10 Suggestions To Stop Pisces Man From Ignoring You

Updated May 13, 2023

It is often easy to deal with a Pisces man ignoring you. He’ll stop ignoring you if you are affectionate or apologize if you’ve upset him.

Check to see if your Pisces man wants space. If he does, do your own thing. He’ll likely start to miss you.

Sometimes, Pisces men start to withdraw because they aren’t getting the attention or affection they want from their partners. You can avoid this by always treating your Pisces man with care.

If you hate being ignored, tell your Pisces man that. Let him know that you’ll give him space when he needs it but that he needs to talk to you about it.

When a Pisces man is feeling down, send him sweet messages. Always respect his feelings. He’ll be less likely to ignore you when he knows you’ll give him support.

1. Pay Attention To Him

What does it mean when a Pisces man ignores you? Sometimes, he ignores you as a cry for attention. A Pisces man won’t always directly ask for what he needs from you.

If you always give your Pisces man the attention he needs, he’ll be less likely to ignore you as a way of getting your attention.

When your Pisces man seems quieter than usual, check in with him. If you’ve been working a lot lately, make sure you schedule some time to spend with your Pisces man.

Pisces men hate to be ignored. They become depressed if they feel like their partners don’t want to be around them.

Give your Pisces man as much attention and affection as you can. He won’t need to ignore you to get attention if he’s already getting what he needs from you.

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2. Apologize After Fights

Will a Pisces man ignore you after you two fight? He might. He’ll be less likely to withdraw if you apologize quickly, though.

Pisces men are forgiving people! If you apologize and let your Pisces man know you care about him, he won’t retreat after a fight.

It’s better not to fight in the first place, but that isn’t always avoidable. If you accidentally say something that hurts your Pisces man, apologize immediately.

If you don’t make apologizing a habit, your Pisces man will ignore you after fights. He will need time to himself to calm down and get to a point where he can forgive you without an apology.

3. Respect His Feelings

Do Pisces men ignore you when they are feeling sad and depressed? Some of them will. Your Pisces man will do this if you don’t respect his feelings when he’s down.

If you’ve proven in the past that you don’t respect your Pisces man’s feelings, he’s going to ignore you when he’s upset.

Show your Pisces man that you respect his feelings, regardless of whether they are “positive” or “negative” ones. Make sure he knows that his feelings are valid and that you’ll never judge him for them.

A Pisces man will ignore you instead of talking to you if he thinks you’ll belittle him for how he feels. If you’ve done this in the past, you need to apologize and try to be better in the future.

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4. Ask If He Needs Space

If a Pisces man suddenly ignores you, he might just need space and not know how to ask for it. Before you do anything else, ask him if he needs some time to himself.

Many Pisces men are introverts. No matter how much he loves you, there will be times when he needs to be by himself.

A Pisces man might ignore you if he needs time to relax and recharge. If he doesn’t think you’ll respect his need for space, he’ll just disappear without a word.

Make sure your Pisces man knows that you’ll give him space when he needs it. He will be more likely to tell you when he needs space instead of ignoring you for seemingly no reason.

5. Be Vulnerable With Him

Pisces men crave emotional connections. If you refuse to connect with your Pisces man and be vulnerable, he might start to pull away from you.

When someone can’t be vulnerable with him, a Pisces man might be reluctant to be vulnerable with them too. Your Pisces man might be ignoring you because he needs emotional support, but he doesn’t think he can go to you for it.

Be vulnerable with your Pisces man and do what you can to open up to him. When he feels a strong connection, he’ll be more likely to go to you when he needs support instead of pulling away.

If being ignored is something that upsets you, be open with your Pisces man about that too. He might pull away sometimes if he needs to be alone.

Let him know that all he needs to do is communicate that to you instead of ignoring you.

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6. Send Sweet Messages

When a Pisces man is ignoring you, you can sometimes get him to stop by sending him sweet messages. If he’s withdrawing from you because he’s feeling down, that might make him feel better.

A Pisces man might ignore everyone when he’s feeling depressed. He might feel like he would just bring everyone else down with his negative emotions.

Show your Pisces man that you love him and want him around. You can send him a message offering support or just a small compliment.

When your Pisces man feels cared for, he’ll be more likely to go to you when he’s down. He won’t ignore your kind messages. They will likely cheer him up and make him come to you.

7. Don’t Pressure Him

When a Pisces man ignores your text, don’t pressure him to respond. That will just overwhelm him and possibly make him ignore you even more.

If a Pisces man never feels pressured by you, he’ll be less likely to ignore you. If he knows you’ll respect his need for space or time by himself without fighting it, he’ll be more likely to communicate with you.

A Pisces man might ignore you if he’s stressed out. Pressuring him will just stress him out more! Give him space if that’s what he needs.

The more you let your Pisces man be his own person, the less likely he will be to ignore you. He won’t feel the need to pull away if you don’t try to impede his freedom.

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8. Live Your Life

What do you do when a Pisces man ignores you? If he needs space or refuses to talk to you, just go live your own life.

It is good to be independent even when a Pisces man isn’t ignoring you. Show him that you can take care of yourself and that you won’t rely on him too much. He’ll appreciate it.

Sometimes Pisces men ignore the people in their lives because they ask too much of them. A Pisces man will become overwhelmed if his partner constantly asks him to do things for her.

Be your own person. Your Pisces man will want to spend a lot of time with you. He’ll support you when he can. You still need to live your own life separately from him sometimes.

9. Connect With Others

If a Pisces man ignores you when you need support, try reaching out to somebody else. Your Pisces man might be burnt out if he is the only one you rely on for emotional support.

A Pisces man ignores you sometimes when you reach out to him because he’s overwhelmed. Pisces men are often taken advantage of or relied on too heavily for support by people in their lives.

Try to connect with other people. Have some friends you can go to when you need emotional support or a shoulder to cry on. Your Pisces man will gladly do that for you, but he can’t be the only one doing it.

It is good to have other people you can rely on in your life. Your Pisces man can’t be your only means of support. If you have other people who can support you, he won’t get burnt out.

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10. Give Him Affection

When a Pisces man avoids you, it might be because he’s not getting something he needs from your relationship.

Be affectionate with your Pisces man whenever you can. Connect with him emotionally and show him love in the way he wants you to. He’ll be less likely to ignore you if his needs are being met.

A Pisces man might start to pull away to protect himself if you act too cold around him. He might start to feel like you don’t care about him.

Pisces men need a lot of affection and reassurance from their partners. Even if you aren’t naturally the most affectionate person, try to give your Pisces man love and affection to show him you care.

Your Pisces man will stop withdrawing from you when he sees that you genuinely care about him. He won’t feel a need to ignore you to try and protect himself from heartbreak.

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