What to Expect From a Taurus Man After He Breaks Up

Updated November 21, 2022
What to Expect From a Taurus Man After He Breaks Up

A Taurus man after a breakup might be devastated. Taurus men are highly romantic and are often looking for “the one.”

A Taurus man will be sad and angry after the end of a relationship. He might have trouble moving on at first.

If a Taurus man is in a relationship, he’s in it for the long haul. Taurus men often get a sense of stability and security from their relationship. After a breakup, a Taurus man may feel miserable and unstable.

A Taurus man may also have mixed emotions about a breakup. Even if he knows it is for the best, he might still miss his ex or even still be in love with her.

A Taurus man may feel guilty for not being able to make things work too. He might resent his ex as well, depending on what happened.

He’ll Be Angry

You might be wondering how your Taurus man is feeling after your breakup. He may feel many different emotions, but one of them is likely to be anger.

A Taurus man won’t necessarily be angry at you following a breakup. His anger is a lot more complicated than that, and he’s not going to blame you for everything.

Your Taurus ex might be angry at the situation. He might have intended to stay with you for the rest of his life. He’ll be mad that he “failed” to keep his life partner.

A Taurus man may also be angry at himself. If he did something to cause the breakup, he might be frustrated with his actions. He will likely beat himself up for being the reason the relationship ended.

Of course, if you did something to betray him, your Taurus man will be angry with you.

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He’ll Feel Miserable

Taurus men don’t usually do casual dating. When a Taurus man is in a relationship with someone, he’s in it for the long haul.

A Taurus man might feel like a failure when his relationship ends. Regardless of who caused the breakup, he will likely feel miserable that his partner didn’t end up being “the one.”

Taurus men usually prioritize their relationships, and they will put a lot of focus on their partners and their needs. Taurus men are dependable, reliable partners. They put a lot into the relationships they are in.

Your Taurus ex will be devastated when your relationship ends. All that work he put into the relationship might seem like a waste.

A Taurus man may feel like he’ll have to start all over if he wants to find love again. This idea will make him extremely sad.

Might Miss His Ex

Will a Taurus man miss you after a breakup? He likely will. Adjusting to being single after a relationship, especially a long-term one, will be hard on him.

A Taurus man will miss the emotional support his ex used to provide for him. He might feel lonely and like he has nobody who will be there for him when he’s down.

A Taurus man will also miss the things he used to do with his ex. A Taurus man doesn’t always have an active social life, so he may see a considerable drop in socialization when his relationship ends.

If a Taurus man wants to be friends after a breakup, it might mean he wants you back. This isn’t always the case, but it is a possibility. If he misses you enough, he’ll want to keep you around.

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May Feel Unstable

Taurus men crave stability more than almost anything else. They want to be financially stable and feel secure in their housing. They also desire a long-lasting relationship.

Taurus men also like to stick to a routine. Your Taurus ex likely had a routine with you before you two broke up. That routine will be gone after you leave.

A Taurus man will likely feel unstable after a breakup. He will have to change his routine, and the sense of stability he got from his relationship will be gone. To feel stable again, he will need to establish new habits without his ex.

If you constantly text a Taurus man after a breakup, you might increase his feelings of instability. He might not know how to adjust to your new relationship if you don’t give him time first.

Feelings Of Resentment

Do Taurus men come back after a breakup? That depends on the reason for the split. There are some things he cannot get over.

If a Taurus man breaks up with you because of infidelity or another huge betrayal, it’s over. He will likely feel too resentful toward you to ever want a relationship with you again.

A Taurus man may also feel resentful toward himself if he is the reason the relationship ended. If you broke up with him because of something he did, he’ll resent and regret his past actions.

Even if the breakup was mutual, a Taurus man will likely resent the entire situation. He may feel a little bitter after a relationship ends. Nobody wants their long-term relationship to fail. A Taurus man will feel resentful when his relationship does.

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Possessive Behavior

It won’t always happen, but you might notice some possessive behavior from your Taurus ex. He does not always react well to a breakup.

Even after a relationship is over, a Taurus man might still consider his ex to be “his.” This is especially true if he still loves her and doesn’t want the relationship to end.

Taurus men can be possessive over their partners at times. This isn’t one of their best traits. This possessive tendency won’t always stop once a relationship is over either.

Your Taurus ex might still check in with you constantly after a breakup. He may not reach out to you, but he may look at your social media or ask mutual friends about you.

If you get into a new relationship or start dating before a Taurus man is over you, he may feel heartbroken.

Might Feel Guilty

If you break up with a Taurus male, he might start to feel guilty. He may feel like it is his fault the relationship ended, even if he didn’t do anything wrong.

Taurus men often put a lot of effort into their relationships. A Taurus man might feel like he didn’t do enough to keep the relationship together.

If you broke up with a Taurus man because of something he did, he will definitely feel guilty. He’ll be torn up because his actions caused his relationship to fail.

A Taurus man might also feel guilty without even really knowing why. The breakup may have been nobody’s fault. He might still blame himself anyway.

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Won’t Reach Out Directly

Ignoring a Taurus man after a breakup is usually the best thing to do. He might avoid you as well.

Don’t be surprised if a Taurus man is silent after a breakup. He will need time away from you to heal from the breakup. Being around you all the time won’t allow him to move on.

If a Taurus man does reach out to you after a breakup, it likely won’t be directly. He will probably avoid you instead of trying to talk to you, especially if he’s upset.

When you two have mutual friends, they might ask you how you’re doing or feeling after the breakup. They may legitimately be asking, but they may also be looking for information to pass along to your Taurus ex.

A Taurus man might also do things like liking your posts on social media. He won’t say anything to you, but you’ll know he’s still around.

Rebound Relationships

What does a Taurus man do after a breakup? He will often need time to focus on himself and practice self-care. Rebound relationships usually aren’t a part of a Taurus man’s routine following a breakup.

Taurus men are looking for love. It takes them a long time to trust someone and genuinely feel a connection with them. After a relationship ends, a Taurus man might not want to jump into another one immediately.

If a Taurus man does have a rebound relationship, you likely won’t ever know about it. He’s not usually public about those sorts of things.

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Mixed Emotions

A Taurus man might have mixed emotions after a breakup. This is especially true if he’s the one who broke up with his ex.

Taurus men will always be sad after the end of a relationship, regardless of what caused the breakup. In some instances, though, he will also feel relieved.

Taurus men sometimes stay in bad relationships far longer than they need to. They will try to make a relationship work, even if it is evident to others that it won’t end up lasting.

When a bad relationship finally ends, a Taurus man might feel like he can finally breathe. He will no longer be stressed out trying to keep together a failing relationship.

He might feel guilty for being relieved. A Taurus man will likely feel upset or angry, even if he knows the breakup is for the best.