9 Secrets to Making a Taurus Man Obsessed (with You)

Published January 10, 2023
9 Secrets to Making a Taurus Man Obsessed (with You)

You don’t always need to work too hard to make a Taurus man obsessed with you. Many Taurus men have naturally obsessive personalities.

Show your Taurus man that you’re the perfect match for him. He won’t be able to get enough when he feels good whenever you’re around.

Taurus men want romantic, sensual, ambitious partners who appreciate them and can help provide them with a sense of stability. If you tick all those boxes, he’ll become obsessed with you.

Your Taurus man also wants someone he can relax around. Make him feel comfortable, and take your time with him. Don’t be in too much of a rush, and he’ll become obsessed eventually.

Compliment your Taurus man and encourage him. If you’re the one who can always motivate him and make him feel good, he’ll always want you around.

1. Compliment Him

Taurus men are sometimes really easy to draw in. A Taurus man with low self-esteem might become obsessed with you just because you’re the only one who consistently compliments and reminds him of his positive traits.

Your Taurus man might need some reassurance that there are people out there who like him. If he’s feeling down, he might need compliments and kind words to cheer him up.

A Taurus man will quickly become obsessed with you if you make him feel good whenever you’re around. If you constantly tell him how handsome and talented he is and how much you enjoy being around him, he’ll love having you around.

Always be ready with a compliment or two when your Taurus man shows you something he’s been working on. If he gets a new haircut or shows up to see you with a new outfit, tell him what you like about it!

Your Taurus man will become obsessed with how you make him feel when you always compliment him. He’ll be even more obsessed if he knows you’re being honest and sincere.

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2. Show Him Your Sensual Side

If you aren’t sure how to connect with a Taurus man, start showing him your sensual side. When a Taurus man sees how sensual you are, he’ll quickly become obsessed.

Seducing a Taurus man will be easier when he knows you have a sensual side. Show him how much you love indulging your senses. Make sure he knows you appreciate the finer things in life just like he does.

Many of a Taurus man’s turn-ons have to do with sensual pleasures. He loves luxury perfume and fine lingerie on a woman.

In the bedroom, he loves to listen to music that sets the mood and indulges his senses with candles and soft bed sheets.

Even if you aren’t yet ready to get into bed with a Taurus man, hint that you enjoy these things as well. Wear perfume in his favorite scents.

Drop hints that you enjoy shopping for fine lingerie or wear soft, aesthetically pleasing clothing that will catch his eye.

3. Encourage Him

How do you make a Taurus man obsess over you? If you can encourage and motivate him when he’s feeling down, he’ll quickly become obsessed.

Some Taurus men are good at motivating themselves, but not always. If a Taurus man has been having a difficult time at work lately, he might feel down about himself. Remind him of how hard-working and talented he is.

When your Taurus man is feeling tired or discouraged, help motivate him. Let him know that he can do whatever he puts his mind to and that he shouldn’t give up.

Your Taurus man will become obsessed with you when you always know what to say to give him his motivation back. He’ll also become obsessed with the feeling he gets from knowing you believe in him.

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4. Be Relaxed Around Him

A Taurus man’s ideal woman is someone he can relax with. If your Taurus man feels comfortable with you, he’ll become obsessed.

Taurus men are hard workers, but they also know how to take a break! If you’re constantly high-strung and never relax, that will stress your Taurus man out.

When your Taurus man knows you can work with him, encourage him, and relax with him, he’ll become obsessed with you. For him, you’ll be the total package.

If your Taurus man is stressed out and you’re a calm, relaxing presence, he’ll become obsessed with you. He’ll want you to be around him all the time because he’ll love how you make him feel.

Your Taurus man will start seeking you out more when you can help him relax. He’ll message you frequently and start spending more time with you too.

5. Appreciate Him

If you want a Taurus man to become obsessed with you, always show him how much you appreciate having him around.

When your Taurus man does something for you, tell him how grateful you are. Tell him that you appreciate his help and love having him around.

Tell your Taurus man that you appreciate his supportive, generous nature. Make sure he knows how much you value him so that he doesn’t just feel like you’re taking advantage of him when he does things for you.

You can show appreciation by giving your Taurus man gifts and returning favors. Your Taurus man will quickly become obsessed when he realizes that you are genuinely grateful to have him in your life.

A Taurus man will likely continue to do things for you when you show him the appreciation he wants. When you make him feel good and tell him how wonderful he is for helping you out, he’ll want to have you around more!

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6. Don’t Rush Things

If you want to attract a Taurus man, don’t rush him! Ease into things. Take your time making him obsessed. Build a connection with him, and let him know you’re fine taking things slow.

Taurus men like to think things over before they jump into anything. Even if your Taurus man is already obsessed with you, he might not show it at first!

When your Taurus man knows you’re willing to wait for him and go at his pace, he’ll become obsessed. He’ll slowly start to see that you might be the one for him.

You do not need to rush when you’re with a Taurus man. If you want to make him obsessed and keep him that way, go slow and take your time drawing him in.

One of the signs a Taurus man is obsessed with you is that he’ll start to pick up the pace. He may begin to pursue you and be more direct about his feelings. When he’s obsessed, he won’t want to risk losing you to someone else!

7. Prove You’re Stable

If you want to make a Taurus man fall in love with you, you need to do more than compliment him. You must show him that you can be a stable, secure partner.

Taurus men are obsessed with security. They crave it more than almost anything else. They want a stable home life and a partner they can always rely on.

Your Taurus man is more likely to become obsessed with you if you can prove you’re the stable partner he’s looking for. If he feels secure and safe with you, he’ll want to keep you around.

Prove how stable you are by showing your Taurus man that you can stand on your own two feet. Show him how independent you are. Let him know that you might not need him around but that you love having him with you anyway!

If your Taurus man gets a sense of stability from your presence, he’ll become obsessed. He won’t ever want to let you go.

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8. Be Romantic

Are Taurus men obsessive? Some of them are. Sometimes, all it takes to start that obsession is to show him how romantic and loving you are.

Taurus men are romantics at heart. They love to pamper the people they care about, but they want to be treated well too! If you make a few romantic gestures that get your Taurus man’s attention, he might become obsessed.

Your Taurus man might like to take the lead sometimes, but he’ll feel special when you make an effort to take him on dates and pamper him too.

Take him out to his favorite restaurant, bring him romantic gifts, and make him feel loved and cherished. He’ll become obsessed.

9. Be Ambitious

Attracting a Taurus man and making him obsessed with you will be easier when he knows that you are a hard-working and ambitious person.

Taurus men get a reputation for being lazy, but they aren’t! They just know when to take a break. Many of them have goals, and they have the ambition needed to reach those goals.

Show your Taurus man that you have aspirations. Talk to him about your goals, and show him that you have the patience and the drive to reach those goals.

Your Taurus man will become obsessed when he sees that you have a similar approach to ambition as he does. If he knows that you can focus on your goals and romance, he’ll become even more obsessed!