January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

Updated September 3, 2023

Both January Aquarius people and February Aquarius people will have typical Aquarius characteristics. They will express them differently depending on their date of birth.

January Aquarius people have more “potent” Aquarius traits. Those born in February will have characteristics that aren’t always associated with Aquarius.

Every sign is separated into three sections (called decans). January Aquarius people are in the first section, the “Aquarius-Aquarius” decan. These people tend to have more stereotypical Aquarius traits.

Aquarians born in February fall into the second and third decans of Aquarius. These are the “Aquarius-Gemini” decan and the “Aquarius-Libra” decan.

These people typically have some traits associated with the other air signs, in addition to typical Aquarius traits.

All Aquarius people are innovative, eccentric, and clever. Depending on when an Aquarius is born, they will have additional traits to round out their personalities.

Community Focused vs Focused On Intimate Relationships

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, so Aquarius people want to make the world a better place. Altruism is one positive trait Aquarius both January and February Aquarians share.

January Aquarius people are more community-focused in their altruism. They find joy in helping their local community as a whole rather than helping individual people.

A January Aquarius might volunteer at a local soup kitchen or do a lot of fundraisers for large community organizations. They may also organize events like trash cleanups at a park.

January Aquarians are focused on large-scale projects. If they are politically inclined, a January Aquarius might run for local office so that they can have the most significant impact possible on their community as a whole.

February Aquarians also want to make the world a better place. They use different methods to achieve their goals, though.

A February Aquarius will be more focused on building intimate relationships with people. They genuinely believe that you can make a difference even if you’re only helping a handful of people.

February Aquarians might volunteer by signing up for mentorship programs. They will mentor one or two people rather than work with large groups.

A February Aquarius will also focus on the intimate relationships they have with their friends. They like to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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Rebellious vs Builds Connections

Being innovative is a typical Aquarius characteristic. Aquarians think big and have a lot of ideas about how they can change the world around them for the better.

January Aquarians are more rebellious when it comes to their innovation. Uranus rules Aquarius, and January Aquarians feel the full deviant energy of this planet.

Rebellion and revolution are two keywords associated with a January Aquarius. They believe that they can change the world. They will do so by any force necessary.

An Aquarius born in January won’t always want to work within the confines of a system. They want to dismantle the system. They won’t care if they step on a few toes with their radical views.

On the other hand, February Aquarians prefer to build connections with others. They don’t want to alienate potential allies by being too out there in their rebellion.

A February Aquarius might prefer to change a flawed system rather than dismantle it. They will work together with the people within that system to bring about change instead of working against them.

An Aquarius born in February understands that they can’t always change the world by wrecking everything. They are willing to build connections with people, so that others can help them make necessary changes.

Contrary vs Flexible

Being stubborn is one of Aquarius’ negative traits. Some January Aquarians can take this to the next level. They will be stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn.

Many January Aquarians have contrary personalities. They can be highly disagreeable, especially when it comes to things they are passionate about.

If you tell a January Aquarius what to do, they are likely to do the opposite just because you tried to order them around.

January Aquarians also have a hard time seeing other people’s points of view. If they feel strongly about something, nobody can sway them to consider it from another angle.

A February Aquarius will be more flexible than a January Aquarius. They can still be stubborn about things they’re passionate about, but they aren’t entirely disagreeable.

February Aquarians know that they aren’t always right. They understand that even if they prefer to do something one way, there are other legitimate ways to do it.

A February Aquarius won’t double-down if they can’t do something their way. They are more adaptable. They can compromise and adjust their expectations based on what is happening around them, not what they want to happen.

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Self-Righteous vs Open-Minded

Being self-righteous is one of Aquarius’ bad traits. January Aquarians are more likely to express this negative trait than February ones.

Many January Aquarians feel morally superior to the people around them. They believe that their views are the most correct and think highly of themselves because of their selfless nature.

A January Aquarius might hold it over your head if you don’t volunteer as much as they do. They might think they’re better than you because they spend more time serving their community.

Even if you volunteer and spend time in your community, it might not be the way a January Aquarius wants you to.

They have certain ways to do things and specific causes they care about. A January Aquarius might look down on people who have different methods for serving their community.

February Aquarians are more open-minded. They understand that their way isn’t the only way.

A February Aquarius won’t think they are morally superior just because they focus on a specific cause and you focus on a different one.

February Aquarians also know that not everyone can go to protests or volunteer all the time. They won’t judge people for not doing the same things they do.

Emotionally Detached vs Emotionally Open

A relationship with an Aquarius can be complicated at first because air signs tend to be more emotionally reserved. This is true for all types of Aquarians.

February Aquarians, however, are more emotionally open than January Aquarians. They might still be calm and reserved, but they don’t completely hide their feelings.

A January Aquarius might be entirely emotionally detached. They will actively close themselves off from the people around them.

February Aquarians don’t try so hard to hide how they feel. They want to connect with people on an intimate level, after all. They can’t do that if they’re constantly closed off.

A January Aquarius might refuse to open up to anyone except a few close friends or their partners.

A February Aquarius may open up to others if they think it will help them out in some way, such as when they are mentoring people.

A February Aquarius still might not be entirely open about their emotions. They may avoid certain negative emotions. They don’t go to the same lengths a January Aquarius does to detach from their feelings.

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Unpredictable vs Communicative

The Aquarius personality is an eccentric one. Aquarians born in both January and February will have some eccentricities, but January Aquarians tend to be more weird and unpredictable.

January Aquarians often pride themselves on being strange. They don’t want to fit in with the crowd! If people think they are unpredictable and odd, they take that as a compliment.

February Aquarians are a little more toned down. They are still weird, but they are more approachable than January Aquarians.

A February Aquarius will want to connect and communicate with individual people more than a January Aquarius. They are willing to stick to the status quo and behave “normally” sometimes to interact with people.

A January Aquarius will rarely tone themselves down. If people don’t understand them, they don’t care! They will continue to march to the beat of their own drum, even if that makes fitting in and connecting to others hard sometimes.

Quirky vs Social

January Aquarius traits are more stereotypical than February Aquarius traits. Those born at the beginning of the Aquarius season have a more potent Aquarius energy.

This means that January Aquarians are far more quirky than February Aquarians. Aquarius is a weird sign! Many Aquarius people born in January take that bizarre nature to the extreme.

Some January Aquarians are purposely weird just for the sake of being weird. They will do things to shock people. They like it when others view them as strange and quirky.

February Aquarians are more social than January Aquarians. They are more willing to follow trends or engage with pop culture to connect with the people around them.

This isn’t to say that January Aquarians aren’t social. They are! They just prefer to be around people who accept them as they are. They won’t tone themselves down at all, even if it might benefit them.

A February Aquarius will be willing to tone things down to socialize. They don’t always like feeling like the odd one out.

They are okay with having their peculiar interests while also having a few more common hobbies to connect with a larger variety of people.

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