February Pisces vs March Pisces

Updated May 4, 2023

February Pisces and March Pisces might share a sign, but they have some differences.

February Pisces tend to have more typical Pisces traits. March Pisces people have a few other characteristics commonly associated with the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio.

Each sign of the zodiac has three subsections. These are called “decans.” February Pisces people are in the first decan. March Pisces people are in the second or third.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Each decan of Pisces also has a subruler. The first also has Neptune as its subruler.

The second decan of Pisces, the “Cancer” decan, has the moon as a subruler. The third decan, the “Scorpio” decan, has Pluto as its subruler.

This means that March Pisces people have the influence of these planets and may have traits similar to Cancer or Scorpio.

Carefree vs Cautious

What are the similarities between February Pisces and March Pisces? All Pisces tend to be trusting people. However, March Pisces are often slightly more cautious with that trust than Pisces people born in February.

Some February Pisces people are carefree to a fault. They get lost in their imaginations and tend to be overly trusting.

A February Pisces is the type of person to trust other people blindly. They want to see the good in everyone. This can be a great trait to have! Unfortunately, it leads to them being taken advantage of sometimes.

A Pisces’ carefree nature can be great sometimes. It’s excellent if you have a Pisces friend you can relax and have fun with. Many people love being around Pisces for this reason.

The March Pisces personality is more cautious, especially for those in the Scorpio decan. They are still trusting, but they aren’t always too trusting, the way a February Pisces can be.

You’ll still be able to relax with a March Pisces. However, if their intuition tells them that someone might not be genuine, they’ll listen to that intuition.

March Pisces people will be especially cautious if others have hurt them in the past. They tend to learn from their mistakes. They don’t want to be taken advantage of.

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Artistic vs Adventurous

The February Pisces personality is extraordinarily creative and imaginative. They often express this through art.

February Pisces people are likely to be great artists. Many of them paint, write poetry, play music, etc. A February Pisces probably has multiple artistic outlets.

Art is one of the ways Pisces can express their emotions and make their fantasies into reality. The things that exist in a Pisces person’s head aren’t always able to exist in the real world, except for with art.

You’ll always get a glimpse into the inner world of a February Pisces when you look at the things they create. Their fantasy worlds will exist on canvas or paper in a way they couldn’t otherwise exist.

March Pisces are also imaginative. They tend to be more adventurous than February Pisces, however.

A March Pisces might express themselves through trying new things or attempting to make their dreams a reality in a more tangible way.

Many March Pisces who have specific sexual fantasies will want to act out those fantasies. A February Pisces might like talking about their fantasies, but a March Pisces will want to try them.

Lack of Confidence vs Optimistic

Optimism can be one of Pisces’ positive traits. March Pisces people are more likely to use this optimism to overcome their self-conscious nature.

Many Pisces people have trouble with their self-confidence. They may have low self-esteem or feel insecure about many things in their lives.

A February Pisces is more likely to have difficulty getting over their lack of confidence. They can become depressed and constantly feel like they aren’t good enough for the people around them.

February Pisces people can get over their low self-esteem, but it takes a lot of reassurance from others. They need to work hard to get over their insecurities and build their confidence.

March Pisces often have an easier time building up their confidence. This is because they have a more optimistic nature than a February Pisces person.

A March Pisces can imagine a better life for themselves where they are confident and free of their insecurities. They might be more cautious in some ways, but they trust that they can become better versions of themselves.

March Pisces people genuinely believe that they can make their dreams a reality.

If they are more confident in the world that exists in their minds, they will have optimism and believe that they can become that confident person in the real world.

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Escapist vs Dreamer

Why are February Pisces and March Pisces different? One reason is the influence March Pisces have from planets other than Neptune.

All Pisces have a dreamy nature. February Pisces people are more likely to take this too far, though.

Escapism is one of Pisces’ negative traits. One huge downfall of many Pisces people is that they can easily give in to addiction, maladaptive daydreaming, and other extreme forms of escaping reality.

A February Pisces might get so caught up in their fantasies that they neglect the reality of their life. They may have trouble holding down jobs, keeping friendships, or managing responsibilities because of this.

March Pisces people are dreamers, but they still have a grip on reality in a way February Pisces sometimes don’t.

A March Pisces will have dreams they want to bring into reality, rather than having dreams they use to escape reality. Their goals for life tend to be more realistic.

They might daydream and have big imaginations, but they know that they can’t always escape inside their own heads.

Sensitive vs Vindictive

The unusually vindictive nature of a March Pisces is one of the more obvious February Pisces and March Pisces differences.

Some March Pisces people, specifically those in the third decan, can have a vindictive streak similar to a Scorpio.

February Pisces people are sensitive. This is a typical Pisces trait, but February Pisces people exhibit it more strongly than March Pisces people.

If someone hurts a February Pisces, they are likely to become depressed and withdraw. They may let their emotions overwhelm them and become distraught if someone they love betrays them.

On the other hand, a March Pisces might get back at the person who hurt them. They aren’t often vindictive to the extreme like a Scorpio, but they get their revenge in ways a February Pisces won’t.

March Pisces people are the type of Pisces who will ignore you if you ignore them first. They are less likely to forgive you immediately if you hurt them. They’ll let you sit there and feel guilty before giving you their forgiveness.

The vindictive streak that a March Pisces has will definitely stand out. Anyone who is used to the passive, forgiving nature of a February Pisces will notice it right away.

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Passive vs Assertive

What is a March Pisces like? Some of them are surprisingly assertive, considering that Pisces tends to be more passive.

Being passive is a typical Pisces personality trait. Some March Pisces, specifically those in the third decan, can overcome their passive nature and be more assertive.

A February Pisces might let people walk all over them. Of course, this doesn’t always happen, but it is more likely to occur with a February Pisces than a March Pisces because of their passive, amiable nature.

February Pisces people don’t always say anything or stand up for themselves when people are taking advantage of them. They would instead try to see the best in people and do what they can to please them.

March Pisces are still caring and generous. They don’t like it when people take advantage of their kind nature, though.

A March Pisces is more likely to call someone out if they are taking them for granted. March Pisces people want to give affection and attention to people who appreciate it.

Intuitive vs Emotional

What is a February Pisces like? These are the most intuitive Pisces people. This is a typical Pisces trait, but February Pisces exhibit it more strongly than some March Pisces people.

The planet Neptune is a dreamy, intuitive planet. It is connected to the universe in ways we can’t always understand. Because of its influence, Pisces people tend to be very in tune with the universe.

February Pisces people don’t always trust their intuition, but they are highly intuitive people. Some February Pisces might even be considered psychic if they are especially in tune with themselves.

March Pisces tend to be more emotional and intuitive in the empathetic sense. They are good at picking up on the emotions of others.

All Pisces are emotional, but a March Pisces might be expressive in a way more similar to a Cancer, especially for those in the second decan of Pisces.

A March Pisces might not always be connected to the universe, but they are connected to their own emotions. They feel things deeply and can also understand the feelings of everyone around them.

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