Guide For When a Capricorn Man is Giving Silent Treatment

Updated February 25, 2023
Guide For When a Capricorn Man is Giving Silent Treatment

A Capricorn man’s silent treatment isn’t always a reason for alarm. Even if he’s ignoring you on purpose, he may just need some space.

When a Capricorn man gives you the silent treatment, the best thing to do is remain calm. Don’t freak out about it.

Capricorn men are busy people. They often get caught up in their work and have packed schedules. A Capricorn man might be giving you the silent treatment because he’s occupied with something else.

Don’t worry too much if a Capricorn man is ignoring you. Try to be patient and understanding. Don’t over-text or act clingy. That might make things worse.

Keep communication with your Capricorn man open. When he’s ready to talk to you again, make sure you are there to talk things over. If you ignore him back, that won’t do either of you any good.

Don’t Worry

It isn’t always bad if a Capricorn man has gone quiet. There are many reasons a Capricorn man might be giving you the silent treatment.

Capricorn men can become hyper-focused if they are working. They might ignore everyone around them if they need to meet a deadline or have more work than usual.

A Capricorn man might also need some time alone. He might not always communicate this to you, unfortunately. He will take the time he needs and come back when he’s ready to socialize.

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Give Him Space

Sometimes a Capricorn man disappears and reappears because he needs time to himself. He isn’t always good at communicating that to others, though.

How long will a Capricorn ignore you when he needs some space? It often won’t be too long. If you leave him alone and respect his need for some time alone, he’ll come back quickly.

You will make a Capricorn man’s silent treatment last longer if you don’t give him the space he needs. He might feel like you don’t respect his need for space.

A Capricorn man needs time to recharge. Give him that time, and he will gladly start talking to you again once he’s feeling up to it.

Keep Communication Open

A Capricorn man’s communication style is direct. He will sometimes let you know if something is up rather than giving you the silent treatment.

If he gives you the silent treatment, you should still keep communication open. He will likely reach out to you once he’s ready to talk and explain himself.

You want to make sure that your Capricorn man can reach you if he needs to ask for support. You also need to be available if he wants to talk things over after giving you the silent treatment.

When a Capricorn man is done with you for good, he’ll usually let you know. If he’s temporarily silent, that means he needs some time apart, or he’s busy.

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Don’t Be Clingy

Capricorn men are independent. They need time away from other people and like to do things on their own sometimes.

Their independent nature means that Capricorn men hate clingy people. Their idea of “clingy” might be different from yours, too.

If a Capricorn man is giving you the silent treatment, it might be because he thinks you’re too clingy or dependent on him. You can avoid the silent treatment in the first place by giving your Capricorn man space.

Keep your distance when a Capricorn man is already giving you the silent treatment. Let him have some time to himself, or he may continue to ignore you.

Try your best not to be clingy when a Capricorn man ignores you. Try to figure out what his idea of clingy is as well.

You might think you’re just showing you care by reaching out. However, your Capricorn man may believe that you’re smothering him or reaching out too much. Try to be balanced.

Avoid Overtexting

When a Capricorn man ignores your messages, don’t keep sending more. He’s not going to respond just because you’re bombarding him with texts. He’s more likely to continue ignoring you.

Capricorn men aren’t the best at texting in the first place. Don’t assume a Capricorn man is ignoring you because he’s not responding to your text messages!

You might think a Capricorn man is giving you the silent treatment when in actuality, he just hasn’t seen your text messages. Not responding to messages is not a good indicator that a Capricorn man is ignoring you.

A Capricorn man might become overwhelmed or annoyed if you text him too much while he’s giving you the silent treatment. If he’s doing it on purpose, you’ll just extend his silent treatment.

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Apologize After Fights

The best thing to do when Capricorn man ignores you after a fight is to apologize. This will usually resolve the problem and end his silent treatment.

A Capricorn man might ignore you after an argument so he can calm down. He may also not know how to deal with you if you get emotional during the fight.

Your Capricorn man also might not know how to handle it if you hurt him. He doesn’t always know what to do when he gets emotional about something.

You will be able to end his silent treatment quickly if you apologize! Let him know you’re sorry for anything hurtful you said. Ask if you two can talk things over calmly.

Your Capricorn man will always appreciate you taking the time to apologize. He will also be more likely to apologize for his role in the argument, as well as his silent treatment.

Be Reliable

Capricorn men need reliable people in their lives. They want to know that they can trust and rely on their friends and partners.

Even if you’re upset about your Capricorn man’s silent treatment, make sure he knows that he can still rely on you. Be available if he needs you.

Reliability can ensure that a Capricorn man doesn’t ignore you in the first place. A Capricorn man might start to pull away if he thinks you’re unreliable. His silent treatment might be because he’s annoyed with you.

Your Capricorn man might be ignoring you because he’s going through something. He might be ignoring everyone because of this. He might reach out for support once he can handle talking to people.

Your Capricorn man will be hurt if he reaches out and you aren’t there for him. Make sure you’re available to listen if he needs to talk.

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Don’t Ignore Him Back

When a Capricorn man goes silent, you might be tempted to give him a taste of his own medicine. You should try to avoid that, though.

What happens when you ignore a Capricorn man? He will likely overthink the situation. Your Capricorn man might think he ruined your relationship. If he wasn’t ignoring you on purpose, he won’t understand what he did wrong.

A Capricorn man might be ignoring everyone because he’s busy. Once he’s no longer busy, he will want to talk to you! If you ignore him, he may become upset or even annoyed. He wants you to be understanding when he has to work.

Giving a Capricorn man the silent treatment in response to his silent treatment won’t fix anything. You two won’t be able to resolve any potential problems.

Be Understanding

A Capricorn man won’t always give you the silent treatment because you’ve done something wrong. He’s not always trying to be passive-aggressive.

Sometimes, a Capricorn man isn’t ignoring you on purpose. He may be busy, upset, or overwhelmed. He won’t always be able to handle social interactions in those cases.

Try to be understanding when your Capricorn man gives you the silent treatment. He might be going through something. Don’t immediately react with anger when you realize he’s ignoring you.

Your Capricorn man will appreciate your patience. If he is ignoring you on purpose, the way you react might make him reconsider his actions as well.

Show your Capricorn man that you can be compassionate even when he isn’t acting the way you want him to. He will appreciate you trying to be understanding.

Being understanding doesn’t mean that you have to let a Capricorn man mistreat you. If he constantly gives you the silent treatment because you aren’t doing what he wants you to do, you need to talk to him about that.

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Consider His Feelings

If a Capricorn man disappears after intimacy, it might mean he’s not emotionally ready yet. He might give you the silent treatment while he tries to sort through his emotions.

Try not to be angry with him if he does this. Consider his feelings and be as compassionate as you can.

Capricorn men may seem stoic and detached all the time, but they have feelings! They don’t always know how to handle them, though.

A Capricorn man might withdraw because he’s upset and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Capricorn men won’t always reach out for support from their loved ones when they’re down.

You can check in with your Capricorn man and let him know you’re there for him if he needs you. Once he does reach out again, respect his feelings.

Your Capricorn man might not always act on his emotions the way you want him to. He needs to learn to ask for support when he’s upset or going through something.

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