What to Expect From a Cancer Man After He Breaks Up

Updated August 30, 2023

If your Cancer partner has just dumped you, you’re probably wondering what happened to a Cancer man after a breakup.

How does this zodiac sign deal with a relationship ending?

Being dumped by a Cancer man is painful because a Cancer guy makes a very sweet and loving partner.

Does he move on quickly and devote all of his attention to someone new, or does he take some time alone to mourn the loss of the relationship?

By gaining a deeper understanding of his zodiac sign’s typical traits and behaviors in love, you will know what happens to a Cancer man after a breakup.

He Gets Depressed

An important part of understanding a Cancer man is knowing that Cancer is a deeply emotional sign.

Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the four natural elements: fire, earth, air, or water. The elements reveal some of the distinctive qualities of the signs.

Cancer is one of the water signs, and water signs are known for being sensitive, intuitive, and emotional.

As a water sign, a Cancer man experiences his emotions profoundly. When he’s happy, he’s overjoyed, and when he’s sad, he gets extremely depressed.

A Cancer man after being dumped typically falls into a depression. Even if he is the one who dumped you, he is still very hurt by the breakup.

He will want to stay home, listen to sad songs, watch romantic movies, and cry. He needs to express his feelings to properly get over the breakup, even though he is the one who ended the relationship.

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He Becomes the Victim

Cancers when hurt don’t try to push their sadness away. Instead, they embrace the darkness and wallow in their misery.

A Cancer man won’t hide his sadness after a breakup because, even if he dumped you, he still feels like the victim. He wants other people to feel sorry for him because it helps make him feel better.

He uses the breakup as a way to get attention, such as asking his friends to take him out and distract him because he’s hurting.

You might feel tempted to remind your Cancer ex that he is the one who broke up with you and that he doesn’t deserve as much sympathy as he demands.

He Tries to Get You Back

Cancer men in relationships become extremely attached to their partners. Some zodiac signs can easily forget about their exes after a breakup, but it’s hard for a Cancer guy to move on.

His emotions and attachment make him question his decision to break up with you. He will probably try at least once to get you back.

He will call you crying in the night, saying he doesn’t want to sleep without you. Or he’ll see you out somewhere and tell you that seeing you again made him realize he wants you back.

But just because a Cancer man takes you back doesn’t mean that he has found a new appreciation for you. He just missed you and is unsure of his decision, and he might still dump you again.

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He Moves On Physically

Although Cancer men remain attached to their exes, don’t think that this means it’s difficult for them to hook up with someone new after a breakup.

A Cancer man tries to move on physically after a breakup because he thinks it will help him move on emotionally.

He craves the intimacy that comes with affection and sex, so he can still pine over his ex while jumping into bed with a different woman.

He likes the new person and wants to form a connection with her, but he will probably still be too stuck on you for a while to create a meaningful relationship.

He Tries to Move On Emotionally

Cancer men don’t like to be single, so how Cancers deal with breakups is to try to find a new partner as quickly as possible.

They can be a bit dependent, so Cancer men are the happiest when they are in a committed relationship.

Although he still feels attached to you right after a breakup, your Cancer ex will start dating again soon in the hopes of finding someone else.

But he needs to heal on his own before he can truly move on and have a healthy relationship.

If your Cancer ex jumps into a relationship right after dumping you, he will start thinking of you again as soon as the next relationship ends because he never really got over you in the first place.

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He Gets Nostalgic

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man miss you after a breakup, you don’t have to do anything at all.

Cancer is a very nostalgic zodiac sign, and a Cancer man enjoys getting lost in memories, even unpleasant ones.

He gets attached to objects of sentimental value, so he will probably keep any gifts from you or any of your belongings you might have left at his place.

Your Cancer ex will frequently reminisce about the time he shared with you, so you can count on the fact that you’ll be on his mind a lot.

He Gets Jealous

Some zodiac signs are more prone to jealousy than others, and Cancer is one of the signs that’s likely to be jealous.

Even though he dumped you, he won’t want to see you out with another guy or hear that you’re dating someone new.

Your Cancer man when hurt by jealousy will victimize himself by telling everyone that you moved on so quickly, or he will retaliate and make sure you see him out with another woman.

He might even get so jealous that he decides he wants you back, but you should never take back a Cancer man just because he is confused and possessive.

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He Stalks Your Social Media

A typical Cancer man’s behavior after a breakup is stalking. No, your Cancer ex won’t follow you around town, ducking furtively behind bushes and buildings hoping you won’t spot him.

But he will continue to follow your social media accounts so he can check up on you.

Even if you block him, he might make a fake profile or use a friend’s account so he can see what you’re up to.

Just because a Cancer man dumped you doesn’t mean he has forgotten all about you. He wants to know how you’re doing after the breakup.

He wants to know that you’re not too heartbroken to move on with your life because that would make him feel guilty.

But he also wants to find out whether or not you’ve started dating again, and if you are, he wants to know what the new guy is like.

He’ll check to see if you’ve deleted all evidence of your relationship with him from your profiles and if you’ve replaced him with some other man.

He also stalks your social media pages to reminisce about the good times you shared. He’ll look at photos from events you attended with him, and he’ll just want to see your smiling face from when you were happy together.

He Asks Everyone about You

Some zodiac signs are too stubborn to ask mutual friends how their exes are doing, but a Cancer man has no qualms about talking to your pals after a breakup.

He knows it’s more mature to show that you care about someone after a breakup, so he will ask your mutual connections about you after dumping you.

He’s not just trying to put on a good show, though. He genuinely wants to know what’s going on with you, and he is especially curious about your dating life.

He will tell your friends that he hopes you’re happy and doing great, but he will secretly be jealous and upset when they tell him you’re dating someone new.

If you really want to get under your Cancer ex’s skin, ask your friends not to share any information about you with him.

Whether you are thriving, dating someone new, or still depressed over the breakup, ask your pals to tell your Cancer ex that he will have to talk to you if he wants to know how you are.

The mystery and lack of control will drive him crazy, and he will wonder why you’re being so secretive.

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He Still Cares for You

Many zodiac signs cut off all contact with their exes after a breakup. They try to dull their feelings so they can move on as quickly as possible.

But when a Cancer man is done with you, he doesn’t just stop caring about you automatically.

A Cancer man has a special place in his heart for all of his exes, no matter how unhealthy the relationship or terrible the breakup was.

He wants you to be okay, and he doesn’t want to think that he ruined your life by dumping you because that would make him feel guilty.

He wants you to be upset enough to show that you truly cared about him, but he doesn’t want you to be emotionally destroyed.

Once some time has passed after the breakup, your Cancer ex will probably reach out to check on you. He genuinely cares about your feelings and wants to know that you’re doing well.

Don’t take his consideration as a sign that your Cancer man is madly in love with you again or that he wants you back.

If he loved you once, he will probably always care about you in some capacity. He wants to maintain a cordial relationship.

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