10 Surefire Techniques to Hurt a Cancer Man (Beware)

Updated August 16, 2023

Hurting a Cancer man isn’t difficult. Cancer men are sensitive and emotional. If you genuinely want to hurt a Cancer man, you can.

Be careful if you hurt him, though! A Cancer man will have a hard time forgiving you if you go too far.

When a Cancer man cares about you, anything that shows you don’t care about his feelings will hurt him. He will be hurt if you don’t support him or listen to his problems.

A Cancer man will also be hurt if you take advantage of him. Cancer men are always willing to help people out. He will be hurt if you use that against him.

Lying is another way to hurt a Cancer man. If he trusts you, he will be distraught to find out that you’re being dishonest with him.

1. Ignore Him

Distancing yourself from a Cancer man if you two are generally close will upset him. If you start suddenly ignoring him, he’ll begin to wonder if he did something wrong.

Cancer men hate being ignored. It will make your Cancer man feel like you don’t care about him if you constantly ignore him.

Your Cancer man likely loves getting attention. If you never give him the attention he wants, you’ll hurt his feelings.

Blocking a Cancer man is another way to upset him. He would much rather you tell him why you’re upset with him instead of cutting off all means of communication.

If you are upset with a Cancer man, don’t just ignore him unless you want to hurt his feelings! Let him know that you’re upset, that you need space, and that you will talk to him when you’ve calmed down.

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2. Don’t Support Him

Cancer men are great at emotionally supporting the people they care about. They also need a lot of emotional support in return.

A Cancer man will feel like you’re taking advantage of him if he’s always offering you support and you’re never there for him. He’ll be hurt if you never even try to return the support he shows you.

When a Cancer man asks you for support, that means he trusts you. He is willing to be vulnerable with you because you are somebody that can make him feel better.

He will be upset if you are never willing to support him. He knows you can’t always be there, but your Cancer man will feel like you don’t care about him if you never even try to be there for him.

If you don’t want to hurt your Cancer man, be there for him when he needs you.

3. Blow Off Plans

Rejecting a Cancer man when he asks you out won’t necessarily upset him. If you constantly make plans and then blow him off, that will.

Cancer men understand that sometimes things come up unexpectedly. Your Cancer man won’t be upset if you have to reschedule your plans now and then. He will be upset if you forget about them and don’t show up.

If you want to hurt a Cancer man, make plans with him and then ditch him. Don’t even explain or tell him ahead of time that you aren’t going to show up.

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4. Ignore His Problems

When a Cancer man is upset, he may come to you. He will want to talk about his problems if the two of you are close. He’ll become even more upset if you ignore him.

Your Cancer man wants to know that he can go to you when he’s upset. He needs support from his loved ones. He will be deeply hurt if you don’t give him any help.

He will also be upset if you dismiss his problems. A Cancer man wants to have his feelings validated. If you don’t do that, he’ll be upset.

When a Cancer man is angry at you, you can hurt him more by ignoring his attempts to talk to you about it. He will likely want to tell you how he feels and work things out. He’ll be upset if you won’t listen to him.

5. Never Listen To Him

Cancer men love to communicate reciprocally. A Cancer man will listen to you when you want to tell him something, and he’ll expect the same in return.

One of the ways to upset a Cancer man is to talk and never listen. He will be upset if you only ever talk about yourself and refuse to let him get a word in edgewise.

Your Cancer man will be happy to listen to you talk sometimes. You need to listen to him as well. If you constantly interrupt him or act bored when he’s talking to you, he’ll feel like you don’t care about him.

You can hurt a Cancer man by making it clear you don’t care about what he’s saying to you.

Play on your phone when he’s trying to tell you something important. Walk off and talk to somebody else when he’s trying to tell you a story.

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6. Take Advantage Of Him

Cancer men are unfortunately prone to being taken advantage of. They are compassionate and helpful people. Some people take that for granted.

Many Cancer men are used to people trying to take advantage of their kindness. He likely won’t be hurt if a person he doesn’t know well tries to take advantage of him. He will be hurt if someone he cares about does.

If he helps you out with something, you should always show him how grateful you are unless you want to upset him.

You don’t always need to reciprocate right away, or at all sometimes, but your Cancer man will be upset if you act like you expect him to help you out.

If you make a pattern of always asking your Cancer man for things and never giving him anything in return, he’ll feel like you’re using him.

7. Constantly Criticize Him

A Cancer man’s personality is sensitive and emotional. Many Cancer men do not handle criticism well, especially from people they care about.

If you have to criticize a Cancer man and don’t want to hurt his feelings, do so gently. Tell him some things you like about him before offering any constructive criticism. Make it clear that you aren’t trying to hurt his feelings.

If you are trying to hurt his feelings, all you need to do is offer a few blunt criticisms.

Tell him exactly what you don’t like about him or something he’s been working on. A Cancer man will be hurt if you don’t pair your criticisms with praise.

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8. Be Harsh

He won’t always get upset when you reject a Cancer man. He can handle rejection as long as you let him down gently. He will only become upset if you harshly reject him.

You should always be gentle if you need to let a Cancer man down. If you’re not, you’re going to hurt his feelings.

You will hurt a Cancer man if you always use a harsh tone when speaking to him. If you insult him or yell at him when he tries to talk to you, you’ll upset him.

If you ever snap at a Cancer man and it wasn’t your intention to hurt him, apologize right away!

He can forgive you for being harsh in a moment of anger. If you are constantly rude to him, though, he’ll eventually get fed up with it.

9. Be Uninterested In His Family & Friends

How do you hurt a Cancer man? If he cares about you, he’ll want to introduce you to his family and friends. It will upset him if you show no interest in doing this or if you actively dislike his loved ones.

Cancer men are family-oriented. Even if he’s not close with his birth family, he likely has a “chosen family” made up of his closest friends.

A Cancer man will want any partner of his to get along with his family and friends. You will hurt him if you tell him that you have no desire to spend any time with the people he cares about.

If you aren’t trying to hurt him and legitimately can’t meet his family for some reason, you need to explain your reasoning to him. If you don’t, your Cancer man will be deeply hurt.

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10. Lie To Him

Playing games with a Cancer man is often a bad idea. If you toy with him too much, he’ll give up on the relationship. You shouldn’t lie to him unless you’re ready to lose his trust.

Trust is vital to a relationship with a Cancer man. He needs to be able to trust you with his heart. He can’t do that if he’s always catching you in a lie.

He might forgive you for a few white lies. Your Cancer man can only be pushed so far, though. He’s not going to continue to forgive you if you keep lying to him.

Your Cancer man will start to feel like you don’t respect him if you always lie to him. He’ll think that you don’t care about his feelings.

If you lie too much, you might hurt a Cancer man enough to make him end things with you.

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