What to Expect From a Sagittarius Man After He Breaks Up

Updated September 5, 2022
What to Expect From a Sagittarius Man After He Breaks Up

You may wonder what to expect from a Sagittarius man after a breakup. Sagittarius men react in unexpected ways when a relationship ends.

Sagittarius men don’t get dramatic after a breakup. They go their way instead.

Sagittarius men are distant in love. After you break up with a Sagittarius man, he doesn’t waste time pining for you. He moves on right away.

You may question if he cared about you when you see how he reacts to the relationship ending. Sagittarius men aren’t sentimental. Their style of handling a breakup seems aloof.

He won’t fight to save the relationship. Sagittarius men accept their fate when a relationship ends. They stay positive and make the most of the situation as it is.

He Tries To Stay Friends

No matter how rocky the relationship, when you break up with a Sagittarius man he wants to stay friends. He’s opportunistic and optimistic. Sagittarius men don’t want to lose connection altogether.

A Sagittarius man will try to keep you in his life as a friend out of respect. He can see the larger perspective and understands you are a part of his network. He doesn’t want to sever ties completely.

More often than not, a Sagittarius man wants to be friends after a breakup. He doesn’t want to miss out on the fun he had with you even if he doesn’t want the responsibility of a relationship.

Your Sagittarius man underestimates how hurt you are when a relationship ends. He suggests remaining friends as if nothing happened. His plan seems impossible if you are still in love with him.

But if you can manage your romantic feelings and broken heart, Sagittarius will remain a loyal and faithful friend. He may even be a better friend than a partner.

If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man regret losing you, the best thing you can do is remind him how amazing you are. Stay friends with him and show him how understanding you are.

The more he sees you as his ideal friend the more he will want you back as a partner. You don’t have to worry about being stuck in the friend zone when it comes to a Sagittarius man.

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He Takes a Vacation

After a breakup, don’t be surprised if you see your Sagittarius man posting updates on social media from some exotic location. Sagittarius men deal with pain by running away.

Traveling is a cure-all for people born under this sign. A Sagittarius man deals with breakups by wandering off to visit someplace new. He looks indifferent and cruel when he does this.

Yet his intentions are not to dismiss the relationship. Instead, he is trying to expand his mind and fill his soul by going someplace new and taking in unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Will a Sagittarius man regret losing you? He might, but only if he realizes how exceptional you were. The last thing you should do after a breakup is chasing him.

Let him have a good time exploring the world. While he’s traveling, work on healing yourself and living your best life. He will only when he sees you having fun and acting confident.

He Buries Himself With Work

Sagittarius men are passionate. When they are hurt or heartbroken, they won’t show vulnerability. They will pursue their goals and take on new projects at work.

Sagittarius men use work as a form of validation. They aren’t interested in profit and money like some signs. Instead, they are out to make a difference through work.

When a Sagittarius man goes through a breakup, he will want to find a source of positivity and praise to boost his ego. Work and career give him this opportunity.

A Sagittarius man overcomes sadness and grief by focusing on succeeding in work. He ignores his hurt feelings and pours his energy into things that make him feel accomplished like work and business.

Ignoring a Sagittarius man after a breakup is one of the best things you can do. After some time, he grows tired of being alone and avoiding his feelings. Never pursue him or try to get him back.

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He Ghosts You

Sagittarius men like to look for the silver lining in every situation. They have no time for drama and would rather disconnect than argue when a relationship is over. If you play games to get him back, he disappears.

Sagittarius men have no problem ghosting a woman when a relationship is over. This is their last resort. A Sagittarius guy would rather maintain the friendship. But when all else fails, they block you.

He prefers going on with his life and enjoying himself than letting sadness, anger, or jealousy hold him back. A Sagittarius man doesn’t allow anything to get in his way, even his feelings for you.

A Sagittarius man, after an argument, needs to clear the air and resume his positive baseline. He gets as far away from the source of his stress as possible. He will ghost you if he has no choice.

