10 Suggestions To Stop Cancer Man From Ignoring You

Updated September 3, 2023

A Cancer man ignoring you can make you second guess yourself. You may wonder what you did wrong.

But his silence shouldn’t always be taken as a sign he’s done with you. Sometimes, Cancer men ignore you because they’re overwhelmed.

When your Cancer love interest stops replying to your text messages or stops reaching out, you may panic. Yet you can easily get his attention by following simple steps.

A Cancer man ignoring you can leave you feeling devastated. But he’s not always giving you the cold shoulder because he’s done with you. Cancer men are sensitive.

They are easily overwhelmed by strong emotions. When a Cancer man feels vulnerable, he may shut down. You can easily lure him back if you understand his personality.

1. Make His Favorite Food

The best way to a Cancer man’s heart is through his stomach. Make his favorite recipe, and he’ll come around. Even when he’s been quiet for days, Cancer men can’t resist the temptation of satisfying their appetite.

Men born under this sign love to indulge in their favorite culinary treats. They are susceptible to following their love of food. If you need to lure a Cancer man out of hiding, cook his favorite meal.

If you don’t know his favorite dish, treat him to something creamy and comforting. Meals including cheese, sauce, and meals that remind him of his family or hometown are ideal. Cancer men love nostalgic meals.

Food is a perfect peace offering for a Cancer man. You don’t need to know the reason he went silent. A Cancer man who has gone silent may be insecure. Food will bring him out of his shell.

Why do Cancers ignore you? They have many reasons to suddenly go silent. They may be licking their wounds, which can be real or imagined. Men born under this sign test women by going quiet as well.

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2. Ask for Help

Another way to get a Cancer man to open up is to ask for his help. Cancer men can’t resist coming to your rescue. If he goes quiet on you, don’t ask him questions about what he’s doing or what you did wrong.

Instead, ask for his advice or request his help. When you do this, you’ll shift a Cancer man’s focus. He’ll be able to regroup and may even forget his hurt feelings or insecurities.

Asking a Cancer man for help is the quickest way to give him the reset he needs. Cancer men are chivalrous and traditional. When he sees you are in distress, he’ll drop everything and respond to your needs.

How does a Cancer man test you? Sometimes he stops communicating with you as a way to check your reaction. Never ignore a Cancer man who becomes unresponsive. If you don’t chase him, you fail his test.

If you’re wondering will a Cancer man come back if you ignore him, the answer is no. Unlike most other men, you don’t want to ignore a Cancer man to lure him back. The opposite approach will work.

3. Show Vulnerability

Another sure-fire way to lure the sign of the crab out of his shell is to show your vulnerable side. Cancer men are emotional. They can be intuitive and sensitive. When a Cancer man ignores you, show your feelings.

You don’t have to put him on a guilt trip. All you need to do is show him you have a sensitive side. When a Cancer man sees your vulnerability shine through, he drops his defenses.

Remind him that you are the receptive, emotional, and empathic woman he desires. When a Cancer man sees you are gentle and sensitive, he’ll stop playing mind games with you.

When a Cancer man is done with you, he won’t ignore you. He’ll make a scene. Cancer men can be dramatic and melancholy. If he ignores you, leverage your own emotions to get him to open up again.

If you are wondering, “Will a Cancer man miss me?” the answer is yes. He always misses you, even when he’s silent. A Cancer man ignoring you doesn’t mean he isn’t pining for you. Show vulnerability to lure him back.

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4. Be Family Centered

Men born under the sign of the crab may ignore a woman if they feel she is being too selfish. Deep inside, Cancer men fear being hurt and abandoned. If you show him you’re family centered, he’ll come back.

Cancer men also lower their defenses when they see you share their interests in home and domestic matters. When he ignores you, set a date to visit your mother or grandmother. Spend time with elderly families or children.

Post about these visits on your social media accounts. Even when a Cancer man ignores you, he’s still watching you from a distance. Cancer men get attached. He still wants to know what’s going on in your life.

