10 Secrets to Making a Sagittarius Man Obsessed (with You)

Updated July 14, 2022
10 Secrets to Making a Sagittarius Man Obsessed (with You)

Making a Sagittarius man obsessed with you can be difficult sometimes. He’s got a lot going on in his life! You need to work to get his attention.

If you’ve already caught his eye, you can do some things to up his level of interest.

Sagittarius men like to surround themselves with people who are adventurous, wild, and interesting. They want partners they can have fun with.

They also like highly independent people. A Sagittarius man values his freedom. He likes to see that any potential partner of his won’t try to restrict him.

Don’t come on too strong if you’re trying to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you. Live your life. Show him what an interesting, talented person you are.

Give him his space, though. He doesn’t want to be with somebody who is overly clingy or needy.

1. Be Adventurous

You need to be fun and adventurous if you want to make a Sagittarius man chase you. He wants a partner that he can experience life to the fullest with.

If he sees that you’re always traveling or going out to new places, that will intrigue him. He’ll want to get to know you.

He’s an adventurous person. He likes people who are just as likely to go off on a sudden trip as he is.

You can invite him along on some adventures but show him that you’re also capable of going off on your own. He’ll love seeing that you’re able to independently travel or go to events.

He might start asking you about your experiences and sharing his own. If you’re somebody who travels all the time, that will give you something to talk about with your Sagittarius man.

If he starts constantly asking you to travel with him and try new things with him, that is one of the signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you.

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2. Be Wild

Sagittarius men love women who are wild and a little bit loud. He wants to know that he can have a good time with you whenever you two are together.

You don’t need to get sloppy or do anything outside your comfort zone. Just show him that you’re willing to try new things.

If you see him at a party, don’t be afraid to dance, sing, and work the crowd. Join along when people play party games.

You can show him how wild and exciting you are by posting pictures on social media. He won’t always be around to see what shenanigans you get up to but you can make sure he sees anyway.

If you are a naturally shy person, try to break out of your shell a little bit. That will help to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you.

3. Be Independent

A Sagittarius man’s weakness in love is his fear of commitment. Most of the time, he won’t go for somebody if he thinks they aren’t independent. He doesn’t want to end up with someone who relies on him too much.

Independence is one of a Sagittarius man’s traits that he likes to also see in other people. He needs a high level of freedom so he needs a partner who is okay doing things by themselves sometimes.

Show him that you are more than capable of relying on yourself. Don’t always ask him for help if you can do something yourself.

If he goes out by himself or with other friends, don’t be upset about it. Do your own thing instead. He’s not always going to want to do things with you, even if you two end up in a long-term relationship.

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4. Be Creative

Sagittarius men like to surround themselves with creative, artistic people. Art is one of the many things they enjoy.

If you are an artist or musician, make sure he knows this about you! Post your work online. Talk about your latest project with him. Show him something new you’ve been working on.

You can be creative in other ways too. Tell him some unique, creative jokes. If you have an interesting take on something you two are discussing, tell him all about it.

Be creative in the way you dress. Don’t always go along with trends. Instead, don’t be afraid to experiment with color, pattern, and styles. That will catch a Sagittarius man’s eye and make him interested in you.

5. Show Off Your Talents

If you want to know how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you, one thing you need to do is show off your talents. Show him what makes you unique and interesting.

Some men want women to dumb themselves down around them. A Sagittarius man won’t want this! If you are intelligent, show that off to him. Speak your mind and show off your knowledge about subjects you’re an expert in.

Again, show off your art if you’re an artist. If you have another skill you’re particularly good at, make sure he knows about that as well.

One of your talents might just be that you’re a good conversationalist. If this is the case, talk to him as often as possible. Show him that you can have intellectual and philosophical discussions with him. He’ll love talking to you.

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6. Be Bold & Confident

Even if you aren’t naturally the most confident person, you need to fake it until you make it. Sagittarius men love confident women.

Never be afraid to be yourself. Take up space and make sure your Sagittarius man notices you!

Speak boldly, especially if you’re talking about something you know a lot about. Don’t hold yourself back or make yourself seem smaller.

Dress confidently as well. When you are comfortable in your own skin and wearing something that makes you feel sexy, a Sagittarius man will take notice of that.

If you two are discussing something and you disagree with him, let him know your true opinion. He’ll always be interested to hear different points of view. He doesn’t want you to just agree with everything he says or keep quiet.

7. Be Open-Minded

Sagittarius men like open-minded people. They often like to travel the world and experience new cultures. You need to be free of prejudice. You need to be willing to experience things outside of your worldview.

Even if you’re unsure about something your Sagittarius man is suggesting, try to keep an open mind about it. It might be slightly outside of your comfort zone but at least hear him out.

Try to learn about people who are different from you. Don’t judge a book by its cover and be kind to new people you meet.

Be open-minded and willing to go with the flow when it comes to your Sagittarius man as well. He needs somebody who can try to understand his behavior.

A Sagittarius man’s behavior in love isn’t always what you might expect. Yes, he can be romantic and he’ll whisk you away on glamorous vacations. He may also pull away sometimes, even if he is obsessed with you.

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8. Be Flexible

Sagittarius men don’t always stick to the plan. Even if you two plan out a date, he might go “off book” now and then.

If you are somebody he can call up at midnight and go on a last-minute outing with, he’ll become obsessed with you. He likes people who are up for anything!

Don’t be afraid to break routine now and then. Sagittarius men don’t like people who are too strict or rigid when it comes to schedules.

When your Sagittarius man suggests something new, show him that you are down for anything. Whether he’s suggesting a new position in bed or a new restaurant, just go with it.

When you can be flexible, the two of you can have a lot more fun together. It will also make him more interested in you.

9. Make Him Laugh

If you aren’t sure how to text a Sagittarius man, just start by sending him some jokes! Somebody who can make him laugh is somebody he’ll keep coming back to.

Sagittarius men like to enjoy life. They take some things seriously but not everything! Show him that you are somebody he can have fun with.

Sagittarius men can laugh at almost anything. Some of them enjoy absurd humor, others like dry wit and sarcasm. Figure out what kinds of jokes he likes and tailor yours to him.

If you are somebody he can joke around with, he’ll want to keep you around.

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10. Be Unavailable

Sometimes when you ignore a Sagittarius man, that’s exactly what he needs to realize how much he cares about you.

Sagittarius men love a bit of a challenge. You shouldn’t completely cut him off but he does like it when people play hard to get.

If he comes after you when you pull back from him, that’s a sign a Sagittarius man is falling in love with you.

When a Sagittarius man is not interested in you, being unavailable won’t necessarily change anything about that. He already has to have some interest in you before you start playing hard to get.