Cancer and Taurus • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated September 8, 2023

Cancer and Taurus tend to be highly compatible! These two are capable of building a solid relationship.

Taurus and Cancer click well, but they aren’t so similar that things will get boring. The bond between them is based on trust and shared values.

Both Cancer and Taurus want stability in a relationship. Taurus can often provide financial stability, while Cancer provides emotional stability.

Taurus can be the warm, affectionate partner that Cancer needs. Both of these signs value relationships, and if they have shared values and goals for their futures, they can have a long and happy partnership.

Taurus might get a reputation for being lazy, but they are actually hard-working and can sometimes be the push that passive Cancer needs to get going. In return, Cancer can comfort and relax Taurus after a hard day.


Taurus and Cancer might have some key differences, but that rarely stops them from becoming friends.

These two often bond in a way that makes them almost like family. Cancer and Taurus are two signs that value family too, so they often develop a lifelong connection if they get to that point.

The Taurus-Cancer friendship is good because both of these signs have similar ideas about what friendship entails.

Both Taurus and Cancer are very loyal friends. Cancer’s compatibility with Taurus is high in love and friendship because Taurus can be the affectionate, supportive friend that Cancer needs.

Cancer is often the one offering unconditional love and support in friendships. Cancer doesn’t always get help in return, though.

The support Taurus offers might not be the exact kind Cancer offers, but it is appreciated nonetheless!

If Cancer is ever feeling down, Taurus might not always know how to offer emotional support, but they will be the first one at their friend’s side regardless.

Taurus offers physical affection and suggests things that Cancer can do to relax and calm down.

Taurus’ compatibility with Cancer is high because both of these signs genuinely believe that they should stand by their friends no matter what. Taurus can be stubborn and challenging at times, but Cancer is patient enough to stick through it.

Both of these signs also tend to be homebodies. They prefer to spend time one-on-one or with their small circle of friends rather than going out to bars and parties.

Taurus and Cancer often spend time together doing low-key activities like playing games, watching movies, or just sitting around in comfortable silence together.

Cancer isn’t always good at practicing self-care. They are often too busy taking care of their loved ones! Having a Taurus friend can change that, though.

Taurus is great at getting Cancer to take some time to enjoy themselves and all the sensual pleasures the world has to offer.

Overall, Cancer and Taurus usually have a friendship that will last a lifetime. They can always count on one another to be there when needed. They can also offer one another reprieve from their wilder friends.

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Are Cancer and Taurus compatible? They are in many ways. Earth signs, like Taurus, and water signs, like Cancer, are generally considered compatible. These two are often a good match beyond that too.

Venus, the planet of love and romance, rules Taurus. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which influences our emotions. This means that this tends to be a profoundly emotional, loving relationship.

The Taurus-Cancer relationship tends to be a gentle one. Taurus can be stubborn, and Cancer can be highly emotional, but they tend to balance one another out and are good at calming the other down when needed.

Taurus might not always be good with emotions, but they don’t need to be to have a good relationship with Cancer. Cancer is excellent at helping Taurus open up and be more vulnerable.

If Cancer ever needs support from their Taurus partner, Taurus will gladly offer it in their own way. Taurus is more physical and will provide support with affection rather than words, but that is sometimes precisely what Cancer needs.

Cancer’s love language is often quality time, while Taurus’ is physical touch. That means these two usually end up spending time together just cuddling and enjoying the presence of the other.

This tends to be a calm relationship. Neither Cancer nor Taurus is overly wild, though each can have adventurous streaks. In general, though, they often enjoy relaxing together over anything else.

Taurus loves luxury, and while Cancer doesn’t always care about material things, they will often gladly go on fancy dates with their Taurus partner just because they know it makes them happy.

Relationships between Cancer and Taurus often work because both partners will work to make the relationship a stable one.

Taurus wants financial stability, Cancer wants emotional stability and support, and both want a partner they know they can rely on. They can usually find all the stability they’re looking for in each other.

This relationship isn’t perfect. Taurus can be stubborn, and Cancer often needs to learn how to stand up to them when that happens. But overall, these two are a good match and play well off one another.


Both Taurus and Cancer are signs that tend to enjoy traditional marriage. Neither will jump into commitment right away, but they are both all-in once they get married.

A Taurus man and a Cancer woman’s compatibility in marriage tends to be high. Both these signs care deeply about their families, and these two often make wonderful parents together.

A Taurus man will always work hard to provide for his family. He is an affectionate partner and parent and will give his family stability by any means possible. His hard-working nature means he is often great at giving his family a good home life.

A Cancer woman will often end up in a typical caregiver role, whether she works or stays home. She is incredibly nurturing, and while Taurus provides physical support, she’ll be there for the emotional support.

A Cancer man and Taurus woman’s compatibility is also high for similar reasons. The roles tend to be reversed in marriage with these two, though, with the Taurus woman being the primary “breadwinner” and the Cancer man being the more nurturing one.

The way these two provide support in a relationship will be the same whether or not this couple has children.

Taurus will ensure that they have a stable home life and financial security. Cancer will ensure that everyone’s emotional and base needs are being met.

Once Taurus and Cancer make such an important commitment, both will be dedicated partners. They aren’t the people to run away at the first sign of trouble.

A relationship with Cancer is often calming for Taurus. Taurus can have a fierce temper, but that rarely comes out because of the comforting presence of their Cancer partner.

Cancer will ensure that they keep an open line of communication about their emotions. Taurus will learn to overcome their stubborn nature and calm their temper because they know that will strengthen their relationship.

Overall, both Cancer and Taurus will be loyal, devoted partners committed to making their marriage work.

Even stubborn Taurus can learn to compromise for their Cancer partner because they know that will give them the stability they crave.

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In Bed

How is the compatibility between Cancer and Taurus in bed? When these two develop an intimate connection, it tends to be satisfying for both partners.

Taurus and Cancer typically only have a sexual relationship when they are also in a romantic relationship. This is a pair that rarely connects in a casual relationship.

Taurus and Cancer’s sex life might not always seem exciting to others, but it is often profoundly fulfilling.

This pair’s sex life is often focused on their love for one another. It is a way for them to express their affections and deepen their emotional bond. It is rarely just about sex.

Taurus loves sex for the sensual experience. They often enjoy comfortable, laidback sex. This works well for Cancer, who is more focused on the emotional side of things anyway.

A relationship with Taurus can help Cancer learn to appreciate life’s sensual side. Cancer is sometimes too focused on pleasing other people, but Taurus will make sure they are also pleased.

When these two fully trust one another, they can have a powerful connection during sex. Taurus and Cancer can relax together and enjoy the experience, free of any worries or anxieties.

Neither partner is likely to push the other one’s boundaries during sex. Taurus will never mix things up for the sake of mixing things up, nor will Cancer.

Cancer and Taurus tend to fall into a comfortable routine with sex, so they won’t be too focused on finding new things to try constantly. They will only suggest something new if they think it will be pleasurable for both of them.

Taurus and Cancer can happily enjoy one another’s bodies and focus on their connection before anything else. Their compatibility in bed is high because they aren’t focused on just the sex, which makes sex better for both of them.

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