When he sees that you are family centered, a Cancer man will want you back. He’ll break his silence and reach out to you. He’ll even start to step it up and initiate contact more often.

5. Validate His Feelings

You don’t have to agree with a Cancer man’s feelings to validate them. Cancer men are so sensitive they are hurt for no reason. His feelings are always valid. Even if you don’t understand them.

When your Cancer man goes silent, chances are he feels slighted by something you did or said. You may not have done anything wrong. Cancer men are masters of projecting their insecurities onto others.

Validate his feelings, and your Cancer man will feel soothed and heard. The best way to get him to come around is to tell him you hear his point of view. Tell him you know his feelings are real.

When a Cancer man disappears and reappears, he is trying to test the waters with you. Don’t take this personally. Instead, reassure your Cancer man that he can let his guard down.

When a Cancer man disappears after intimacy, it’s because he is getting overwhelmed by his feelings. Cancer men crave intimacy but also fear being consumed by their emotions.

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6. Be Sensitive

One of the easiest ways to get a Cancer man to come back around when he’s gone quiet is to show him you’re a sensitive person. When a Cancer man realizes you are as empathic as he is, he lets his guard down.

When you’re sensitive to a Cancer man’s needs, he opens up again. He wants to hold on to a woman who is caring and empathic. He won’t push you away if you’re one of the few who understands him.

Cancer men are hurt easily, but they are also quick to forgive. A Cancer man will get over petty slights when he sees that you are his ideal woman. A sensitive, caring woman easily captures his heart.

Giving a Cancer man an ultimatum never works. Instead, show him that you are compassionate. Taking a hard line with a Cancer man will only scare him away.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, the best thing to do is be his ideal woman. If you are sensitive, sweet, encouraging, and nurturing, he shuts down; but he’ll always come back.

7. Talk About Intuition

Talk to your Cancer man about your psychic hunches. If he’s been ignoring you, tell him you “had a feeling” that he was having a rough time. Cancer men are always in emotional turmoil, so your intuition will be accurate.

He’ll appreciate that you’re following your gut instinct. Even if you’re embellishing slightly, telling your Cancer man that you are intuitively attracted to reach out to him will get his attention.

Men born under this sign can’t resist intuitive women. Cancer men are instinctive. They’re used to hiding their psychic nature. If a Cancer man believes you share his psychic sensitivity, he will come out of hiding and reconnect with you.

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8. Ask Him Business Advice

Cancer men have surprisingly sharp business skills. Their savvy nature shocks those who only see Cancer men as an emotional mess. His sappy and sentimental nature is juxtaposed with a sharp eye for business.

You can urge him to re-engage when he’s been ignoring you if you ask him for business advice. Tell him you are starting a business venture or need help making a financial or investment decision.

He wants to respond when you ask for help, especially if you recognize his business skills. The second best line of questioning to get him out of his shell relates to cooking.

Food and financial security are paramount to a Cancer man. Appealing to these interests gets a response from even the most aloof Cancer man.

9. Give Him a Gift

Cancer men try to act tough, but deep inside, they are little boys. Men born under this sign melt when you show them generosity and kindness. If he’s been ignoring you, give him a peace offering.

Send him a gift and your Cancer man will respond. It’s not like him to ignore such a kind gesture. Show him you mean no harm and want to reconnect with him.

Cancer men are receptive to this kind of loving gesture. If he is angry or upset with you, he’ll instantly change his mood when he sees that you are extending your generosity in this manner.

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10. Compliment Him

Cancer men are easily flattered. When you compliment a Cancer man, he’ll know you care about him. If he’s been hiding away, he’ll start to come back around. Make sure your compliments are sincere.

Cancer men won’t ignore women who flatter them. They fall for compliments as long as you are authentic. Tell your Cancer man you recognize his talents and strengths. When he ignores you, it’s because he’s not feeling appreciated.

When you compliment a Cancer man, you build a stronger connection with him. He will think twice about becoming distant again. It’s hard for a Cancer man to ignore you when he sees how caring and attentive you are.

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