10 Scorpio Spirit Animals (Definitive Answer)

Updated August 21, 2023

If you are curious about the Scorpio zodiac sign, you might want to know about the Scorpio animal.

Which creature embodies the soul of this astrological sign?

To find a star sign’s spirit animal, all you have to do is match the traits of that sign to different members of the animal kingdom.

Scorpio is a mysterious, intense, and intelligent sign, so any spirit animal for Scorpio must also possess these characteristics.

Once you know more about Scorpio’s typical qualities and behaviors, you will be able to recognize the Scorpio animals.


Scorpio animal bonobo

Every zodiac sign rules a specific set of body parts. These parts could be that sign’s strongest or most attractive features, the parts they like on the opposite sex, their erogenous zones, or the parts that cause health concerns.

The Scorpio horoscope sign rules the genitals, reproductive system, sexual organs, and bowels. This tells us that Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac.

Scorpios are obsessed with sex, and they always have it on their minds. They have high libidos and need to have sex frequently to feel balanced.

They use sex not only to satisfy their physical urges but also to create intimacy and communicate with their partners.

The bonobo is one of the most sexual creatures of the animal kingdom. It is one of the only animals that have sex for pleasure and not just reproduction.

Bonobos do not choose partners based on gender, and they often engage in group sex. They encourage one another, including their young, to participate in sexual activity.

The bonobo is one of Scorpio’s spirit animals because this ape perfectly exemplifies the intensely sexual nature of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

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Scorpio animal opossum

The opossum is a clever marsupial with a distinctive survival method. When threatened, the opossum goes limp and pretends to be lifeless to deter predators who only see like prey.

Once the threat has passed, the opossum jumps right back up and carries on with its business.

As a spirit animal, the opossum represents the power of the brain over brawn, making it the ideal representation of the Scorpio star sign.

Scorpios are powerful, but their greatest strength lies not in their physical being but rather in their intelligence.

Like the opossum, they are creative and wily when it comes to solving problems, and they always make sure to protect themselves. The opossum is also a nocturnal and solitary creature, further enhancing its connection to the Scorpio sign.

Scorpios are mysterious and secretive, so it makes sense for them to be represented by a creature of the night. They are also quite independent and need time alone to plot and scheme.


Scorpio animal fox

The fox is the Scorpio woman’s animal because this creature is as attractive and smart as she is. Spiritually, the fox represents charisma and introspection, which are both qualities that a Scorpio woman exudes.

The fox is a loveable and striking animal, so it has plenty of hopeful companions. But the fox is a nocturnal and solitary creature, preferring to strike out on its own in the cover of darkness.

Scorpios are alluring and magnetic, just like the vibrantly colored fox. They prefer to process their feelings and solve problems alone, although many people would gladly offer them company.

When it comes to the typical Scorpio traits, a female born under this sign is strong and independent.

The exception to this rule is when Scorpios are in a loving relationship. When they have a trustworthy partner, they like to do everything together and they won’t hide any side of themselves.

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Scorpio animal raven

Every zodiac sign is guided by a particular heavenly body that tells us something important about that sign. Scorpio is one of the only signs with more than one ruling planet.

Scorpio is guided primarily by Pluto, the planet of power, death, afterlife, and transformation. Scorpio’s secondary ruling planet is Mars, the planet of motivation, competitiveness, and aggression.

Pluto’s strong influence over Scorpio makes the raven one of Scorpio’s spirit animals because the raven and Pluto share many of the same aspects.

As a spirit animal, the raven symbolizes wisdom, affection, healing powers, longevity, death, and fertility. Many of the raven’s powers are also typical Scorpio traits, thanks to Pluto.


Scorpio animal snake

The snake is a very misunderstood creature because many people are unnecessarily afraid of even the most harmless varieties of this reptile.

Some people have a snake phobia, possibly brought on by the pervasive view of snakes as evil or a bad omen.

