Cancer and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated March 6, 2023
Cancer and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

If you belong to one of these two signs, you may wonder about the Cancer Virgo compatibility.

Are Cancer and Virgo soulmates, or are they better off apart?

Some zodiac signs work perfectly in a romantic relationship together while others get along better as friends.

Some signs aren’t compatible at all and only serve to teach each other lessons, or they should avoid one another completely.

Once you get to know the typical traits and behaviors of these two star signs, you will understand the compatibility between a Cancer and a Virgo.


A Cancer and Virgo friendship can be very rewarding because these two signs could learn a great deal from one other.

They are different, but not quite opposites. Their divergent strengths and personalities complement rather than repel each other rather.

Each sign of the zodiac correlates with a natural element: earth, water, air, or fire. The natural elements reveal the disposition and temperament of the signs.

They can also help us predict compatibility by observing how the natural elements interact in the wild.

Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are typically sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. A Cancer is very in touch with their emotions and is quite sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Virgo is an earth sign, and earth signs are known for being practical, logical, and responsible. Earth signs think with their heads instead of their hearts, and they can be very nurturing and reliable.

A Virgo’s ability to compartmentalize emotions and tackle stressful situations gracefully makes a Cancer obsessed with a Virgo.

A Virgo possesses many of the traits that a Cancer lacks, and a Cancer will admire a Virgo’s rationality and stability.

A Cancer’s willingness to be vulnerable and wear their heart on their sleeve makes Virgo attracted to Cancer. A Virgo demands honesty from others around them, and a Cancer can’t hide how they feels.

In a friendship, a Virgo can offer a Cancer practical and diplomatic advice, while the Cancer can help them get in touch with their feelings.

A Virgo can help a Cancer organize their thoughts and motivate them to reach their ambitions, while a Cancer helps a Virgo dream big and let their heart guide them.

They might not click with each other right away because they are so different. Their divergent personalities might seem like too great an obstacle to overcome to have a strong friendship.

But once they see how much they could learn from and balance one another, they will become less cautious and embrace the friendship more.

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Because they are so different, a Cancer and a Virgo might not find themselves in a romantic relationship.

They may assume that their dissimilarities make them incompatible, but their differences are precisely what makes their relationship work.

Since Cancer is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign, these two are already naturally compatible because their elements work well together.

Just as the sand meets the water in a perpetual ebb and flow, so do a Cancer and a Virgo take turns being the dominant partner and uplifting the other in a romantic relationship.

When a Cancer is feeling moody and overwhelmed, a Virgo can help calm them down and look at things from a rational perspective.

When a Virgo is getting anxious and being too hard on themselves, a Cancer shows them unconditional love, including the parts of themselves that they dislike.

These two zodiac signs can also help each other grow and learn a lot when it comes to communication. This aspect of their relationship is perhaps best explained by their sign’s guiding planets.

Just as each star sign has a natural element, every sign also has a guiding celestial that reveals something important about that sign.

Cancer is one of the few signs that isn’t ruled by a planet. Instead, Cancer is ruled by the heavenly body of the moon.

The moon represents mystery, femininity, maternity, emotions, and intuition. The moon is nearly always partially shrouded in darkness, and a Cancer is similarly mysterious.

A Cancer likes to keep part of themselves hidden in the shadows at all times. They don’t share everything they think and know, and they like keeping people guessing.

The moon’s influence also makes a Cancer highly observant and intuitive. They can read people well, focusing more on their energies and expressions rather than the words they say.

Cancers use a lot of nonverbal communication, which sometimes works against them when the people they expects to understand them don’t have the same level of intuition that they possesses.

Virgo is guided by Mercury, the planet of logic, intellect, thinking, and communication. Their ruling planet tells us that a Virgo focuses on facts and data rather than feelings and instincts.

They also has excellent communication skills, although their preferred methods of communication tend to be speaking and writing.

When Cancers love someone, they need to feel understood by them. Virgos won’t be able to communicate with Cancers nonverbally the way they need them to.

But they will use all of the other communication skills they possess to connect, and they will help them strengthen their intuition and ability to read nonverbal cues.

Cancers in love with Virgos will learn to be more articulate and to express their emotions in rational, productive ways.

The Virgo will learn from a Cancer the importance of expressing their feelings and being able to read other people’s nonverbal signals.

Their relationship can be very mutually beneficial, especially when it comes to learning new communication skills, if they work at it.


The Cancer and Virgo marriage compatibility is strong because once these two signs overcome their initial differences, their love and trust for each other will be unbreakable.

Both of these signs need total commitment from their partners to feel secure in a relationship, and they can both provide the devotion the other needs to feel safe.

A Cancer madly in love with a Virgo shows that love can be unconditional and a Virgo doesn’t have to be perfect to be cherished.

Virgos make honest, reliable, and trustworthy spouses for Cancers, so they will never doubt them or worry that they’ll leave them.

Their zodiac houses illustrate the ways that these two signs complement each other perfectly in a marriage.

Each sign rules a house of the zodiac determined by the order of the zodiac. Cancer rules the fourth house while Virgo rules the sixth.

The fourth house is the house of the home, family, self-care, foundations, motherhood, and children. The sixth house is the house of systems, fitness, health, organization, and work habits.

Cancers will be the emotional heart of their home, and they will be focused on creating a loving, happy, and safe environment for their family.

Virgos will provide the backbone of their family life, contributing structure, goals, and routines. They can also be very nurturing, so their partner and children will never feel unloved.

These two can make a powerful couple that could achieve any goal they set for themselves, and they would make a wonderful team as parents.

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In Bed

When it comes to Cancer and Virgo, their compatibility sexually is strong thanks to their star signs’ modalities.

Every sign has one of three modalities: cardinal, mutable, or fixed. The modalities tell us how signs approach obstacles and interact with the world.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs are natural leaders. They tackle problems directly instead of waiting for them to resolve themselves. Cardinal signs are action-oriented and dynamic.

Virgo is a mutable sign, and mutable signs are laid-back and adaptable in their approach to solving problems. Mutable signs are good negotiators and prefer to follow than to lead. They resolve issues by changing themselves or negotiating.

Their modalities make Virgo and Cancer in bed together highly sexually compatible. The Cancer will take the initiative while the Virgo happily follows his lead.

Although Cancers can be dominant, they will bring a sensual, gentle approach to the bedroom to make their Virgo partner feel safe.

Cancers will help Virgos get in touch with their feelings and make them feel secure enough to let their guard down and open up emotionally in bed.

In return, Cancers get a perfectionist partner who is eager to please them. Virgos want to be the best at everything they do, and they certainly want to make their Cancer partner happy.

They will have to overcome their different approaches to sex in the beginning, since Virgos in particular will have their guard up in the bedroom.

But once they learn each other’s needs, their sexual connection is likely to be intense and will strengthen their emotional bond.

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