What is The Aquarius Spirit Animal? (Definitive Answer)

Updated December 2, 2021
What is The Aquarius Spirit Animal? (Definitive Answer)

If you want to find the Aquarius animal, you need to look no further than the Aquarius zodiac sign.

What can astrology tell you about this sign’s animal symbol?

If you’re wondering, “What is the Aquarius spirit animal?” You don’t have to take a personality quiz or perform a ritual.

All you need to do is compare the quintessential Aquarius personality traits to various members of the animal kingdom.

By learning more about this zodiac sign’s typical characteristics and behaviors, you will be able to determine the Aquarius man spirit animals and Aquarius woman spirit animals.


Aquarius is a very complex and unique zodiac sign, which is what makes the platypus the Aquarius man’s animal.

The platypus is a bizarre and confusing creature with the bill of a duck and the body of a beaver. It is semiaquatic and one of only two kinds of mammals that lay eggs.

It’s hard to understand the multi-faceted and complicated personality of an Aquarius, just as it’s difficult to comprehend the existence of the peculiar platypus.

The bill of the platypus contains thousands of cells, almost giving this animal a sixth sense. Its bill allows it to detect the electromagnetic field of all living things.

Aquarius is a very spiritual and philosophical sign. Since Aquarius is an old soul with innate wisdom, it can be said that Aquarius also possesses a sixth sense.

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Clownfish are intelligent and mysterious, two traits that match people born under the Aquarius horoscope sign perfectly.

Although brightly colored, the clownfish is a master of disguise. They hide among anemones to outwit predators who could easily spot them thanks to their vibrant orange coloring and bold stripes.

Like the clownfish, Aquarius can be a bit socially insecure. They enjoy being around other people at times, but they rarely want to be the center of attention.

They are independent and individualistic thinkers, so others are quick to judge and criticize them for being so different.

Aquarians can be confusing and hard to understand because they feel compelled to hide their true selves, just as the clownfish nestles amongst anemones to shield itself.

Snow Leopard

The stunning snow leopard is an Aquarius zodiac spirit animal because snow leopards are highly resilient and thrive in solitude.

Snow leopards live in harsh conditions that are inhabitable to most other creatures. They are unbothered by their icy, mountainous surroundings, and they prefer to live alone.

Like the snow leopard, Aquarians are strong and independent. They often choose to be single because they don’t need a partner to feel happy and fulfilled.

They are also emotionally resilient and respond well to a crisis. While others may lose their cool, an Aquarius stays calm and composed during turbulent times.

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The eye-catching appearance of the zebra makes this creature the perfect Aquarius spirit animal. Although their bodies are similar to horses, the zebra’s loud black and white stripes give this animal a striking presence.

Aquarius is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac because Aquarians think for themselves. They don’t follow trends and they don’t adhere to the norms of society.

Like a zebra surrounded by horses, Aquarians stand out from the crowd not because they seek attention, but because they are unlike anyone else.

Aquarians never compromise their individuality and they stand up for what they believe in. However, their uniqueness can isolate them from others and make them feel like a misfit.

Being so different from their peers can be a challenge for young Aquarians, but as they age, they often realize that their strong minds and special ways of thinking are strengths rather than weaknesses.


Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the four natural elements: earth, air, water, or fire. The elements reveal some of the important characteristics of the signs.

The Aquarius element is air, so you might think that a bird or flying insect would be the ideal Aquarius symbol. But the giraffe is actually the best representation of the airy nature of an Aquarius.

Air signs are known for being logical, social, and philosophical. Like the giraffe stretching its long neck to the sky, Aquarians tend to have their heads in the clouds.

They can get lost in thought and are quite dreamy. They have ambitious goals and creative ideas, and they are great at seeing the bigger picture.

But, like the giraffe, their dreamy nature has a practical side. The herbivorous giraffe uses its long neck to reach the leaves of tall trees.

