December Capricorn vs January Capricorn

Updated September 5, 2023

Though there are similarities, December Capricorns and January Capricorns often have some differences. These two are often different “flavors” of Capricorn.

The differences occur mainly because of the planetary rulers and subrulers different Capricorns have. These planets give December Capricorns and January Capricorns unique personalities.

December Capricorns are usually stereotypical Capricorns who have the traits most commonly associated with the sign. These Capricorns are serious and reserved. They tend to be workaholics, more so than January Capricorns.

January Capricorns often have traits associated with the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. This is because January Capricorns have either Venus or Mercury as a subruler. The subruler depends on when in January their birthday is.

A January Capricorn might be more social than a December Capricorn. They may also be more charming instead of reserved like their December counterparts.

Saturn vs Mercury & Venus

Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn. The influence of this planet is why Capricorn is considered a serious, hard-working, and stoic sign.

Each zodiac sign is divided into three subsections called “decans.” The first section is always the quintessential example of that zodiac sign. The second and third decans are influenced by the other two signs with the same element.

Each decan also has a subruler, though the first decan’s subruler will always be the same as the sign’s ruler. December Capricorns have the most Capricorn energy because Saturn rules them, and their subruler is also Saturn.

Saturn rules January Capricorns but they also have one of two subrulers. These subrulers will add some extra depth to the January Capricorn personality.

The second Capricorn decan is known as the “Taurus” decan. The subruler of this decan is Venus. Capricorns born in this decan might show some traits commonly associated with Taurus.

The third Capricorn decan is the “Virgo” decan. The subruler of this decan is Mercury. These Capricorns might be more chatty and detail-oriented because of the influence of their subruler.

January Capricorns might be more social and charming than their December counterparts. Ones born in the second decan may be more laid back or romantic, while ones born in the third might be organized or judgmental.

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Serious vs Social

Being serious is a Capricorn trait that is very stereotypical. Many December Capricorns have this trait. They are more severe and stoic than their January counterparts.

December Capricorns can have fun, of course! They just appear to be apathetic or detached. If a December Capricorn is at work or in a formal setting, you might not see the fun side of their personality.

A December Capricorn might take a while to loosen up around someone. They have a softer side, but that rarely comes out unless they are with close friends or partners.

Capricorn’s communication style is typically direct and to the point. They don’t often say anything more than they need to. January Capricorns, though, can be very social and talkative.

If you ever meet a Capricorn who is not only well-spoken but outgoing and even chatty, they are likely a January Capricorn! The power of Mercury that influences the second decan makes these Capricorns much more social.

The third decan January Capricorns may also be more social. Venus rules these Capricorns. They like to feel connected to people in a way December Capricorns may not. They also tend to be more amiable.

Reserved vs Charming

The Capricorn personality is usually thought of as being reserved. December Capricorns are like this, but January Capricorns aren’t always.

A December Capricorn may appear quiet and shy because of their reserved nature. Even when they are in relationships, they might take a long time to open up and show their vulnerable side.

The way a December Capricorn flirts might be standoffish or unromantic. It’s not that they are incapable of being romantic or flirty. They just have a difficult time warming up sometimes. You might not see their flirty side until you know them well.

January Capricorns, on the other hand, are very charming! Third decan January Capricorns are incredibly skilled at all things romantic.

The influence of Venus gives some January Capricorns a softer, more loving nature. These Capricorns may have a natural magnetism that December Capricorns lack.

January Capricorns born in the second decan may also be charming, but for different reasons. They are skilled with words and are great at communicating with other people. They can quickly draw other people into conversations.

January Capricorns may be reserved sometimes, though. They can easily withdraw if they are ever nervous or feeling down. They can also turn that charm off if they need to be detached for some reason.

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Patient vs Organized

The December Capricorn personality is much more patient than the January Capricorn personality. They aren’t often in a rush and are willing to wait to get what they want.

December Capricorns think in the long-term. They aren’t necessarily worried about getting what they want right now. They know that they will have to wait to get everything they desire.

A December Capricorn will have no problem waiting five years, ten years, or longer to accomplish their goals. They know that it will be worth it in the end!

January Capricorns are more organized than December Capricorns. This is true for all January Capricorns.

January Capricorns are focused on doing things correctly. They are perfectionists, more so than December Capricorns are.

They are also good at planning and goal-setting, but they can become stressed out if things aren’t organized the way they want them to be.

A December Capricorn won’t necessarily get stressed out if their office isn’t clean and organized. They are focused on other things and won’t always take the time to tidy up if they are working on something.

However, a January Capricorn will pause what they are doing to make sure that their space is tidy. They can become uncomfortable and unfocused if their area isn’t organized the way they want it to be.

Old Soul vs Laidback

Many December Capricorns appear to have an “old soul.” They often seem older and wiser than they genuinely are.

Even a very young December Capricorn might appear to have wisdom beyond their years. They might be much more severe and mature than their peers.

This mature nature can be seen in all Capricorns, but it is more pronounced in December Capricorns. Some of these Capricorns might seem like they have already lived an entire life. They may have knowledge that doesn’t make sense, given their age.

January Capricorns aren’t necessarily immature, but they are more laidback. This is especially true for January Capricorns born in the Taurus decan.

Taurus decan January Capricorns are incredibly relaxed compared to December Capricorns. They can take breaks in ways that December Capricorns, and second decan Capricorns, are not.

January Capricorns born in the Virgo decan might appear more laidback, though they are less relaxed than Taurus decan Capricorns. They often have some nervous energy, like a Virgo, but are good at hiding it.

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Authoritative vs Relaxed

Capricorns tend to be authoritative. They are good at taking control of a situation and delegating tasks. This authoritarian nature is why many Capricorns end up in management roles.

One of Capricorn’s negative traits is that they can sometimes be too authoritative. December Capricorns often have a problem with becoming bossy or controlling. January Capricorns don’t have this problem as much.

December Capricorns are often the type of people to do everything themselves because they don’t think anything will get done correctly otherwise.

Saturn is a stern sign, and the influence of this planet can be seen in December Capricorns. These Capricorns often have trouble being told how to work because they want to control everything.

January Capricorns are more relaxed. Virgo decan Capricorns are more flexible in work settings because they aim to please. They can follow directions in a way that December Capricorns often can’t.

Taurus decan Capricorns are more relaxed because the influence of Taurus calms them down. Taurus is a sign that likes self-care. Capricorns in the Taurus decan are extremely hard workers, but they also know when to take a break.

Goal-Driven vs Detail-Oriented

December Capricorns and January Capricorns are both hard workers. The way they work can be different, though.

December Capricorns are incredibly goal-driven. They are good at seeing the big picture, and everything they do is to achieve their goals.

A December Capricorn won’t always get caught up in the small details. These are the types of people to make five-year plans.

They will become highly focused on their goals and might ignore things that don’t help in their desire to accomplish these goals.

January Capricorns are detail-oriented. They can get caught up in minor details and take the time to perfect things, even if these aren’t necessarily important to their goals.

January Capricorns often have tidy houses and office spaces. They may also have more aesthetically pleasing projects and presentations because it is crucial for them to produce things that look good.

A December Capricorn will be okay with a minimalistic presentation that just has the necessary information. On the other hand, a January Capricorn might make the display look appealing.

January Capricorns often have well-decorated homes as well. They feel better when their space is comfortable and easy on the eyes.

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