Understanding a Distant Pisces Man (Why? How To Fix?)

Updated November 25, 2022
Understanding a Distant Pisces Man (Why? How To Fix?)

A distant Pisces man could mean all kinds of things. Pisces men are distant for multiple reasons, and not all of them will have anything to do with you.

Pisces men are sensitive. They also have escapist tendencies. It is common for them to distance themselves when upset.

Sometimes, a Pisces man is distant in response to something you did. If you’ve been distant lately, he’ll respond by distancing himself as well. He will also distance himself if you do something to upset him.

Pisces men are emotional. If your Pisces man feels overwhelmed or depressed, he might distance himself from you instead of going to you for support.

You can deal with a distant Pisces man by giving him attention and reassuring him. That is often all he needs to feel better and start being close with you again.

He’s Distant If You Are

If you’re wondering why a Pisces man becomes distant, take a look at how you’ve been acting lately. Have you been distant as well?

When you act distant, for whatever reason, a Pisces man might take that as a bad sign. He may start to doubt your relationship.

He will distance himself when that happens. Even if you’re busy or do not mean to be distant, he will distance himself from you in retaliation.

Why does a Pisces man pull away if he thinks you’re being distant? Most of the time, he does it to protect himself. He won’t want to become too invested in your relationship if he thinks you’re pulling away from him.

It’s a good idea to always check in with a Pisces man about what you’re up to. If you’re busy, let him know that. If you’re feeling bad and need some alone time, let him know what’s going on.

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He’s Sensitive

If you want to understand a Pisces man, you need to know how sensitive he is. Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac.

Pisces men are often highly emotional. A Pisces man might become distant if he lets his emotions get the best of him.

Your Pisces man will pull away if you’ve done something to upset him. Unfortunately, he won’t always tell you what’s wrong. You may have no idea that you’ve done something to make him sad.

A Pisces man might pull away if he’s upset about something else as well. If he thinks you won’t want to deal with his emotions, he’ll distance himself and try to deal with things himself.

Sometimes, Pisces men need a break from socialization because of their sensitivity. He may feel exhausted and need some time to himself. If that’s the case, he’ll come back when he’s feeling better.

He’s Self-Conscious

Is your Pisces man acting distant? It might be because he’s self-conscious. He may be distancing himself because he feels nervous around you.

Pisces men don’t always have high self-esteem. Your Pisces man might get down on himself and become convinced that you don’t like being around him.

When that happens, he will distance himself. As mentioned, he might do it to protect himself, or he may think he’s being respectful by leaving you alone.

If a Pisces man feels nervous or self-conscious, he will pull away from you. He won’t always come to you for comfort, especially if he thinks he’s bothering you.

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He Might Be Busy

Sometimes when a Pisces man is distant, it’s just because he’s busy. There’s not always something wrong!

If a Pisces man is busy, he’ll usually let you know. If you two are close, he will check in with you when he knows he’s got a lot coming up.

He might not check in with you if he suddenly becomes busy or overwhelmed. He may suddenly seem distant when really, he’s just got too much going on in his life.

Pay attention to your Pisces man’s schedule, and you’ll be able to tell when he’s just busy. Did he mention that he’s got an upcoming deadline at work? Does he have family coming to town for the week?

Give Him Attention

Sometimes when a Pisces man is being distant, you can fix that by giving him some attention. He might be distant because he thinks you don’t want to spend time with him. Make sure he knows that assumption is incorrect.

When you first notice your Pisces man is distant, reach out to him. Let him know that you’re thinking about him or that you noticed he seems down.

You can offer to spend some time with your Pisces man. He will gladly take you up on the offer if he just needs some attention!

Be sure to message your Pisces man whenever you haven’t heard from him in a while. Ask him how he’s doing. If he has seemed down lately, ask if there’s anything you can do to cheer him up. He’ll appreciate it.

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Reassure Him

What does it mean when a Pisces man is distant? He might be feeling down. If you want him to start talking to you more, you may need to reassure him and let him know that you want him around.

Sometimes, Pisces men need to be reassured that the people in their lives want them around. If a Pisces man is feeling down, he may start to feel like nobody truly cares about him.

Let your Pisces man know that you enjoy having him around. Whenever he seems down, do what you can to cheer him up. Always reassure him of your love and affection.

You can prevent a Pisces man from distancing himself in the first place by making sure to remind him that you love him. Sometimes, that’s all he needs to hear to prevent him from pulling away.

Respect His Time

If a Pisces man is distant because he’s busy, you should try to respect his time. If he’s overwhelmed or his schedule is too packed, he might become stressed out if you’re constantly messaging him.

You can check in with your Pisces man, so he knows he’s on your mind, but don’t bug him too much.

Sometimes, your Pisces man will want alone time. Many Pisces men are introverts. They need time by themselves to recharge, especially if they have been socializing a lot lately.

Your Pisces man doesn’t always pull away because you’ve done something wrong. When he needs time to relax and recharge, respect that. He will come back to you sooner if you give him the alone time he needs.

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Talk To Him

If you’re wondering why a Pisces man has gone cold, you should just talk to him! The best thing to do is check in with him and let him know you’re worried about him.

You won’t always know why a Pisces man is acting distant unless you ask him. He might be sad, or he may be busy.

It’s usually better to try and communicate with your Pisces man. Don’t assume he’s angry at you or that he wants alone time. He might want attention from you, and you ignoring him will make things worse.

If your Pisces man is distant because he’s feeling down, sometimes talking to him will help. Reach out to him and offer support. He may need to talk about whatever is bothering him.

Once you talk to your Pisces man, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to do to stop him from being distant.

Give Him A Gift

If a Pisces man is cold and distant after an argument, try giving him a gift. He will usually warm up to you if you apologize and give him something.

Pisces men appreciate thoughtful gifts. You don’t need to buy him something expensive or even buy anything at all. A handmade gift or something simple will do.

Your Pisces man wants to know that you care about him. He will distance himself if you’ve upset him or if he doubts your affections for another reason.

Show your Pisces man that you pay attention to him. If he likes a particular treat, bring him that. Get him a book you know he’s been wanting to read, or bring him some art supplies if he’s an artist.

He will appreciate anything that shows how well you know him. He will stop being distant when he sees you’ve made an effort to get him a nice gift.

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Romance Him

Your Pisces man might be distant if he’s convinced that you’re not interested in him. If you want him to warm up to you, you might need to romance him.

Pisces men are romantics at heart. They aren’t always good at taking the initiative in relationships, though. You will need to show interest to get him to open up.

If your Pisces man seems like he’s pulling away, you can reel him back in with some love and affection.

Ask your Pisces man out on a date. Be affectionate with him and make sure he knows how much you care about him. Compliment him and make him feel good.

If your Pisces man is being distant because he doubts your affections, you’ll be able to reassure him with a few romantic gestures. Be genuine, and he will stop being so distant.