood swings and not judge them.

Pisces needs to understand Libra isn’t abandoning them just because this social sign has a busy schedule. Libra’s outgoing nature can make Pisces feel less important. Both need to be secure for the relationship to work.

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The best match for a Libra woman is someone sensitive, caring, insightful, and intelligent. Scorpio men can seem like ideal picks for Libra women. But many differences challenge this relationship.

Libra women can overcome their aversion to emotion by taking a cue from Scorpio men. Scorpio men want to bring their Libra partners on an introspective journey, but Libra needs to accept the ups and downs.

Libra men are attracted to Scorpio women because of their power and confidence. This couple has great sexual chemistry. But it takes more than this for Scorpio and Libra to succeed.

A Scorpio who can tone down their emotional intensity and a Libra who is willing to explore their emotional depths can form a solid partnership. Both are creative, intuitive, romantic, passionate, and affectionate.


Libra’s compatibility with Cancer requires accommodation and effort. This pair has different needs and love languages. With work, they can meet each other halfway. But it is not an easy journey for either partner.

Cancer and Libra are sensitive. Cancer becomes brooding and moody when insecure; Libra has a cheerful disposition. Cancer has to work to maintain a level mood. Libra is intellectual and logical; Cancer is emotional.

Cancer is a homebody who wants to spend time with family. Libra is social and wants to go out on romantic dates. Cancer takes commitment seriously. Libra is indecisive and needs time.

When Cancer and Libra find the motivation to adapt, they can better meet each others’ needs. This relationship has potential but requires both partners to make sacrifices and changes.

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Libra’s compatibility with Taurus is challenging. Though they are both romantic and sentimental, Taurus is an earth sign, grounded and practical.

Libra is imaginative and flighty. This pair is likely to annoy each other before they find ways to compromise.

If the relationship succeeds, it’s because Libra adapts to satisfy Taurus’s desires. The Libra partner can become frustrated being the only one to defer to their partner. But if Libra takes things in stride, they can overlook their differences.

Taurus is stubborn and won’t change to save a relationship, putting the burden of accommodation on Libra. If Taurus relaxes their rigid boundaries and Libra can accept the role of peacekeeper, this relationship can work.


Libra’s compatibility with Virgo is highly challenging. Gentle Libra is hurt by Virgo’s critical nature. Virgo is a perfectionist, and Libra likes to go with the flow. Both are intellectual, but their personalities differ in many ways.

Libra is hedonistic and indulges in the good life. Virgo takes pride in their sober nature. Libra becomes bored with Virgo, who is methodical and cautious. They will repel each other eventually.

If Libra is madly in love with Virgo, they will try to play chameleon and adapt to fit Virgo’s lifestyle. In doing so, Libra denies their true self. This arrangement is not likely to last long.

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A Libra woman’s compatibility is lowest with a Capricorn man. Capricorn women and Libra men don’t stand much chance, either. These two signs are so different; even flexible Libra can’t adapt to make it work.

Libra is smart and capable but won’t work harder than they have to. Capricorn always works harder than necessary. They’ll judge each other for wasting time. Capricorn’s lifestyle is too tedious for Libra.

Libra’s indulgent side turns Capricorn off. Capricorn is stubborn and traditional. They see the world in black and white. Libra looks for balance. They find exceptions to every rule.

This pair will repel if not antagonize each other. Even peace-loving Libra may lose their patience with cautious and concrete Capricorn. At best, they can maintain a friendship, but not likely a romance.

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