Will a Libra Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

Updated December 2, 2021
Will a Libra Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

If the Libra guy in your life has done something to upset you, you might be wondering if you can expect your Libra man’s apology.

Does this zodiac sign usually apologize after hurting someone?

Some zodiac signs are too proud to admit it when they do something wrong, and others are too insensitive to realize it when they’ve hurt somebody.

So, can you count on your Libra guy to tell you he’s sorry after hurting your feelings, or will he be too proud or insensitive to apologize?

Once you learn more about the astrological forces behind his star sign, you will know whether or not a Libra man will apologize after upsetting you.

His Modality Makes Him Apologize

Every zodiac sign has one of three modalities: fixed, cardinal, or mutable. The modalities tell us how the signs deal with problems and interact with the world.

Libra is one of the cardinal signs, and cardinal signs are known for being dynamic and action-oriented.

They attack problems directly instead of waiting for them to resolve themselves, and while they are good at starting projects, they often have trouble finishing them.

As a cardinal sign, a Libra man won’t hesitate to say he’s sorry when he knows he did something wrong.

If you want to know how to handle a Libra man after he has hurt you, don’t approach him demanding an apology.

He will come to you when he’s ready, and you probably won’t have to wait very long for his apology because his modality makes him want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

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He Apologizes to Make You Happy

The typical Libra man’s personality is friendly and optimistic. He is very polite and likes making other people feel good.

The only thing a Libra man in love wants is to make his partner happy. If you’re dating a Libra guy and he upsets you, he will apologize just to appease you.

He is a people-pleaser by nature and he tends to put the wants and needs of others before his own.

He will set his feelings and pride aside to apologize to someone, even if he doesn’t truly think he did anything wrong.

If you want to make sure you’re getting a sincere apology from your Libra guy and make sure he’s not just placating you, ask him what he thinks he did wrong when he apologizes.

If he doesn’t have an answer or stammers his way through an explanation, it means your Libra guy is just telling you what you want to hear.

He will likely repeat the mistake because he doesn’t genuinely understand the problem and he’s just saying he’s sorry to make you happy.

His Planet Makes Him Apologize

Some zodiac signs get so wrapped up in their own egos or become so blinded by rage that it’s difficult for them to compromise or apologize, but Libra is not one of those signs.

A Libra man has no problem humbling himself and saying he’s sorry for hurting you because love is more important to him than winning an argument.

The importance of love to a Libra man shows through his star sign’s guiding planet. Just as every zodiac sign has a modality, each sign also has a ruling celestial body that reveals something important about that sign’s personality.

Libra is guided by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. The influence of Venus makes a Libra man very loving, gentle, and caring.

The planet of love makes him a natural peace-maker, so he will apologize for upsetting you because he is a lover instead of a fighter.

Even when a Libra man is mad at you, he will be the first one to apologize after an argument because he doesn’t want to allow resentment and bitterness to grow.

Love is a Libra man’s weakness, so if you are his love interest, you can certainly expect him to apologize to you after hurting you.

Having Venus as his ruling planet can also make a Libra guy a bit shallow and superficial. Guided by the planet of beauty, he values appearances and can’t help but be charmed by a beautiful woman.

If you want to get an apology from a Libra guy, make sure to look your best. He will get so distracted and entranced by your beauty that he’ll apologize immediately.

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He Apologizes When He Feels Guilty

Libra isn’t a very emotional sign, but that doesn’t mean a Libra guy isn’t sensitive to other people’s feelings.

He is a logical and practical guy, so he tends to think with his head instead of his heart. A Libra man tends to overanalyze everything and second-guess himself, so he is prone to anxiety and insecurity.

It’s easy for him to fool himself into believing he did something wrong, even when he didn’t, because he never wants to hurt anyone and he overthinks every situation.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man feel guilty after hurting you, you don’t need to do a thing. Once he realizes that he has upset you, he will feel terrible for causing you pain.

You just need to make him understand that he has hurt you and he will come running to apologize out of guilt.

If you’re wondering what to do when a Libra man pulls away after an argument, all you have to do is find a way to tell him what he did to upset you.

When he’s angry enough, your Libra man might take some time to himself to sort through his feelings to avoid making the situation any worse.

If you don’t know what to text a Libra man when he’s being distant, just send a message saying that your feelings are really hurt and you don’t want to fight anymore.

Once he knows that you’re more hurt than angry and he doesn’t have to be afraid of approaching you, he will apologize to you.

His House Makes Him Apologize

Every star sign rules a particular house of the zodiac. The houses reveal the strengths and values of the signs.

Libra is the ruler of the seventh house, which is the house of relationships, contracts, marriage, sharing, and business partnerships.

His astrological house tells us that a Libra man likes bringing people together, not tearing them apart.

He will apologize after upsetting you because his relationships are very important to him, so he will do anything to preserve and strengthen them.

He’s not one to burn bridges or cut people out of his life, no matter how toxic or detrimental to him some people might be.

Libra isn’t a very stubborn sign. It’s more important to him to have good relationships with others than to be right or make a point.

Thanks to his astrological house, you can count on your Libra guy to apologize for upsetting you because he values your relationship.

He doesn’t think disagreements are worth ending any friendship or romantic relationship, so keeping your connection intact is more meaningful to him than his pride.

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He Apologizes When He’s Embarrassed

Guided by Venus, the planet of beauty, the typical Libra guy cares a great deal about appearances. His star sign’s spiritual age also makes him worry about his reputation and how others perceive him.

Every sign has a mental or spiritual age based on the order of the zodiac. As the seventh sign out of twelve, Libra is one of the adolescent star signs.

This means that, like a teenager in high school, a Libra guy cares about other people’s opinions and he wants to be liked by everyone.

What scares a Libra man more than anything is the thought of embarrassing himself, especially in public.

You can count on your Libra man to apologize for hurting you if he embarrassed himself in the process. His embarrassment compounds his guilt and makes him more likely to be sorry.

For example, if your Libra man loses his temper and shouts at you in public, he will be so embarrassed by his behavior that he will apologize right away.

He will also apologize for embarrassing you. If he does something to humiliate you in front of other people, even if it’s unintentional, your Libra guy will apologize as soon as you make him aware of his mistake.

He Apologizes for Being Rude

Some signs care more than others about formalities and manners, and Libra is an exceptionally polite and decorous sign.

You will never catch a Libra guy being rude to a server on a date, and he always says please and thank you when appropriate.

He is a gentleman and never wants to be impolite. He makes a gracious guest and an excellent host, which is part of what makes him so popular.

If you want to know how to get Libra man to apologize for upsetting you, all you have to do is explain that what he did to hurt you was rude.

The second you question his manners and point out his impolite words or behaviors, your Libra guy will swiftly apologize.

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