Will a Pisces Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Updated May 14, 2023

A Pisces man’s apology is pretty easy to come by. If he upsets you, he’ll feel bad enough to apologize!

Your Pisces man might not always apologize directly, but he will apologize if you tell him he upset you.

Pisces men are compassionate and empathetic people. If you are upset, your Pisces man will likely be upset too. He’ll do what he can to make you feel better.

Most Pisces men are not too proud to apologize like some other men are. If they need to apologize for something, they will! Your Pisces man doesn’t want you to remain upset.

Pisces men are sincere in their apologies. They can admit when they are wrong and typically express genuine remorse when saying sorry for something they did.

He’ll Be Remorseful

Will a Pisces man apologize to you if he upsets you? Most of the time, he will! He will be genuinely remorseful for hurting you, especially if he didn’t intend to.

A Pisces man won’t simply apologize after he upsets you. He will do what he can to make things right.

Your Pisces man will show remorse by attempting to change his behavior. He might not always be perfect, but he will at least try to avoid making the same mistake twice.

If your Pisces man said something insensitive that upset you, he’ll try to watch his words in the future or avoid specific topics you find upsetting. He won’t want to hurt you the same way again.

Your Pisces man will also show remorse by trying to cheer you up. He’ll be extra affectionate and generous toward you because he wants you to be happy again!

A Pisces man might also show remorse by telling you how terrible he feels. Sometimes, Pisces men go too far with this and become self-deprecating. This is usually because they genuinely do feel bad.

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He’ll Feel Guilty

Will a Pisces man feel guilty for upsetting you? He definitely will! It’s usually easy to make a Pisces man feel guilty for his actions.

The guilt will set in as soon as a Pisces man realizes he’s upset you. He’ll regret his actions and will likely feel terrible.

It’s easy for a Pisces man to send himself into a guilt spiral. If you won’t talk to him, or if you don’t forgive him right away, he’ll likely sit around feeling bad about himself until you’re willing to work things out with him.

Even if he accidentally upset you and genuinely wasn’t trying to hurt you, your Pisces man will feel guilty. He’ll likely still feel a little guilty even after you forgive him.

Is it hard for a Pisces man to apologize? It’s usually not difficult for him to say he’s sorry. His tendency to feel guilty over even the most minor things usually makes him apologize quickly.

He’ll Apologize If He Was Wrong

If you want to confront a Pisces man after an argument, all you have to do is tell him that he did something wrong. He will apologize without issue most of the time.

A Pisces man can admit when he was wrong. Pisces men sometimes have the opposite problem and will accept the blame in situations where they weren’t wrong, so it’s not difficult to make one admit to a mistake.

If you tell your Pisces man he did something wrong, he’ll own up to it. He will accept that he made a mistake and try to make it up to you. If you want an apology from him, he will give you one.

If you argued and did something to upset your Pisces man, he will still admit to his mistakes. He’ll accept his part of the blame and apologize to you, even if he would also like an apology.

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He’s Compassionate

Pisces men tend to be incredibly compassionate and caring people. Many are people-pleasers as well. They want the people they care about to be happy!

Usually, Pisces men do their best to care for the people in their lives. They do what they can to support them and cheer them up. A Pisces man never wants to upset you.

If a Pisces man does upset you, he’ll validate your emotions and be there for you. He won’t try to make excuses or insist that he didn’t mean whatever he said because he knows his intentions don’t matter.

A Pisces man will typically apologize because he knows what it feels like to be hurt by someone who refuses to make things right. He won’t want to leave you upset just because he won’t apologize.

Your Pisces man won’t just apologize when he upsets you. He’ll let you vent and work through your emotions. He’ll be there to support you and care for you until you feel better.

He’s Empathetic

When a Pisces man upsets you, he’ll usually know immediately, even if you don’t tell him. Pisces men tend to be incredibly empathetic and intuitive. He’ll feel how upset you are.

If your Pisces man apologizes before you’ve even told him he did something wrong, it’s likely because he noticed you were upset.

He will typically try to figure out why you’re upset too, and it’s common for Pisces men to assume they’re at fault.

A Pisces man will be upset if someone he cares about is upset. Your Pisces man will apologize not just because it will make you feel better but because it will make him feel better.

Your Pisces man will typically apologize because he wants both of you to cheer up. As soon as you’re happy, he will be too!

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He Wants You To Be Happy

Crying in front of a Pisces man is usually one of the quickest ways to ensure an apology. He will feel terrible for making you sad, and he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to make you happy again.

When a Pisces man loves you, he cares about your feelings. He will do what he can to make you happy and feel horrible if he’s ever the cause of your sadness.

A Pisces man won’t just apologize after he’s upset you. Sometimes, that might be all you need to feel better, but he’ll do other things to cheer you up when that’s not enough.

When your Pisces man apologizes, does you favors, compliments you, offers extra affection, etc., after he’s upset you, trust that it’s sincere. He’s trying to cheer you up and make up for whatever he did to hurt you.

He’ll Apologize With Actions

How does a Pisces man apologize? Many will outright say they are sorry, but a Pisces man will also apologize by doing things for you to show how sorry he is.

Your Pisces man knows that a simple apology sometimes isn’t enough. He wants to show you that he’s sincerely sorry for whatever he did to upset you. Even after apologizing, he might do things for you to show his remorse.

A Pisces man will likely offer you gifts after an apology or alongside it. He will also do extra chores around the house and be affectionate with you. He’ll show you love in whatever way you like best.

Your Pisces man will try to negate whatever he did to upset you. If he broke something, he’ll fix it. If he says something insensitive, he’ll start saying positive things to try and make you forget whatever it was.

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He Might Apologize Indirectly

Sometimes, a Pisces man’s apology style is more indirect. Some Pisces men will actually say, “I’m sorry,” but not all of them will.

When a Pisces man gives you an indirect apology, it’s not typically because he’s insincere or just trying to avoid saying sorry. He might think he is being direct or may prefer to apologize in a more unconventional way.

A Pisces man might tell you that he feels terrible or ask what he can do to cheer you up. He may not say he’s sorry, but these are his ways of expressing that he is sorry.

Distancing yourself from a Pisces man when you’re upset may also cause him to give an indirect apology first.

He might send you gifts, kind messages, or start doing extra chores around the house. He’s waiting for you to calm down and talk to him again, and you’ll get a direct apology once that happens.

His Apologies Are Sincere

Do Pisces men apologize sincerely? For the most part, they do. A Pisces man might not always understand why something he said or did upset you, but he will still feel bad for upsetting you in the first place.

When your Pisces man apologizes, you can trust that he genuinely is sorry. He isn’t just saying that he’s sorry. He has every intention of making things right with you.

Your Pisces man doesn’t want to keep making the same mistakes. He will do his best to show you he’s sorry, try to cheer you up, and do whatever he needs to to earn your forgiveness.

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