Aquarians are similarly practical, and while they have lofty plans and ambitions, they make careful plans to turn their dreams into reality and rarely take on more than they can handle.

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The salmon is known for swimming upstream, and this contrariness is precisely what makes this fish the Aquarius woman’s animal.

Salmon swim against the current, fighting relentlessly to reach shallow waters to mate and lay their eggs. They do this to protect themselves and their offspring from the larger predators that roam deeper waters.

Like the salmon, Aquarians aren’t afraid to go against the grain. They see the wisdom in thinking for themselves instead of blindly following what others are doing.

Aquarians are contrary by nature, so they never accept rules or advice without question. They do investigative work to figure out what works for them and they believe that the old ways of doing things aren’t always the best.


The rooster makes the list of spirit animals for those born under the Aquarius sign because of their loud call in the morning.

The rooster is a bird that typically lives on farms and is known for giving a noisy cry as the sun rises. Farmers often use the rooster’s crow as a signal to awaken and begin the day.

The rooster is in touch with the cycles of nature since it waits until the sun rises to let out its loud cry.

Aquarians are enlightened beings who possess spiritual knowledge that others may lack. They are the awakeners and pioneers who bring important information to the attention of their peers.

Just as the rooster signals the start of a new day, Aquarians lead those around them to greater understanding.

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As a spirit animal, the crocodile represents freedom, power, and strength, making it the perfect symbol for the zodiac sign Aquarius. Since Aquarius is such a fiercely independent zodiac sign, Aquarians value freedom over nearly anything else.

Crocodiles are considered the most social reptiles. They don’t form social groups that rely on each other, but they will often congregate and tolerate one another.

A group of crocodiles on land is called a bask (derived from the way they bask in the sun) and a cluster of crocodiles in the water is called a float (since they calmly lurk near each other).

But they do not assist or need one another in any way, separating them from other animals that group together.

Like the crocodile, Aquarians are self-reliant and hate asking for assistance. They also don’t want others to depend on them, although they are happy to offer a helping hand as long as it’s not expected of them.

They can be quite ferocious and irritable when their freedom and sense of independence are compromised, which is when their viciousness can match that of an angry crocodile.

The oxymoronic independent yet social nature of the crocodile perfectly portrays the social tendencies of the free-spirited Aquarius zodiac sign.

Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is a tough survivor that mostly keeps to itself. Its resilience and loner inclinations make this creature the ideal Aquarius animal symbol.

Honey Badgers are scrappy and strong, yet they are also complex and have a surprising range of emotions, just like Aquarians.

Aquarians like to come across as stoic and powerful. They aren’t very in touch with their feelings compared to the other zodiac signs and they hate showing vulnerability.

The Honey Badger is a symbol of obstinance and rebellion because they do what they want without regard for other members of the animal kingdom.

While Aquarians are considerate of others and they care about society as a whole, they will always do what’s best for them, even if it goes against what everyone else is telling them to do.

Aquarians would rather do things their own way and fail than adhere to what they perceive as outdated and unnecessary rules.

The rebellious streak of the Honey Badger makes it the perfect spiritual representation of the star sign Aquarius.

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The seahorse is an unusual and remarkable creature due not only to its looks but also the way it procreates. The seahorse resembles a cross between a fish and horse thanks to its long nose and curled tail.

But the appearance of the seahorse isn’t the only thing that makes this aquatic animal so fascinating. Seahorses are the only members of the animal kingdom whose males birth their offspring.

When male and female seahorses mate, they engage in an elaborate courting dance that involves intertwining their tails.

The female seahorse lays her eggs in the male seahorse’s pouch, where he carries them for about 20-28 days until they hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the male seahorse gives birth by expelling the baby seahorses from his pouch.

Like the seahorse, Aquarians are unlikely to follow social gender norms. They create their own rules and aren’t afraid to be different.

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drums and have unique ways of doing things. They would rather try an unconventional lifestyle than follow other people’s expectations.

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