10 Secrets to Making a Scorpio Man Miss You (A Lot)

Updated August 16, 2023

To make a Scorpio man miss you, you must understand what triggers his desire.

He misses a woman with specific traits. You can make him miss you if you know the right strategies to get under his skin.

Making a Scorpio man miss you is easy if you understand his nature. Men born under this sign are secretive, mysterious, and intense. Making him miss you is an art.

Most women make critical mistakes with Scorpio men because they aren’t patient enough to trigger their instincts. You have to hold back and let your passion simmer.

Never rush a Scorpio man. Most importantly, don’t give him an ultimatum. You don’t want to induce a power struggle. Be charming and give him reasons to think of you.

1. Keep Your Secrets

Giving an overwhelming info dump on a date is never a good idea. For Scorpio men, sharing too much information is particularly harmful. Scorpio men need to dig deep to learn your secrets.

If you give away all your darkest, deepest secrets, you ruin the fun for him. Part of the thrill of the relationship for a Scorpio man is unraveling your complicated layers as he analyzes your subconscious.

If you deliver your thoughts and feelings, there is no more mystery. A Scorpio man won’t miss you if he knows too much too soon. He assumes he has you all figured out. There is no more mystery to enjoy.

If you want to know how to make a Scorpio man regret losing you, be the only woman in his life who keeps secrets. Scorpio men have trust issues.

They count on their partners to be discreet. Never betray the trust of a Scorpio man and he will long for you when you’re not around. Show him you understand the importance of confidentiality.

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2. Be An Enigma

In addition to keeping your secrets and letting him discover what is hidden deep in your subconscious, it also helps if you are a mystery. An enigmatic personality appeals to a Scorpio man.

He misses you when you are hard to figure out. When he misses a woman, he obsesses about her, trying to analyze her from a distance. If you are transparent, he doesn’t need to do this.

Continually defy his expectations. When he thinks he has you figured out, surprise him. Being a puzzle for a Scorpio man to figure out heightens his interest. He misses you when you baffle him.

You’ll see signs a Scorpio man is obsessed with you when you are a riddle he must solve. He won’t be able to get you off his mind. He’ll miss you constantly.

If you want to know how to make a Scorpio man chase you after a breakup, the best thing you can do is remain a mystery. Don’t let him know how hurt you are. Make him guess what you’ve been doing.

3. Don’t Chase Him

Never chase a Scorpio man if you want him to miss you. He is introspective and deep. He needs to spend time away from you so he realizes how much he misses you.

When you chase a Scorpio man, you interfere with his ability to miss you. He can’t miss you if you are too available and actively pursuing him. Scorpio men are turned off by women who chase.

An integral part of a Scorpio man’s nature is to be the one to initiate the relationship. The thrill of pursuit turns him on. He becomes obsessed and pines over you when he is away from you.

Give him space to go through this process so that he misses you and starts the chase again. Scorpio men are intense. They need to keep busy pursuing a relationship, don’t make it too easy.

A no-contact rule with a Scorpio man when he hasn’t texted you back is crucial. Even if you have to wait a week, never blow up his phone with text messages.

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4. Be Desirable

The more desirable you are, the easier it is for a Scorpio man to become obsessed with you. This is essential to making him miss you. Get stuck in his head, so he can’t stop imagining you when you’re away.

Scorpio men desire women who are confident, coy, flirty, and fun to be around. Never play dumb with a Scorpio man. He craves intelligent conversation. Have a deep and spiritual side, but avoid self-righteousness.

When you are desirable to a Scorpio man, rest assured he misses you when you’re not with him. He may not always show it, but he thinks of you nonstop.

Make a Scorpio man addicted to you by showing off how popular you are. Don’t make him jealous, but let him see how popular you are. He wants you more when he sees your social calendar is full.

5. Be Sexy

Scorpio men can’t resist sexy women. If you are sexy and dress to play up your best features, you can become the target of a Scorpio man’s obsessions. He can’t get you out of his head.

He misses and fantasizes about attractive women and women who take care of themselves. You don’t have to have a specific body type. All you have to do is be confident in yourself.

Dress to impress a Scorpio man and show your sexy nature by making the most of your best features without being too revealing. Remember, Scorpio men love it when they have a mystery to discover.

If you see signs a Scorpio man is playing you, don’t lose control of your anger. Instead, play up your sexiest features and remind him of what he is missing. Show him you have no competition.

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6. Don’t Overwhelm Him

Take a subdued approach to your relationship with a Scorpio man. He will back away if you come on too strong. Your best option is to give him space. Don’t overwhelm him.

Act as if you are less interested than you are. A Scorpio man who feels inundated because you are texting him too frequently or spending too much time with him shuts down.

Even though he is intense and seems obsessed with you, a Scorpio man doesn’t want to be the target of your obsessive desires. He needs to feel in control. He doesn’t like being overwhelmed by emotion or demands.

Should you tell a Scorpio man you miss him? Only tell him you miss him when he says he misses you first. Don’t crowd him or make him feel pressured to spend time with you.

7. Keep Him Waiting

In addition to giving a Scorpio man space, you must keep him waiting. Occasionally, when a Scorpio man texts you, wait ten or twenty minutes before you reply.

Don’t overuse this tactic. If you always keep him waiting, he eventually becomes frustrated. But if you occasionally tap the brakes and make him wait to see you, he realizes how much he misses you.

Once in a while, run late to a date. Let your Scorpio man sit waiting so he will miss you and think about how much he wants to be around you. Make him wait for you so he will understand how much he wants you.

If you want to know how to make a Scorpio man text you, hold off on contacting him. Let him have a few days or hours to think of what he wants to tell you. When he misses you, he will reach out.

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8. Have a Hidden Desire

Scorpio men are attracted to secrets. They can tell when a woman has a deep, unmet desire. Have a burning wish even if you keep it hidden from him.

He senses your passion. When you have a hidden desire, a Scorpio man will want to help make your wish come true. He misses you when he can’t figure out the key to your desire.

A Scorpio man in this situation obsesses over how to make you happy. He fantasizes about figuring out what your secret desire is. This keeps you on his mind.

You may be asking yourself, will a Scorpio man regret losing me? He does regret losing you when he never cracked the code on your secret longings. He will feel his work is incomplete.

9. Act Wounded

Scorpio men are attracted to wounded women like a moth to a flame. Act like you are wounded or troubled if you want to keep a Scorpio man obsessing over you.

He wants to share your pain and is obsessed with anything dark, edgy, and dangerous. Acting wounded makes him feel greater empathy for you. He thinks about you when you seem complicated.

You can be troubled, stressed, or even emotionally hurt by something, and a Scorpio man will be more attracted to you. He misses you when you have some deep wound he can’t figure out.

This magic will make your Scorpio man want a relationship with you.

10. Be Passionate

Scorpio men love passionate women. Show your devotion to a cause or interest, and your Scorpio man will miss you. He admires your desires and heartfelt longing.

You can be passionate about him, but even if you are passionate about a hobby, a Scorpio man will miss you because he thrives off of the energy of your excitement and enthusiasm.

Scorpio men miss the zeal and energy of women who are passionate about their interests. They become bored if a woman is too subdued. You have to be intense to maintain his interest, don’t focus your intensity on him.

You may wonder how to know if a Scorpio man misses you after a breakup. He drops hints on your social media, shows up randomly at places he expects you to be, and lets your friends know when he misses you.

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