How Will a Scorpio Man Give You An Apology? (Explained)

Published January 13, 2023
How Will a Scorpio Man Give You An Apology? (Explained)

When a Scorpio man apologizes, it might not always be the apology you want. He might not apologize at all unless he genuinely feels sorry.

Scorpio men have a difficult time admitting when they’re wrong. They might apologize, but it won’t always be out loud.

Do Scorpio men say sorry? Many will apologize to someone, but only under the right conditions.

A Scorpio man might try to shift blame or ignore a problem instead of apologizing, especially if he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

When Scorpio men do apologize, it’s not always a verbal apology. A Scorpio man might apologize with gifts instead. He may also give a verbal apology but not say he’s sorry.

Apologizing is difficult for Scorpio men, but they will do it. It just might take some time to hear an apology from one.

He Won’t Apologize Right Away

Your Scorpio man may apologize to you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do it right away. He’s more likely to wait.

Why won’t Scorpio men apologize right away? A Scorpio man might be too angry to apologize. He may also be waiting to see if he needs to say sorry.

A Scorpio man who wants to give you a sincere apology may also be trying to sort through his feelings and figure out what he wants to say. He won’t want to rush anything if he wants to show genuine remorse.

Whatever his reasons for waiting, don’t expect an apology immediately after a fight or after you’ve told your Scorpio man that he upset you.

A Scorpio man will apologize when he’s ready to apologize. Don’t push him, or you may not get your apology!

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He Won’t Apologize If He’s Not Sorry

Will a Scorpio man apologize? He might, but he definitely won’t if he’s not sorry.

A Scorpio man won’t tell you he’s sorry to keep the peace. If he genuinely thinks that he did nothing wrong, or if he did something to upset you on purpose, you won’t get an apology from him any time soon.

When a Scorpio man does apologize, you can typically trust that there’s some level of sincerity. He won’t lie to you and won’t say he’s sorry if he genuinely is not.

This means that you won’t always hear what you want to hear when a Scorpio man apologizes. He won’t apologize if he’s not sorry for what he said. If he doesn’t think he was in the wrong, he won’t say he was wrong.

He Might Shift The Blame

Sometimes instead of apologizing, a Scorpio man might try to shift the blame and say that you are the one who needs to apologize. He may also do this same blame-shifting even when he does apologize.

A Scorpio man might tell you that he’s sorry but that you also have things to be sorry for. He might apologize for saying something insensitive but tell you that you made him say it.

Your Scorpio man might be willing to share some blame after an argument, but he won’t take all of it. He might apologize, but he’ll tell you that it’s your fault for starting the fight or being overdramatic.

Even if your Scorpio man is genuinely sorry, that doesn’t mean he’ll take all the blame for what he did if he doesn’t think he has to.

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He Might Not Admit He’s Wrong

Many Scorpio men are prideful. It can be difficult for them to admit that they’re wrong. Your Scorpio man might apologize, but that doesn’t mean he’ll admit any wrongdoing.

If your Scorpio man genuinely doesn’t think he did anything wrong, he won’t say he did. He’ll tell you that he’s sorry you’re upset and try to cheer you up, but your Scorpio man won’t tell you that he was wrong.

Some Scorpio men won’t admit they’re wrong even if they know they are. They are more likely to avoid the subject and try to apologize without actually saying the words, “I was wrong.”

If your Scorpio man does admit he was wrong, that’s a big deal! That’s a sign his apology is genuine and he truly feels sorry for what he did.

He Won’t Always Apologize Verbally

Some Scorpio men are better at apologizing with their actions. It might hurt a Scorpio man’s pride less to apologize without actually saying he’s sorry. He may also not be good with his words and not know how to apologize to you.

When a Scorpio man apologizes, he’ll do many different things. For example, he might be more affectionate with you right after an argument. He may also start offering to do extra chores around the house.

Your Scorpio man may also apologize with actions in addition to apologizing verbally. If he wants to make you feel better after upsetting you, he’ll be physically affectionate, spend more time with you, or offer to cook you dinner.

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He Might Offer Conditional Apologies

A Scorpio man’s apology style will vary depending on what he did and how bad he feels about it.

A Scorpio man might say, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.” He may say he’s sorry for how you feel but not for what he did.

He might say, “I’m sorry if I did something wrong.” This isn’t admitting that he was wrong! He’s just sorry that you think he was.

Conditional apologies are common from Scorpio men. Your Scorpio man might genuinely feel bad that you’re upset, but that doesn’t mean he thinks he was in the wrong.

If a Scorpio man hurts your feelings during an argument but thinks he “won” the argument, he’s likely to say he’s sorry for how you feel but not for arguing in the first place.

He Won’t Say, “I’m Sorry”

How does a Scorpio man apologize? Many will not say, “I’m sorry,” even when they offer a genuine apology.

You might notice that your Scorpio man avoids saying he’s sorry no matter what. He might say that he feels guilty for upsetting you or that he realizes his actions were hurtful and that he’ll do better in the future.

It can be challenging for a Scorpio man to say sorry. Even if he genuinely feels bad and his apology is sincere, it might not include that specific word.

Your Scorpio man might say, “I apologize for what I did,” or, “I feel terrible for hurting you,” but he won’t always tell you the words you want to hear.

A Scorpio man may even say he loves you or promise to do better instead of saying he’s sorry.

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He’ll Apologize With Gifts

Sometimes, when a Scorpio man hurts your feelings, he’ll give you gifts instead of saying he’s sorry.

Your Scorpio man might give you gifts to butter you up and make you forgive him without an apology. He wants you to forgive him without an actual apology.

Typically when Scorpio men use gifts, they are in place of an apology. A Scorpio man is unlikely to say that he’s sorry and shower you with gifts, even if he will give you physical affection or offer favors to cheer you up.

If you always forgive your Scorpio man without issue any time he brings flowers or gives you jewelry, he’s likely to keep doing this! If you want an actual apology, do not accept his gifts.

He Might Express Guilt

Do Scorpio men feel bad when they hurt someone? If a Scorpio man cares about you and genuinely doesn’t want to hurt you, he will likely feel guilty.

When Scorpio men apologize, they usually express their guilt. Your Scorpio man is likely to tell you how he feels during his apology. He’ll let you know how terrible and guilty he feels for what he did.

If a Scorpio man is feeling guilty for something he did, he’s more likely to apologize. He might apologize to alleviate that guilt instead of apologizing because he genuinely thinks he should.

If your Scorpio man tells you that he feels guilty for something he did or said, that’s his way of apologizing. A Scorpio man will let you know that he feels awful about what he did and that he’ll try not to do it again.

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Sincere Apologies Are Remorseful

Will a Scorpio man feel bad for hurting you? If he really cares about you, he usually will. He is more likely to sincerely apologize when he cares about you and your feelings.

When Scorpio men give sincere apologies, they show genuine remorse. They don’t just offer a gift or say they’re sorry. They change their behavior.

If your Scorpio man genuinely feels sorry for something he’s done, he will tell you that. He’ll put aside his pride and give you the apology you deserve. If he needs to say, “I’m sorry,” for you to forgive him, he will.

When a Scorpio man gives you a sincere apology, he’s unlikely to keep making the same mistake. He will genuinely try to do better in the future.