Understanding a Distant Capricorn Man (Why? How To Fix?)

Updated September 6, 2022
Understanding a Distant Capricorn Man (Why? How To Fix?)

It’s not unusual for a Capricorn man to be distant. He’s not a very emotional person and sometimes he just gets caught up with work.

If he’s not usually distant, though, him withdrawing is usually a sign something is wrong.

A Capricorn man might suddenly become distant for a variety of reasons.

Not all of them mean you’ve done something wrong or that he’s specifically withdrawing from you, though.

Capricorn men often like to focus on one thing at a time. If he’s busy with a project at work, he’s going to be entirely focused on that. If he’s dealing with a personal problem, that is going to take up all his time.

If he’s upset with you, he’s not always going to say so. You might have to figure out what happened if he’s suddenly ignoring you.

Busy With Work

If a Capricorn man is ignoring you, it’s not always on purpose. He just gets busy sometimes.

Before you start freaking out and accusing him of ignoring you, check in to see if he’s just busy.

If he’s been at work a lot, he might have a big project he’s working on. Maybe he’s trying to get a promotion so he’s working extra hours.

He might be busier than usual because somebody quit and he’s taking on extra tasks. Maybe he just got a new job and his hours are different than they were before.

If he’s being distant because of work, you shouldn’t worry too much. He’s a workaholic. He loves to work and he often lets work take over his life. It’s nothing against you.

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Focused On Something

Capricorn men like to focus on one thing at a time. This is one reason why they can get so caught up with work that they ignore everything else in their life.

If he’s got a big event coming up that he’s been planning, he’s going to be focused on that. He might be acting distant but it’s just a temporary thing until the event is done with.

If there’s been a death in the family or some other major event, he’s going to be focused on that. He might not have as much time for you as he usually does. Again, this is just a temporary thing.

If a Capricorn man has stopped texting suddenly, it might be because he’s focused on something else.

He doesn’t like to “multitask” when he’s watching a movie, working on a project, or hanging out with another friend. He’ll give that activity his complete focus instead of texting you.

He’s Overwhelmed

When a Capricorn man goes quiet, that isn’t always a sign you’ve done something wrong.

Sometimes, he just gets overwhelmed when there is too much going on. This is especially true if he’s been socializing a lot recently.

Capricorn men aren’t always the most social people. They value their alone time and they often need time by themselves to recharge.

If he’s feeling overwhelmed, he’s going to distance himself from the people around him instead of reaching out to them.

Most of the time, a few days to himself is exactly what he needs to calm down and feel less stressed out.

If he’s suddenly distant, give him some space. You’ll just overwhelm him more if you continuously reach out or demand his attention. He’ll start acting like his usual self once he feels less overwhelmed.

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He Needs Alone Time

If a Capricorn man is suddenly distant after you two have been spending a lot of time together, he likely just needs some time by himself.

As mentioned, Capricorn men aren’t always the most social people. They don’t like to constantly be socializing with the people around them.

He needs time to himself or he starts to feel stressed out. Even if he likes spending time with you, he doesn’t want to spend all his time with you.

He needs time to focus on his hobbies and on things he enjoys doing. He might want to just relax with a book or have a quiet weekend by himself now and then.

Is a Capricorn man bad at communicating? Some are, some aren’t. Some Capricorn men will outright say that they need alone time. Others will just distance themselves without saying anything.

You’re Too Clingy

If you’re not sure what to do when a Capricorn man ignores you, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

Capricorn men don’t like clingy people. You might not think you’re being clingy but he may be pulling away because he thinks you are.

Everyone expressed affection in different ways. Everyone has their own love language. What you think is a reasonable amount of time together might be too much for a Capricorn man.

You might message your friends and loved ones constantly just because you like to talk. He may see this as you being too clingy.

He’ll distance himself if he needs some time away from you. When he does this, you should respect his need for space. If this is the problem, you may also want to consider changing some of your behaviors so he doesn’t keep distancing himself.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he’ll usually make that fairly clear. If he’s just distancing himself, there is still time for you two to turn things around.

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He’s Upset

Sometimes when a Capricorn man withdraws, it’s because he’s upset. Capricorn men aren’t always good about addressing their emotions. He’ll distance himself from you instead of confronting how he feels.

Sometimes, he’ll withdraw and deal with the emotions on his own then come back as if nothing happened.

Other times, distancing himself will only make things worse. It’s better to just address his emotions and talk them over with you but he doesn’t always realize that.

If you think you’ve done something to upset him, reach out. Let him know that you think he’s upset with you. If you think you know why, tell him so.

When he sees that you’re trying to approach the situation logically, he’ll be more likely to respond to you and try to have an open discussion about what’s wrong.

He’s Thinking

A Capricorn man’s communication style is very deliberate. He thinks things through before he speaks.

He never acts before thinking about it either. If he’s considering making a change in your relationship (good or bad!) he might be distancing himself just so he can have some time to think things over.

He might distance himself before letting you know that he’d like to take your relationship to the next level. If he’s thinking about proposing, he might be distant just because he’s planning out what he’s going to do.

If he wants to move in together but he’s worried about what your answer will be, he might distance himself so he can mull things over. He might be trying to figure out if it’s a good idea to ask you to move in with him.

He’ll distance himself even more if he’s thinking about breaking up with you or about cooling off your relationship.

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He’s Testing You

Capricorn men hate games but sometimes, they play them anyway. Distancing himself is one way he’ll test you to see if you’re relationship material.

He sometimes becomes distant because he wants to see how you’ll react to his behavior.

Capricorn men like independent women. They don’t like to have clingy partners. They like to have their own space and they want their partners to respect that.

If he distances himself from you and you just give him the space he needs, he’ll take that as a good sign.

If you get upset or constantly bombard him with messages, he might decide you’re not somebody he wants to be in a relationship with.

He Hates Drama

If a Capricorn man thinks you have too much drama in your life, he’s going to distance himself from you.

If you’re constantly gossiping about other people or complaining about everyone in your life, he’s going to stop talking to you as much.

He doesn’t want to be involved in drama and he doesn’t want to hear about the drama others are involved in. You might like to be up-to-date on the latest office drama but he doesn’t!

If you are constantly picking fights with him or causing drama in your relationship, he’s going to distance himself from the relationship. He doesn’t have time for drama and it’s not something he wants to deal with all the time.

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He Feels Unappreciated

If a Capricorn man feels like you don’t appreciate him, he’s going to distance himself from you.

Capricorn men hate it when people are ungrateful. If he does a lot for you, show him that you appreciate it!

If he’s always making time for you but you never make time for him, he’s going to stop making time for you.

If he is always helping you out with your chores or doing favors for you and you never offer anything in return, he’s going to stop doing favors for you.