He Starts To Play Around

Sagittarius men waste no time waiting for their hearts to heal after a breakup. As soon as the relationship is over, they resume their flirty ways. They aren’t looking for a serious commitment, though.

When a Sagittarius man becomes single again, he throws caution to the wind and becomes a player. He will look for a different woman every night of the week.

His behavior seems immature, but he is trying to distract himself. Sagittarius men are hedonistic. They look for pleasure to conceal their pain. They look for a good time right away.

He may try to act as if nothing happened. He flirts with you and tests you to see if you’re serious about the relationship being over. He tests boundaries before setting any expectations.

The hardest thing for a Scorpio woman, Sagittarius man breakup is his nonchalant attitude. Scorpio, like other water signs, feel betrayed if they don’t see signs their ex is hurt.

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He Goes On The Rebound

Sagittarius men are notorious for going on the rebound after a breakup. Men born under this sign aren’t interested in commitment. They start dating again to meet new people.

They don’t expect to end up in a serious relationship after a breakup, but sometimes this happens anyway. He may seem happy at first, but eventually, the honeymoon phase ends.

A Sagittarius man who ends up in a new relationship too soon after a breakup usually sabotages the relationship. He gets cold feet when he realizes he never had a chance to enjoy his freedom.

A Sagittarius man hurt in love will act like he’s over you right away. Don’t believe the illusion. He goes on the rebound to convince himself he’s fine.

He Eventually Comes Back

A Sagittarius man spends the first part of his post-breakup life celebrating his newfound freedom. Eventually, this gets old. He ends up coming back around when he’s exhausted his options.

A Sagittarius man returns when he realizes the grass is not greener elsewhere. He may date a few women, but if unsatisfied, he will return to what was familiar.

You may have heard that a Sagittarius man always comes back. This is an optimistic assumption, but it is not always true. Sagittarius men are independent and proud.

They don’t always come back around. They only return after spending a long time exploring other options. Don’t expect them to come back to you in weeks.

He takes months and sometimes years to come back after a breakup. When a relationship ends, a Sagittarius man needs to push himself to his limits before deciding it’s best to return to someone from his past.

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He Downplays The Breakup

He acts like it doesn’t matter when a relationship ends. He may tell other people he wasn’t in love, but that is usually incorrect. A Sagittarius man minimizes the impact of the breakup to save face.

His denial runs so deep that he even fools himself. He downplays the breakup so he won’t have to deal with his broken heart. Sagittarius men like to feel confident. They don’t like thinking of failures.

When a relationship doesn’t last, a Sagittarius man will act as if it wasn’t meant to be. His philosophical side takes over, and he pretends things worked out the way he wanted.

If a Sagittarius man is heartbroken, he never shows it. He’d rather run away than have you see him crying or upset. Pretend to be indifferent if you want to know how to manipulate a Sagittarius man.

He Acts Unaffected

You may be devastated when you see that your Sagittarius love is partying and having fun after a breakup. Don’t assume he is not feeling hurt on some level.

Sagittarius men act unaffected because they are good at stifling their feelings. They go out pursuing pleasure and fun rather than staying at home crying alone.

After a breakup with a Sagittarius man, one of the best things you can do is treat yourself to time with friends doing what you want. Letting grief overwhelm you doesn’t help.

You’ll only feel worse when you see he’s out having the time of his life. Take a lesson from your Sagittarius man and act as if you aren’t upset by the breakup.

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He Goes On a Spending Spree

Sagittarius men are notorious for being big spenders. Whether in a good or bad mood, Sagittarius loves to go on shopping sprees. A Sagittarius man will react to a breakup by maxing out his credit cards.

Men born under this sign overspend when they are stressed. The more heartbroken he is, the more money he spends. When he comes home with a new motorcycle, boat, or another pricey item, he’s devastated.

A Sagittarius man also spends on new clothes, vacations, trips, or fancy dinners when he’s sad over a breakup. If he looks like he’s trying hard to pretend nothing’s wrong, he’s deeply hurt.