10 Secrets to Making a Libra Man Miss You (A Lot)

Updated September 8, 2023

If you want to make a Libra man miss you, you need to give him something nobody else does.

Libra men have a lot of people in their lives. You need to stand out from all of them if you want him to miss you when you’re not around.

You can make a Libra ex miss you by texting him photos or sweet messages. He’ll be reminded of the good times you have together and miss having you around.

If you appreciate a Libra man and give him a lot of attention, he’ll miss that attention when you’re not around. He will likely reach out to you when he’s not getting attention from anyone else.

Be mysterious and elegant if you want to make your Libra man miss you. He’ll think of you even when you’re not with him if you can get his attention.

1. Text Him Photos

How do you make a Libra man miss you? One easy way to send him a few photos of yourself. This will work regardless of your relationship status.

Many Libra men are very visual people. If you text your Libra man a photo of you in the outfit you wore on your first date, he’ll likely see that photo and think back to your first date. That will make him nostalgic.

When you’re on vacation without your Libra man, send him photos of what you’re doing! He’ll see how much fun you’re having, and he’ll wish that he was there with you.

If you can’t text your Libra man photos for some reason, post them on social media. If your Libra ex keeps up with you, he’ll see the pictures of you out living your life, and he’ll miss being the one you’re having fun with.

This magic will make your Libra man want a relationship with you.

2. Send A Sweet Message

Send him a few sweet messages if you want to make your Libra boyfriend miss you while he’s away. Remind him of what he’s missing back home.

Libra men aren’t outwardly emotional, but they can be sentimental. If you send your Libra man a message saying that something reminded you of him, he’ll appreciate that. He’ll miss you as well.

Send sweet messages without getting too emotional. Compliment your Libra man. Tell him you’re proud of him for working so hard if he’s on a business trip.

You can also send your Libra man a few flirty texts. He’ll appreciate these just as much as compliments or sweet messages. If you flirt with him over text, he’ll start to miss being able to flirt with you in person.

3. Appreciate Him

If you want to make your Libra ex miss you, show him how much you appreciate him. Stay friends with him and make sure he knows how much you enjoy having him in your life, even if you two aren’t together.

Some Libra men are people-pleasers. They want to be liked. If your Libra man feels appreciated by you, he’ll enjoy having you around.

Don’t just tell your Libra man that you appreciate him when you want him to miss you. You need to consistently show genuine appreciation for him.

If you make your Libra man feel loved and appreciated, he’ll miss you when you’re not around. If you two break up, he’ll miss that validation he used to get from you.

If your Libra man doesn’t get appreciation from many people in his life, he’ll definitely miss you when he’s not getting that appreciation from you either.

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4. Be Socially Active

How do you make a Libra man regret losing you? Be socially active! Show him that you’re off living an exciting life without him.

If your Libra crush sees that you’re always on dates with other people, he might start to miss the affection you usually give to him. He may ask you out to make sure he doesn’t lose you completely.

Make sure your Libra man knows how active your social calendar is. Post photos online or send messages in group chats talking about what you’re doing.

You’ll know your Libra man misses you if he starts reaching out to spend time with you more. He may ask to hang out after a breakup. If you two are just friends, he may begin to spend more time with you.

5. Don’t Ignore Him

Don’t ignore him entirely if you want to make a Libra man miss you after a breakup. He will miss you more if you’re still present in his life. You can play hard to get, but you still need to be available.

You have to balance how much attention you give your Libra man. If you message him too much, he won’t miss you. If you completely ignore him, he’s likely to move on and get over you.

Definitely don’t ignore a Libra man if he reaches out to let you know that he misses you. That’s what you want! If your Libra man is willing to admit he misses you, respond to him and give him some attention.

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6. Help Him Make Decisions

If you want to make a Libra man miss you like crazy, be the one who always helps him make decisions. The next time he has to make a decision without you, he’ll miss having you around.

Libra men are incredibly indecisive. They often have a hard time deciding what to do and may need help choosing between all their options.

When you establish yourself as a person your Libra man can trust to make decisions, he’ll miss you when you aren’t there to help him out.

The next time your Libra ex goes to make a decision and doesn’t have any assistance, he’ll think about you. He’ll miss you a lot. He might even reach out and ask you for help if you two are still on good terms.

7. Be Mysterious

Many Libra men love a sense of mystery. They like trying to figure out the people around them.

You can make a Libra man miss you by being mysterious. You’ll be on his mind if he doesn’t always know what you’re doing or how you feel about him.

Your Libra man will miss you if he knows you’re at a party but doesn’t know who you’re with or what you’re doing.

A Libra man will also miss you if you drop off the face of the planet for a week while you’re on vacation. He’ll wonder what you’re up to. It will likely give him an excuse to reach out to you!

You don’t need to be an open book with Libra men. Reveal some of yourself to him but leave other things to his imagination. He will miss you when you’re not around because he’ll want to know you better.

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8. Be Elegant

Libra men love elegant women. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules the sign of Libra. This means that Libra men often appreciate beauty and elegant aesthetics.

When you stand out by being elegant and sophisticated, you’ll be on a Libra man’s mind when you’re not around.

Your Libra man might wonder where you are when he’s with a group of people who don’t have the same appealing beauty that you have.

A Libra man might think back to the lovely, elegant outfit you wore the last time he saw you. He’ll wonder what you’re going to wear the next time he sees you.

If you always show up looking your best, a Libra man won’t be able to help but think about you when you’re not around.

9. Focus On Him

What makes a Libra man miss you? One thing he might miss is the attention you give him when you two are together. If he can’t get that same attention from anyone else, he’ll miss having you around.

When you are with your Libra man, focus entirely on him. Put your phone away, so he knows that you’re paying attention to him and only him.

Gaze at your Libra man while he’s talking to you. Make sure he knows that you are actively listening to every word he says to you.

When you are not with your Libra man, he’ll miss feeling like he’s the only person in the room with you. If nobody else focuses on him like that, he’ll miss you even more.

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10. Be Patient

Will a Libra man come back after a breakup? He might. You just have to be patient.

Do Libra men miss their exes? Many of them do. If you and your Libra ex had a deep bond, he won’t be able to get over that easily.

If you want a Libra man to miss you, you can’t come on too strong. He won’t miss you if you are constantly with him!

Your Libra ex will miss you if you message him occasionally to remind him of the good times you had together. If you message him every single day, though, he won’t miss you because you’ll be a constant presence in his life.

Be patient. You can message your Libra man now and then but don’t overdo it. Reach out and then let him come to you.

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