Why an Aquarius Man Suddenly Becomes Distant?

Updated December 2, 2021
Why an Aquarius Man Suddenly Becomes Distant?

If you’re dating or friends with an Aquarius guy and he suddenly pulls away from you, you’re probably wondering why you have a distant Aquarius man.

What makes him retreat from someone he cares about?

Aquarius is a very aloof and unemotional sign, so it’s often difficult to tell how an Aquarius man is feeling.

It’s even harder to know what he’s thinking when he’s pulling away from you and leaving you to wonder what’s wrong.

Learning more about his zodiac sign will help you understand what makes an Aquarius man suddenly become distant.

He Needs Time Alone

Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the four natural elements: earth, fire, air, and water. The elements reveal some of the distinctive characteristics of the signs.

Aquarius is one of the air signs, and air signs are known for being social, analytical, and philosophical.

While an Aquarius guy is social, he also tends to be the most introverted of the air signs. He is so cerebral that he needs lots of time alone to organize his thoughts and decompress.

If your Aquarius man is suddenly acting distant, it could be a sign that he needs some time to himself. He gets agitated and uncomfortable when he hasn’t had any alone time to recharge.

If you want to know how to deal with an Aquarius man in a relationship, you have to be understanding when he needs time alone.

Don’t make him feel guilty or pressure him to hang out with you if he needs to retreat. Allow him plenty of space, but let him know that you’ll be there for him when he’s ready.

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He Spends Too Much Time with You

If your Aquarius man is suddenly distant but you notice he’s still spending plenty of time with family and friends instead of being alone, try not to take it personally.

It’s hard not to worry when you see him hanging out with other people and not inviting you, but it doesn’t mean that he dislikes you or even that he’s pulling away from you.

An Aquarius guy needs plenty of alone time, but that’s not the only reason he might be acting distant. He might just feel like he’s spending too much time with you.

An Aquarius man cherishes his friendships, and he might feel guilty about neglecting his other relationships if he’s been spending too much time alone with you.

He won’t invite you when he’s seeing other people because he’s striving for balance and he wants to show his friends and family that he cares about them, too.

Don’t ask him to bring you along or pressure him to ditch his friends to see you. Instead, show him that you’re invested in his friends and family, too.

Ask him how they are doing and if he enjoyed spending time with them. He will be more inclined to invite you next time he sees them if he knows you care about them, too.

His Feelings for You Have Changed

If your Aquarius man is acting weird and retreating for you, it could be a sign that his feelings for you have changed.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he has lost interest in you or that he likes you less; in fact, there’s a good chance that he’s falling in love with you.

It’s true that an Aquarius man will stop spending time with you if he doesn’t like you anymore, but you must also consider the possibility that he’s afraid of his strong feelings for you.

An Aquarius man loves his freedom, which makes him reluctant to commit to a partner. He’s scared to lose his independence, and he also doesn’t want to risk getting his heart broken.

An Aquarius man pulls away when in love because he gets overwhelmed by his feelings and he is afraid of the sacrifices he will have to make in a relationship.

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He Feels Trapped

For an Aquarius man, commitment is something to be avoided in any aspect of his life. He hates being tied down to any person, place, or thing.

You might notice that your Aquarius guy changes jobs, career paths, or at least his work schedule frequently.

He thrives on routine, but he needs to set his own pace instead of being held to someone else’s time constraints.

He also might move from apartment to apartment, or change roommates often because he dislikes predictability and stability.

He could be acting distant from you for the same reason. If he starts to feel trapped in any way, either by his commitment to you or by your routines together, he might take some space.

You can help your Aquarius guy not feel so suffocated by doing something unpredictable the next time you see him.

If you usually go to dinner and a movie together, ditch that dull routine and do something different and exciting like visiting an amusement park or going sky-diving.

He needs to see that you can help him be spontaneous and that your life together wouldn’t be boring.

He Needs Independence

An Aquarius man is fiercely independent not only because he enjoys spending time alone but because he likes being self-reliant.

This zodiac sign hates asking anyone else for help, although he will happily lend a helping hand to others in need.

He doesn’t necessarily want others to count on him or ask for his help, but he will be the first to volunteer when a friend or even a stranger needs assistance.

If your Aquarius man is distancing himself, it could be a sign that he feels too reliant on you.

If he counts on you to wake him up in the morning, prepare his meals, or make him laugh, he might distance himself so he can feel independent again.

He needs to learn that it’s not necessarily a bad thing for him to depend on someone else or to feel like his life is better with a partner.

Leave him alone and let him regain some independence. Hopefully, he will discover that he likes leaning on you for some things, after all.

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He Is Upset with You

It’s easy to assume when your Aquarius guy ignores you that he’s mad at you, but there are plenty of other explanations for his distance.

But sometimes, an Aquarius man will ice you out because he’s angry. When an Aquarius man is upset, he can make you feel like you don’t exist to him.

He’s excellent at giving the silent treatment, and he does it as a method of self-protection as much as a form of punishment. He closes himself off from you so that you can’t hurt him anymore.

He’s good at detaching from his emotions and being cold, so no amount of passion and pressure from you will make him break his silence when he’s mad enough.

You need to figure out what you did to upset him. Aquarius is a very direct and honest zodiac sign, so your Aquarius guy will probably tell you if you ask him.

He might assume that you already know what you did, which is why he won’t just tell you in the first place.

Once you understand what you did wrong, you need to give him a sincere and heartfelt apology. Words are not an Aquarius man’s favorite form of communication, so apologize with your actions or a gift as well as verbally.

He Can’t Communicate His Feelings

An Aquarius man isn’t very in touch with his feelings, and even when he does recognize his emotions, he still has a hard time expressing them.

Dating an Aquarius man can be confusing and frustrating at times because he doesn’t articulate his feelings very often. For an Aquarius man, expressing love is just as difficult as expressing negative emotions like anger and jealousy.

If your Aquarius guy is distancing himself from you, you need to find the best way to get him to communicate with you.

When you want to know how to communicate with an Aquarius man, try reaching out to him over various platforms.

Aquarians tend to be quite tech-savvy, so your Aquarius guy might feel more comfortable opening up to you over a phone call or text messages than face-to-face.

Call and text him, leave hand-written notes, and try to contact him on social media. Whichever platform he uses to eventually respond to you, continue communicating with him there.

You might find that he is less distant once he can use his preferred platform of communication to open up to you.

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He’s Being Passive-Aggressive

Although an Aquarius man can be blunt and direct with his words, he can also be very passive-aggressive, especially when it comes to communicating his feelings.

When your Aquarius guy is acting distant, it might be his passive-aggressive way of showing you that he’s sad, frustrated, or annoyed.

He usually doesn’t mince words when asked directly how he feels about a certain topic, but he has a hard time opening up about his feelings, and sometimes he just doesn’t want to.

He thinks he shouldn’t have to teach you a lesson, or you should be able to intuit how he’s feeling if you truly understand him.

You could ask him what’s wrong, or you could let your Aquarius man have his space when he’s being passive-aggressive by distancing himself from you.

Once he has had enough time, he will either get over whatever was bothering him or approach you directly.

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