10 Clear Signs a Taurus Man is Commitment-Ready

Updated May 9, 2023

Taurus men commit to relationships slowly. They prefer to take their time and make sure they’re making the right decision before committing.

Your Taurus man will make it obvious when he’s ready to settle down with you. Once he’s ready, he’s all-in.

A Taurus man might start to show subtle signs he’s ready to commit first. He may do certain things to see how you feel about the idea before asking to take your relationship to the next level.

Your Taurus man will start opening up to you more. He’ll share how he feels with you more easily. He will also want to spend more time with you.

You’ll know he’s ready when he takes you home to meet his family. Your Taurus man will also talk about your relationship openly.

1. Includes You In Future Plans

When your Taurus man is commitment-ready, he’ll start imagining you in his future. He won’t make any plans without thinking of you first.

He will ask if you’re available before RSVPing to family weddings or other far-off events. Your Taurus man will ask what you think before accepting a promotion or moving to a new company.

Taurus men like to make decisions as a couple. He won’t make any massive life changes without consulting you first. Any changes he makes will affect you, after all.

Your Taurus man may want you to include him when you make plans as well. He’ll offer his opinion if you’re thinking about moving or changing careers. He will also provide input on significant financial decisions.

Including you in his plans is a definite sign that he intends to be with you long-term. If he thinks something might affect your future together, your Taurus man will consult you about it before making any decisions.

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2. Says “We” Instead of “I”

When a Taurus man is ready to commit, he’ll start subtly showing this in the way he speaks.

Your Taurus man will start to use a lot of “we” statements when he’s talking. He will include you, even in times where it might make more sense to say “I”.

If one of his friends invites him somewhere, he’ll say something like, “Let me see if we’re free,” instead of, “Let me see if I’m free.” He’ll do this even if he’s the only one invited.

Your Taurus man might also start talking about interests or sharing opinions using “we” statements. He’ll say things like, “We enjoyed that movie,” or, “We didn’t really like that restaurant,” even if you’re not involved in the conversation.

He might not even realize he’s doing this sometimes. It’s just one way your Taurus man includes you in his life.

3. Spends More Time With You

A relationship with a Taurus man is great if you’re the kind of person who enjoys spending a lot of time with your partner. Taurus men usually like to spend most of their time with their partners.

Your Taurus man will have no problem letting you monopolize his time when he’s ready to commit to a long-term relationship with you.

Taurus men are often homebodies. They prefer to stay home and relax rather than go out and party. Your Taurus man will likely be perfectly content staying home with you all the time.

When a Taurus man misses you, he’ll have no problem letting you know that he wants to see you as soon as possible. He will always let you know how much he enjoys your company.

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4. Communicates His Feelings

A Taurus man will be slow to admit his feelings to you. He’ll likely take his time saying, “I love you,” for the first time.

When he’s ready for commitment, your Taurus man will communicate how he feels a lot more often. He will have no problem sharing his emotions with you.

Your Taurus man will start telling you when he’s feeling sad or upset. He may come to you for comfort or advice more than he did before.

It might not always be easy for him. Many Taurus men have a hard time talking about their feelings. When he’s ready to commit to you, though, he’ll want to share everything with you.

5. Open Up More

A Taurus man’s communication style is honest and straightforward, but he isn’t always the most open person.

Taurus men don’t share their inner thoughts and feelings with everyone. When your Taurus man is serious about you, he’ll start to open up to you in ways he doesn’t open up with anyone else.

The Taurus man’s personality is an introverted one. Many Taurus men are quiet and might be shy. They do not open up to everyone around them.

You will learn things about your Taurus man that nobody else knows when he’s ready to commit to you. He wants to be as honest and open with you as possible when he’s serious about you.

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6. He’ll Want To Move In

If he asks to move in together, that’s a sure sign a Taurus man is ready to commit. He doesn’t move in with every single person he dates. He’s serious about you if he wants to live with you.

Your Taurus man won’t ask to move in together unless he’s spent a lot of time considering it first. Change is difficult for many Taurus men. They don’t always like the idea of people “invading” their space.

When he is serious about you, your Taurus man will happily share his space and life with you. He’ll want to build a home together.

He might mention the idea in an off-hand way first to see how you feel about it. Once he’s sure you’ll be on board, your Taurus man will ask you to move in with him so you two can start your lives together.

7. He’s More Nurturing

When a Taurus man loves you, he wants to make sure you know it. He will show his love to you by being affectionate and nurturing.

Taurus men like to take care of their partners. They might see themselves as providers and protectors. Even if he knows you can take care of yourself, he will still want to care for you as much as possible.

Your Taurus man might enjoy cooking for you or doing things to help you around the house. If you need him to take care of something for you, he’ll be more than happy to do it.

He will be very physically affectionate as well. Your Taurus man will happily cuddle with you on the couch while watching a movie. He will give you all the love and affection you could ever want.

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8. You Meet His Family

A Taurus man has a slow courtship style. He’s also very traditional in some ways. He won’t take you home to meet his family unless he’s serious about you.

Your Taurus man likely hasn’t introduced all his past partners to his family. They’ve only met long-term partners. It’s a big deal when he takes you to meet them!

This is a sign that he intends on having you in his life for a long time. A Taurus man will take you to meet his family when he’s sure that you’re the one for him.

He will also want to meet your family. If you’re not close to your family, that might not be a big deal for you.

Introduce him to your friends or other people you’re close to so that he feels included in your life if that’s the case.

9. He Talks About You Openly

When a Taurus man chooses you, he’ll want everyone to know! Your Taurus man will show you off and talk about you openly with all his friends and family.

A Taurus man might be reluctant to tell everyone about his partner too early in a relationship. He doesn’t want to introduce you to all his loved ones only to break up with you a week later.

He might not talk about you on social media early in your relationship, either. Again, a Taurus man doesn’t want to show you off if your relationship isn’t going to last long.

Your Taurus man will tell all his friends about you when he’s ready to commit to you long-term.

He will post about you on social media, share pictures of the two of you, and casually mention you in conversations with everyone he talks to.

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10. He Makes Things “Official”

One way you’ll know for sure that your Taurus man is commitment-ready is that he’ll make you two “official” on social media.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people. For a Taurus man, it is!

He will make sure to list himself as being in a relationship on his social media profiles. Your Taurus man wants everyone to know that he is taken and off the market.

He will link to your social media profiles as well. Your Taurus man will openly refer to you as his girlfriend. He’ll start introducing you to people as his partner.

If a Taurus man had any dating apps on his phone, he’ll delete those too. He will make it very clear that he’s ready to be in a relationship with you and only you.

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