But the truth is that snakes symbolize magic, femininity, and self-realization. They aren’t evil at all, and many types of snakes are completely innocuous.

The snake is a strong representation of Scorpio because this zodiac sign’s personality is often misunderstood. Scorpios like to come across as tough and stoic, but they are extremely sensitive and emotional.

They dislike showing how much they care because they don’t want to appear weak. Scorpios must learn that there is power in willing to be vulnerable and that their sensitivity is what makes them so special.

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Scorpio animal alligator

The alligator is the Scorpio man’s animal because this ferocious reptile represents primal instincts and survival skills.

The alligator is a formidable predator thanks to its impressive size, sharp teeth, and camouflaging abilities. Although it could chase down and overpower its victims, the alligator is clever and careful about capturing its prey.

Alligators patiently lie in wait, blending in seamlessly with their surroundings, for an unsuspecting smaller animal to wander into its path.

When it comes to the typical Scorpio traits, a male born under this star sign is just as crafty and shrewd as the alligator.

He uses his gut instincts to make decisions and read people, and he will always outlast and outsmart his enemies.


Scorpio animal bat

The bat is a flying nocturnal animal that uses a special form of communication to “see” in the dark.

Bats use echolocation by making sounds at a higher frequency than humans can hear. The sound waves bounce off objects in their environment and back to the bat’s ears.

The bat can recognize its own noises from the sounds other bats make. Echolocation allows bats to navigate obstacles in their path and find food.

Scorpios have a similar special power, making the bat one of Scorpio’s spirit animals. Instead of echolocation, Scorpios use their keen sense of intuition to see things that most other people miss.

Scorpios are great at reading people because they pick up on small non-verbal cues. They pay attention to body language and facial expressions to know what people are truly thinking.

Just as bats have unique ways of seeing in the dark, Scorpios observe things that others don’t see.

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Scorpio animal badger

Spiritually, the badger represents endurance, persistence, and determination. The badger has a great deal of mental energy and a strong fighting spirit.

Although they may appear unassuming, badgers will attack even the most reluctant of prey and persist until overpowering their victims. For example, badgers have been known to break into beehives, braving countless stings to get to the sweet honey inside.

It would rather die than give up, much like Scorpios. When Scorpios set their sights on a goal, nothing will deter them from reaching it.

They cling stubbornly to their ideals and will forget everything else in pursuit of their ambitions.


Scorpio animal rabbit

The rabbit is a symbol of frequent and prolific sexual reproduction, making this creature the ideal representation of the Scorpio zodiac sign’s sexuality.

Scorpio is known for being the sexiest sign of the zodiac, so like the rabbit, Scorpios copulate quite often. Sex for them is not just a physical need but also a way of connecting with others and feeling loved.

This zodiac sign’s compatibility with a romantic partner depends on their significant other’s ability to understand and meet Scorpio’s sexual needs.

When a Scorpio dates someone, they will want to hook up with their partner constantly. If their partner pushes them away for any reason, the Scorpio feels unloved and rejected.

Anyone in a relationship with a Scorpio must have a high libido and a great deal of sexual stamina because physical intimacy is incredibly important to this star sign.

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Scorpio animal scorpion

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that embodies the quintessential characteristics of that sign. Since most of the zodiac symbols are creatures, they are very helpful in determining spirit animals.

Scorpio’s symbol is the small but mighty scorpion, which tells us that Scorpio people aren’t as innocuous as they appear.

Scorpios often come across as calm, quiet, and steady upon first meeting, but there is much more going on beneath the surface.

Scorpios are intense, emotional, controlling, and powerful, and when they feel threatened, their sting can be as dangerous and deadly as the scorpion’s.

When they feel threatened or provoked, Scorpios let their emotions get the best of them. They tend to lash out at those closest to them when they are in a bad mood.

Don’t mistake the quietness or kindness of Scorpio for weakness, because this is a vengeful sign that will hurt you ten times worse if you ever upset them.

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