Your Cancer Man is Angry? Here is What You Should Do!

Updated February 26, 2023
Your Cancer Man is Angry? Here is What You Should Do!

When a Cancer man is angry, try to keep calm. If he’s mad at you or acting out, you’ll make things worse by getting upset.

Your Cancer man probably won’t stay angry for long. There are many things you can do to help calm him down.

Cancer men are incredibly sensitive, so he’ll likely get angry now and then. He might not have an explosive temper, but he’ll still act out! Cancer men can be moody at times.

When your Cancer man is angry at you, apologize to him. Reassure him and try to understand why he’s upset. Do your best to make things up to him and validate his feelings.

Offering physical affection, love, and comfort will likely calm your Cancer man down. Be kind and compassionate. Listen to his feelings and do whatever you can to show him you care.

Keep Calm

How do Cancer men act when angry? Many of them will storm off and try to isolate themselves. Others will generally act moody but might not say what is wrong.

Whatever your Cancer man does, try to remain calm. If he’s ignoring you, don’t bother him. If he’s pushing your buttons, don’t push back.

Regardless of why your Cancer man is angry, you should stay calm. It won’t help anything at all if you’re both angry!

If your Cancer man is angry at you, do your best to calm him down. Don’t fight with him or rise to the bait if he’s trying to provoke you. Focus on smoothing things over instead.

If he’s angry at something else, seeing how calm you are might be all he needs to calm down too. Sometimes, your emotions will rub off on him and help your Cancer man to get over his anger.

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Apologize To Him

Sometimes, the best thing to do when a Cancer man is angry at you is to apologize to him. If you upset him, an apology might be all he needs to calm down.

Cancer men are pretty forgiving. They can certainly hold a grudge when they want to, but your Cancer man will probably feel most of his anger go away as soon as you say sorry for upsetting him.

Be sincere and show your Cancer man how much you regret doing whatever you did to make him angry. That will likely calm him down enough to have a conversation.

When a Cancer man is done with you for good, he’ll do more than just pout or take some time to himself. Most of the time, apologizing will help your Cancer man forgive you and return to his usual self.

Reassure Him

Sometimes, your Cancer man needs reassurance to calm him down when he’s angry. This is especially true if he’s mad at himself or at something he can’t control.

If your Cancer man is mad at himself for messing something up, reassure him and let him know it’s okay. Tell him that he’ll be able to fix it and that you’ll help him work through it.

If your Cancer man is angry with you after an argument, reassure him of your feelings. Let him know that you still love him, even when you two fight. If you said something to hurt his feelings, let him know you didn’t mean it.

Anger might be a cover-up for a Cancer man’s insecurities sometimes. If he seems irritable and moody, see if he’s just insecure about something. Reassure him that he does not need to be insecure!

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Comfort Him

A comforting presence can sometimes make all a Cancer man’s anger disappear. If your Cancer man is mad, offering a comforting hug or kind words might cheer him up.

Your Cancer man might not always want your comfort if he’s mad at you, but it will likely feel good if he’s angry about something else.

You can comfort your Cancer man with physical affection or just by telling him everything will be okay. Cuddling up on the couch and relaxing with him might calm him down.

If he’s mad at a friend, offer him a shoulder to cry on and give him the comfort he needs to calm down so he can work things out with that friend. Let him know that you’re there for him no matter what, and that might help his anger fade.

Be Affectionate

Physical affection is a great way to calm a Cancer man when he’s upset. Try to be affectionate with him, whether he’s angry at you or something else.

A tight hug or a comforting kiss can do wonders for a Cancer man’s mood. If he’s upset with you for ignoring him or spending less time with him lately, give him the affection he needs!

Sometimes, a simple hug won’t fix everything, but your Cancer man will likely still appreciate it! Affection can show him that you still love him after a fight.

If you’re not typically an affectionate person, this will make your Cancer man feel special. He might be so focused on how much he loves the rare affection that he forgets all about his anger.

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Listen To Him

When a Cancer man is moody, sometimes just offering to listen is all you’ll need to do to help him calm down.

Your Cancer man might be angry because he’s stressed or overwhelmed. A minor thing might have set him off because he’s been dealing with a lot lately.

Ranting and just getting things off his chest might be what your Cancer man needs. Let him vent to you if you want him to get over his anger.

Having someone willing to listen to him might be enough to soothe your Cancer man and make his anger disappear. Being able to release his emotions may be all he needs to calm down.

If your Cancer man is angry at you, you should still be willing to listen to him. Ask him to explain if you don’t understand why he’s angry. Remain calm and listen to what he has to say.

Try To Understand Him

A Cancer man’s mood swings can be confusing at times. Do your best to understand your Cancer man and how he feels anyway.

You might not know why something you said made your Cancer man angry. Instead of getting upset or telling him he’s being ridiculous, ask him to explain himself. Tell him you want to understand.

Take the time to get to know your Cancer man. If you know something typically makes him angry, show him you’re working on avoiding it.

Show your Cancer man that you understand how to calm him down too. If you know exactly how to make him feel better after an argument with you or someone else, he’ll feel like you care about him.

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Be Kind & Compassionate

You might not always know how to apologize to a Cancer man or make him feel better when he’s angry. Try to be kind and compassionate toward him, whether he’s mad at you or angry at something else.

Telling your Cancer man to just get over it when he’s angry won’t help at all. He’ll get angrier if you tell him he has nothing to be mad about or say he should just calm down.

Show your Cancer man that you care about him and his feelings. Be kind and help out more around the house if he’s in a bad mood.

Compliment him more or offer more affection. Ask him if there’s anything specific you can do to make him feel better if you’re unsure. Your Cancer man will appreciate the gesture!

Cook His Favorite Meal

How to get a Cancer man to forgive you when you’ve hurt his feelings? Sometimes, all you need to do is cook his favorite meal!

The way to a Cancer man’s heart really is through his stomach. If he’s angry after an argument, try cheering him up by cooking for him.

Apologizing to a Cancer man might not always do the trick if he’s really upset. Offering him his favorite meal can help calm him down and show him you love him at the same time.

Your Cancer man won’t be able to stay mad for long when he knows you care about him enough to cook for him. He’ll be even happier when he sees that you know what his favorite meal is.

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Validate His Feelings

What makes Cancer men angry? Cancer men tend to be sensitive, and sometimes minor things can upset them. What makes them even angrier is when people invalidate their feelings.

If you don’t understand why your Cancer man is upset, that’s okay. Do not tell him that he’s being ridiculous or say that he needs to just get over it, though.

Let your Cancer man know that it’s okay to be angry. Tell him that he’s not wrong for feeling the way he feels. Do what you can to validate his feelings, and that might help him get over his anger.

How long will a Cancer man stay mad? Some Cancer men can hold grudges, but your Cancer man will be more likely to calm down if he knows that you are there for him and that you respect his feelings.

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