Leo and Taurus • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated August 31, 2023

Leo and Taurus can both be very stubborn, so a relationship can be challenging. It’s not impossible, but they will need to learn to compromise.

This relationship can be hit or miss. When it works, it’s warm and loving. When it doesn’t work, it can be exhausting for both.

Fire signs and earth signs like Leo and Taurus aren’t always the best match for one another. They can make a relationship work. It just isn’t always easy!

Leo and Taurus will struggle in some areas more than others. They might have a strong friendship, for example, and be very loyal to one another, but struggle with emotional connection and physical intimacy.

This relationship often tests the patience of both Leo and Taurus. If they can be patient and work through their issues, they may find they can help one another grow.


A Leo and Taurus friendship can be a strong one. These two might struggle with other relationships, but their friendship is surprisingly good.

Fire signs and earth signs don’t always have much in common, but Leo and Taurus can find common ground if they look for it.

For example, both of these signs crave success in life. They also love the finer things in life. Both are ambitious because they want to live a life of luxury, not just because they enjoy working.

Leo and Taurus often connect over their love of designer clothing, the latest technology, fine wine, or other signs of wealth. It will be easy for these two to strike up a conversation.

When they hang out, Leo and Taurus often do indulgent activities together. Taurus isn’t as wild and exciting as Leo is, but they will gladly go out for a nice meal or spend the night at the opera with Leo.

Leo can sometimes push Taurus out of their comfort zone, while Taurus can help Leo to relax. Taurus won’t always want to get as rowdy as Leo, but they may go along with their friend’s spontaneity now and then.

Leo and Taurus’ compatibility can vary. These two don’t always connect. When they do, though, they will be incredibly loyal to one another.

Taurus and Leo are friends who might go a long time without speaking to one another. Both are busy living their own lives, and they don’t always have the same hobbies or interests.

When they do get together and agree on a mutual activity to do together, they can have a good time. It might be a little much for Taurus at times or not enough for Leo, but they usually leave feeling satisfied any time they hang out.

Problems can occur in the friendship if these two ever disagree on something. Both signs can be extremely stubborn and stuck in their ways, so arguments won’t typically end in compromise.

Overall, though, this is a good friendship. These two might not always be best friends, but they can have a lasting connection.

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Leo and Taurus’ relationship can be a complicated one. These two are capable of having a loving, supportive relationship that is meant to last. Not all relationships between Leo and Taurus turn out that way, though.

The maturity level of both Leo and Taurus will determine the success or failure of this relationship. If either partner is inexperienced or hasn’t matured enough, they won’t be able to get through their issues.

Leo’s compatibility with Taurus will be better if both Leo and Taurus have learned how to open up, share their feelings, and support their partner’s emotions.

Both Leo and Taurus can be emotional, but they aren’t always emotionally open. Leo often has trouble expressing “negative” emotions, while Taurus tends to keep to themselves and isn’t always good at opening up to their loved ones.

Eventually, both Taurus and Leo will likely explode if they don’t properly express their emotions.

If these two fail to communicate about their issues, that will lead to many heated arguments that could have been avoided by just talking to each other!

Taurus’ compatibility with Leo isn’t always high because Taurus can be more of a homebody, while Leo loves to go out and enjoy the world!

Taurus appreciates the beauty in the world and enjoys experiencing life, but they don’t do so in the same way Leo does. It often takes a while for Leo and Taurus to find activities they can enjoy together.

Leo will gladly rest at home with Taurus sometimes, but they want to be on the move as soon as they’re done resting. They won’t want to sit back and relax all the time.

This relationship will be more successful when Leo and Taurus can balance their time out in the world and their time at home.

Leo and Taurus will likely enjoy going on dates to nice restaurants, which is one thing they can do together. If Leo wants Taurus to go to a party with them, they should compromise by staying at home the next night.


Are Leo and Taurus compatible enough to get married? Some Leo-Taurus couples have long marriages based on mutual trust and loyalty. Others find that their personalities are far too different to last long-term.

Leo and Taurus should work on building their relationship before they get married. They should never get married if they haven’t been together that long or if they’ve never lived together.

Time will tell if Taurus and Leo are meant to last. Spending a lot of time together, living together, and talking seriously about their futures will be important if they want to see if they are genuinely compatible.

If these two marry just because they are in love, that might not be enough to make the marriage last. They need to build trust first!

A Leo man and a Taurus woman’s compatibility is higher when both signs learn how to compromise. Leo men and Taurus women can both be extremely stubborn, so arguments between these two can often come to a standstill.

A Taurus woman and a Leo man need to learn how to listen to one another. They must figure out how to stop and breathe before continuing any argument.

A Taurus man and a Leo woman’s compatibility can be low if Taurus isn’t passionate enough for his Leo wife. She wants an exciting partner who can keep her on her toes. Taurus is capable of doing that, but he needs to try to do so.

Taurus likes settling into a routine. Leo doesn’t always want that! Leo is spontaneous, while Taurus is more cautious. They must learn how to balance those traits to have a good relationship.

Their marriage will succeed if Taurus can ground Leo a little bit and if Leo can help Taurus to get out of their shell more.

They can have a great relationship when they are dedicated to one another. Once these two figure out their issues, they will be able to devote themselves to one another. If they work for it, Taurus and Leo can have a warm, loving marriage.

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In Bed

Are Leo and Taurus sexually compatible? Both of these signs love sex and can be excellent lovers. They have to learn how to work together in the bedroom.

A Taurus and a Leo in bed together might find that they are a little too similar in some ways and wildly different in others.

Both Leo and Taurus can be selfish in bed. They’re capable of being attentive lovers, but that’s not always the case! These two might find that they’re more focused on their pleasure than their partner’s.

Taurus and Leo will need to learn how to take turns. Sometimes, Taurus wants to just lay back and let their partner do all the work. Leo will need to do that sometimes.

In return, Taurus will need to worship Leo sometimes too! Leo doesn’t always want to do all the work. If these two want to be satisfied, they need to understand that somebody has to make an effort.

Taurus can sometimes be a little too dull for Leo when it comes to sex. Taurus sometimes gets stuck in a routine, while Leo prefers to mix things up.

These two will have a more satisfying sex life if Leo can bring out their Taurus partner’s wild side. If Taurus feels comfortable with Leo and Leo can be patient, Taurus may be more open to doing some of the crazy things Leo wants to do.

Leo should also learn to be a little more relaxed during sex. If Taurus is willing to have the spontaneous, passionate sex Leo wants, then Leo should be willing to have the gentle, sensual sex that Taurus craves.

A satisfying sexual relationship is possible between Taurus and Leo. When they learn how to meet in the middle about their individual desires, they will be much happier.

Leo can make their sex life more exciting. Taurus can make their sex life more relaxing. There should be a constant ebb and flow in the sexual energy these two have if they want to be genuinely satisfied.

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