Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Scorpio Man

Updated August 19, 2023

A Scorpio man’s mind games are some of the most intense. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to play them with him.

He’s often one step ahead of him. You’ll have to think fast if you want to win.

You need to find a Scorpio man’s specific weaknesses if you want to play mind games with him. He can brush most things aside if you’re not pressing any of his buttons.

Keep yourself under control. A Scorpio man plays mind games better than anyone else. He’s also intuitive. He’ll know if he’s gotten under your skin unless you hide it well.

Sometimes, the best way to play mind games with him is to be the bigger person. Pretend like you’re not playing mind games. That will get to him.

Find His Weaknesses

Playing games with a Scorpio man is difficult because he won’t always react to the things you do. You won’t always know if your games are working.

You need to figure out specific things that bother him if you want to be effective at playing mind games with a Scorpio man.

Finding his weakness is a difficult task! Scorpio men are good at hiding their emotions. Even if you say something hurtful to him, he won’t always let you know how it upset him.

Scorpio men are good at finding weaknesses in others. It’s risky to play mind games with him because of this.

If you can find his weakness, you’ll gain the upper hand. Knowing that you figured out something he didn’t want you to know will bother him.

You can exploit these weaknesses if you want to mess with him. The fact you know them is usually enough, though.

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Manipulate the Manipulator

Are Scorpio men manipulative? Many of them are, even if they don’t always go out of their way to manipulate people.

Being manipulative is one of a Scorpio man’s negative traits. Not all Scorpio men are actively manipulative. They all have the potential to be master manipulators, though.

If you want to know how to beat a Scorpio man at his own game, you need to learn to manipulate him better than he can manipulate you.

Finding his weaknesses will make this easier. You’ll be able to toy with his emotions better when you know what specific things will get under his skin.

The key to manipulating a Scorpio man is being subtle. Ask seemingly innocuous questions or make small talk. That might cause him to spill secrets accidentally.

Pretend like you’re more charmed by him than you are, so he lets his guard down.

Make Him Jealous

Manipulating a Scorpio man isn’t the only way to get under his skin. Something else you can do to play with him is purposely try to make him jealous.

It’s easy to make a Scorpio man jealous when he’s interested in you. All you have to do is flirt with someone else.

You do have to be careful with this one. If all you’re doing is playing hard to get, some light flirting is enough to make a Scorpio man a little jealous.

Don’t play with him like this if you two are in a serious relationship. He will see it as a deep betrayal, which may ruin your relationship.

If he betrayed you first, this is a great way to get back at him. Play him at his own game and make sure he feels the same hurt you do.

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Be Careful With Lies

If you ever actually want a relationship with a Scorpio man, you need to be careful about playing games with him. He likes to play games sometimes. It would be best to be cautious about lying to him no matter what else you do.

Lying to a Scorpio man is one of the worst things you can do. If you want to burn bridges, go ahead. Be careful if you’re going to keep him around.

Scorpio men are great at telling when others are lying. You can use this to your advantage if you’re trying to mess with him.

You can play games with him by purposely leaving things out when telling him a story. Lies by omission will keep him on his toes. It will drive him nuts knowing that you’re hiding something from him.

Call Out His Behavior

Are Scorpio men good liars? They are! They are excellent at hiding how they feel. They often have some of the best poker faces.

Call him out if you do catch him in a lie. Scorpio men can be hypocrites when it comes to lying. They’ll lie to play games with you but get angry if you lie to them.

Scorpio men are sometimes rude in subtle ways. He might say something upsetting while maintaining plausible deniability.

He is used to getting away with this. People don’t always notice that he’s insulted them. When they do, he’s good at making them believe they misunderstood him.

When he does this, call him out. Let him know that you know he’s being rude on purpose. Don’t let him get away with it.

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Keep Arguments Intellectual

Don’t react if a Scorpio man tries to pick a fight with you. He might do this because he wants to make you angry.

Scorpio men don’t always like to argue. When a Scorpio man picks a fight, he wants to get under your skin or show you that he doesn’t like you.

If you think it’s the former, don’t give him the satisfaction he wants.

Keep your head. Be as rational as possible, even if you do argue with him. Act like you two are having an intellectual debate rather than an argument.

Your Scorpio man will try to maintain the upper hand when arguing with you. He wants to be the one who looks calm and collected.

It will irritate him if you don’t fall for his tricks. Remain calm, and you’ll win the argument.

Keep Secrets

Part of understanding the Scorpio man is knowing that he loves secrets. He loves to keep them and loves when other people reveal theirs to him.

Scorpio men are good at getting people to tell him secrets. If you’ve ever found yourself accidentally spilling your life story to a random person at a bar, you were probably talking to a Scorpio.

Don’t let him trick you. Keep your secrets close to your chest. It will drive a Scorpio man crazy if he can’t get you to spill any of your secrets.

Even if you don’t have that many things to hide, make him think you do. Allude to the fact that you’re not telling him the whole story.

A Scorpio man will hate knowing that you’re keeping secrets from him. He’ll hate it more when he can’t get them out of you no matter what he does.

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Don’t React When He Ghosts

The silent treatment is one way a Scorpio man tests you. He sometimes does this to get under your skin. He may also want to see how you’ll react.

The key to playing mind games with him is not reacting.

It would be best if you didn’t ignore him back. That is a reaction. Act the same way you always do.

Don’t send more or fewer text messages than you usually do. Greet your Scorpio man as you always do when you see him out in public.

Don’t ask mutual friends about him when he’s giving you the silent treatment. It’s likely to get back to him if you do that.

Be More Mature Than Him

Scorpio men consider themselves to be very mature. They pride themselves on seeming like they have everything under control.

It will drive him nuts if you see through his mask of control. He doesn’t always have everything together. He doesn’t have it all figured out.

You’ll get under his skin if you seem more mature than him. If you appear to have your life more together, that will bother him.

Make it clear that you think you’re more mature than him. Even if you aren’t, it will still bother him.

Maintain the upper hand when you’re with him at all times. Make sure you always seem like the more reasonable one to those around you.

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Keep Your Cool

If a Scorpio man is playing with your feelings, you need to keep cool. The last thing you want to do is let him know that something he’s said has gotten to you.

Staying calm is easier said than done sometimes. Not everyone is good at hiding feelings. You might need to practice to get this one right.

A Scorpio man will do things to bother you when he’s playing games with you. Don’t react. Pretend like nothing he says upsets you.

It will bother him if he can’t get under your skin. Remaining calm is a good tactic if you’re trying to get him to stop playing games with you. Once he sees that he can’t play games, he’ll back off.

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