Libra and Scorpio • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated February 25, 2023
Libra and Scorpio • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Libra and Scorpio sometimes connect instantly, though that connection doesn’t always last.

These two can complement one another well. This relationship won’t be perfect, and it might be short-lived. Libra and Scorpio have potential if they’re willing to work through any issues.

Libra and Scorpio have the potential to bring out the best and worst in each other. These two sometimes click right away, but they won’t always be able to maintain their connection.

How successful the relationship between Libra and Scorpio is will depend on where they are each at in life. More mature Libra and Scorpio couples can work through their issues, but not all pairs can.

Scorpio and Libra might find the partner they are looking for in one another. Even if they don’t, they will likely learn lessons from each other.


The Libra-Scorpio friendship is an interesting one. These two sometimes connect right off the bat, but they don’t always stay connected.

When these two are friends, their friendship is intense. Something about the energy these two have when they get together means they can instantly become best friends, even if they don’t know each other well.

Libra is social and can get along with nearly anyone, but that isn’t the only reason they get along with Scorpio. Libra tends to be intrigued by Scorpio’s mysterious nature and ability to transform themselves constantly.

If Libra and Scorpio remain friends for a long time, Scorpio’s transformative nature is often why. Libra can never get bored of Scorpio if there are always new sides of Scorpio to discover!

Why does Scorpio like being friends with Libra? Scorpio is often instantly attracted to and intrigued by Libra’s charm. They might not always trust that charm, but they find it interesting.

Scorpio also enjoys hanging out with Libra because Libra is good at going with the flow. Libra will likely do whatever Scorpio wants, and they will keep a positive demeanor the entire time.

Libra might cheer up Scorpio when they are down, though that isn’t always the case. If Scorpio is upset and Libra puts on a false smile, Scorpio is more likely to be annoyed.

Libra’s tendency to gossip is something that is both attractive to Scorpio and one of the reasons Scorpio doesn’t always trust Libra.

Scorpio likes to be in the know about everything, so they will love it when Libra keeps them up to date on all the latest gossip. Scorpio won’t love it if they ever catch Libra gossiping about them.

If Scorpio ever feels betrayed by Libra, that will end their friendship. Unless these two have a powerful bond, Scorpio will be fine ending their friendship over a few spilled secrets or some insensitive comments.

Overall, this friendship can be hit or miss. These two can be friends, but their friendship isn’t always meant to last forever.

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The Libra-Scorpio relationship isn’t always a good one. It has potential, but some Libra and Scorpio pairs can’t help but bring out the worst in each other.

One thing many Libra and Scorpio couples struggle with is trust. Libra’s fickle, unpredictable nature is often one of the main reasons behind the lack of trust in the relationship.

Libra doesn’t always reveal their true thoughts. The same could be said of Scorpio, but Scorpio often considers the way Libra beats around the bush to be lying.

For example, Libra might agree with someone on a particular issue, then agree with another person who voices the exact opposite opinion.

This may make Libra more likable, but it also makes it difficult for Scorpio to genuinely trust them.

Scorpio is all about honesty. They may be mysterious and might not reveal themselves to everyone, but they won’t voice false opinions or agreements just to be nice.

A Libra man and a Scorpio woman’s compatibility can be hit or miss. These two can easily become obsessed with one another, but their love for each other isn’t always healthy.

Libra men sometimes romanticize the mysterious nature of a Scorpio woman. They don’t always fall in love with her. They fall in love with the idea of her.

Scorpio women can be possessive and jealous. A Libra man will likely turn up the charm with the wrong person in front of his Scorpio partner and end up upsetting her.

A Scorpio man and a Libra woman’s compatibility is also affected by the jealous nature of Scorpio.

Libra women love to flirt. They don’t always mean anything by it, but a Libra woman will have difficulty convincing her Scorpio man of that.

Scorpio and Libra can have fun together. They may feel a powerful attraction to one another and want to stay together. However, their connection tends to fade. Even if it doesn’t, it isn’t always a healthy connection.

Overall, this relationship isn’t impossible, but Scorpio and Libra must be careful. Scorpio needs to control their jealous nature. Libra needs to be more honest with everyone in their lives, not just Scorpio.

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A Libra-Scorpio marriage can be an intense one. When things work well between these two, their marriage will be passionate and romantic. When things turn sour, their marriage may turn both partners bitter.

Libra’s compatibility in marriage is higher with someone who can be the charming, romantic spouse Libra wants. Relationships are important to Libra, and they cannot have one without romance!

Scorpio can be a very caring lover. They are magnetic and charming in their own way. They aren’t always the type to show love with grand romantic gestures, though.

Scorpio’s love language is often physical touch, but Scorpio is also a private person. They don’t always like public displays of affection.

Libra loves to spend a lot of time with their spouse, but they also have active social lives! Scorpio might feel like Libra is obsessed with them one moment, only to completely ignore them in favor of a party the next.

Scorpio’s compatibility in marriage is higher with someone they can trust wholeheartedly. If Libra wants to be that person, Libra will usually have to put a lot of effort into being someone Scorpio can trust.

Once Scorpio trusts Libra, Libra will still have to work to maintain that trust.

Scorpio will marry Libra if they love and trust them. They will have no problem committing to their Libra spouse if they feel a connection.

If Libra does anything to break that trust, though, Scorpio is unlikely to forgive them. Scorpio may even feel stupid for trusting Libra in the first place!

A marriage between Scorpio and Libra can only last if these two learn how to communicate about trust or jealousy issues. If Scorpio is feeling jealous, Libra needs to take their feelings seriously.

Scorpio may also need to learn not to see everything in black and white. Libra can flirt with someone else and still be entirely in love with their Scorpio spouse. Libra doesn’t consider flirting to be cheating, and Scorpio will have to get used to that.

These two won’t always be able to work through their issues. Sometimes, the marriage between Libra and Scorpio ends just as suddenly as their relationship began.

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In Bed

Are Libra and Scorpio compatible when it comes to sex? Sex between Libra and Scorpio can be intense, in good and bad ways.

Libra and Scorpio in bed together might find that they feel a powerful attraction to one another. When these two have issues in other areas of their relationship, they sometimes use sex to ignore those issues.

Venus rules Libra, while Mars rules Scorpio. These two both love sex, but they have very different sexual energies! They will likely be drawn to one another because of this, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll have a good time together.

Sex between Libra and Scorpio can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. These two will likely have a good time together, but their opposing natures can complicate things.

Scorpio is very comfortable with sex. They know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to get a little wild. They won’t have sex with just anyone, though. They can be a bit more discerning with their partners than Libra is.

Libra can be wild during sex, but they can also be gentle. Scorpio may find themselves attracted to this. Scorpio can bring out Libra’s wild side, and Libra can help Scorpio relax.

Of course, Scorpio may also think Libra isn’t passionate or serious enough. If Libra is joking around during sex or if they are feeling lazy, Scorpio may not find that attractive.

When Scorpio and Libra have sex, they tend to have a lot of it. Scorpio’s high libido and Libra’s desire to please mean that these two can go for a long time if they want to.

Libra and Scorpio sometimes make great friends with benefits or casual sex partners. They won’t always be able to maintain a long-term romantic relationship, but they sometimes stay together anyway just because the sex is good.

If Scorpio and Libra break up, these two are exes who are likely to keep sleeping together.

They can acknowledge that they aren’t good together, but that won’t always stop them from having a sexual relationship until more compatible partners come along.

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