Your Libra Man is Angry? Here is What You Should Do!

Updated August 20, 2023

If a Libra man is angry, try to remain calm and give him space. Regardless of why he’s angry, you getting upset too will only make things worse.

Be understanding of your Libra man’s emotions. Be compassionate and validate his feelings no matter what.

Libra men can be incredibly moody when they are angry. Yours might give you the silent treatment if he’s mad at you or sulk around the house if he’s angry about something else.

If your Libra man is angry at you, be prepared to apologize. Don’t get mad at him back, and don’t ignore him. Give him space if he wants it, but also be ready to talk things out with him!

Let your Libra man unwind and help him relax if he’s angry about something else. Listen to him if he needs to rant.

Remain Calm

How do you deal with a moody Libra man? It’s usually best to remain calm when your Libra man is grumpy. Getting irritated won’t do either of you any good!

If your Libra man is angry at you, remain calm. Most of the time, he won’t stay mad that long. You two will be able to work things out, especially if you stay level-headed and approachable.

If your Libra man is mad at someone else, your calm demeanor will help him calm down too. Instead of getting angry on his behalf or ranting with him, chill out and help him release some of his anger.

Your Libra man will feel more comfortable talking to you about his feelings if you’re calm and collected. If he needs to tell you that he’s angry with you, he’ll be able to be more open about his feelings when you don’t immediately lash out.

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Give Him Space

What happens when a Libra man gets angry? If your Libra man is mad at you, he might give you the silent treatment. Give him some space if it seems like that’s what he needs.

Sometimes when your Libra man is upset, he’ll want attention from you. Other times, he will want space. He might need some time to calm down on his own.

If your Libra man says he’s too mad to talk to you right now, respect that. Give him what he needs if he asks for space or time alone! He’ll get angrier if you don’t respect his boundaries.

You can text your Libra man if he seems angry, but don’t bother him too much. Ask if he needs space or if he wants to talk things over.

If your Libra man says he needs space or doesn’t respond at all, leave him be. He’ll talk to you later.

Let Him Unwind

How do Libra men act when hurt? Your Libra man might be incredibly moody if he’s angry about something. He may become stressed and overwhelmed if he’s mad about a situation he can’t control.

Help your Libra man unwind when he’s angry. If he’s upset about something that happened at work or about something you can’t quickly fix, help him relax and take his mind off why he’s angry.

Give your Libra man a massage, or make him his favorite meal. Ask if he wants to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or if he wants to go hang out at his favorite bar.

Do what you can to help your Libra man feel better. He might want to talk things over, but he may also need a distraction. Doing something he enjoys with someone he loves might be what he needs to calm down.

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Listen To Him

Sometimes when a Libra man is angry, he just wants someone to listen to him. He might need to vent for a while, and then he’ll feel better.

If your Libra man is angry at someone else and wants to talk to you about it, listen to him! Don’t judge him or offer unsolicited advice. Just let him know you’re there for him and willing to listen.

You should listen to your Libra man if he’s mad at you too. If you’re unsure why he’s angry, ask him, and then be prepared to hear him out.

Knowing you’re willing to listen to him can make a Libra man feel better. Listen to him without judgment. Don’t interrupt or try to argue even if you disagree with why he’s angry.

You can talk things over more in-depth later but listen first. Your Libra man will probably be glad to get what’s bothering him off his chest!

Don’t Get Angry

When a Libra man is mad, the worst thing you can do is get mad too. Even if you think he’s ridiculous for being angry or don’t like how he’s acting, do not get mad at him.

Your Libra man might ignore you while he’s angry at you. Try not to get upset about your Libra man giving you the silent treatment. Give him the space he needs, and talk things over when he’s ready to speak to you again.

Don’t get mad if your Libra man is mad at you for something you disagree with. Just accept that he is mad at you and try to talk things over with him in a calm manner.

If you and your Libra man are both angry at each other, calm down before you two try to talk things over. Apologizing while you’re still mad usually won’t be effective at all!

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Apologize To Him

How long do Libra men stay mad? Most of the time, your Libra man won’t stay mad at you for long. He will likely calm down once you give him an apology and talk things through with him.

Own up to whatever you did to make your Libra man angry and apologize. Let him know that you will work on your behavior in the future and express genuine remorse for whatever you did to upset him.

If you don’t feel like you did anything wrong, be ready to discuss things. Explain your side, but hear your Libra man out as well. Tell him you didn’t mean to hurt him and try to work things out.

When a Libra man is done with you, he won’t accept your apology, and he’ll do more than give you the silent treatment or act a little moody. Talk things over with him, even if it seems like he’s really angry. He will listen to you.

Be Understanding

The best thing to do when a Libra man is angry is to focus on being understanding. You might not always know why he’s angry, but you can do your best to understand him and his emotions.

When a Libra man is mad at you, try to understand why. If you said something insensitive, own up to it. Even if what you did was an accident or you didn’t realize it would make him angry, try to understand why he feels the way he feels.

If a Libra man is angry at someone else, he might want to know that someone is on his side. Let him know that you understand why he’s upset and that you’re there for him if he needs to rant or talk things over.

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Validate His Emotions

Many Libra men are used to hiding their genuine emotions or to having those feelings invalidated. Your Libra man might not always tell you when he’s angry if he feels like you will judge him.

You should do your best to always validate your Libra man’s emotions. This is true regardless of whether he’s angry, sad, or disappointed about something.

If your Libra man tells you something upsets him, don’t brush him off. Do not tell him to get over it or act like he’s ridiculous for being angry in the first place.

Instead, validate your Libra man’s emotions. Be sympathetic, even if you don’t necessarily understand why he’s angry. Just because something wouldn’t make you angry doesn’t mean your Libra man is wrong for feeling that way.

Your Libra man will feel more comfortable talking to you about how he feels when you validate his emotions. Tell him he’s not wrong for being upset, and he’ll start opening up to you more.

Be Compassionate

Libra men aren’t always looking for someone to fix their problems when they express their feelings. If your Libra man tells you he’s angry about something, show him some kindness and compassion.

Your Libra man likely doesn’t expect you to solve all his problems. You might not be able to do anything about why he’s angry, especially if he’s not mad at you.

Being affectionate, offering support, and being willing to listen can make your Libra man feel much better. Knowing he has someone who cares about him and his problems is sometimes all he needs to calm down.

Ask your Libra man what he needs from you when he’s angry, and then be willing to do whatever he needs. If all he wants is a distraction or some affection, give him that. You don’t need to solve everything for him.

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