Aquarius and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated September 8, 2023

Aquarius and Virgo can make an odd couple. These two signs are not traditionally considered compatible, though nothing is impossible!

Practical Virgo might seem like a stick in the mud to Aquarius, while Aquarius can seem wild and chaotic to Virgo.

Earth signs and air signs are generally considered significantly different from one another. This makes sense, as earth signs are “down to earth,” while air signs often have their “head in the clouds.”

Virgo and Aquarius have brilliant minds, but they don’t always know how to put their heads together. Even if these two share common interests, they don’t always know how to communicate with one another.

Aquarius and Virgo can have a great relationship when they learn how to motivate one another and focus on their similarities.


Virgo and Aquarius compatibility is often higher in friendship than in romantic or sexual relationships. These two aren’t always attracted to one another, but they can have a great friendship.

The Virgo and Aquarius friendship is an interesting one. These two don’t always seem like they have a lot in common.

Earth signs, like Virgo, and air signs, like Aquarius, rarely see eye-to-eye. While Virgo and Aquarius can be intellectual, Virgo is far more practical than Aquarius. Rational Virgo can think that Aquarius is outright irrational at times.

Virgo and Aquarius can become friends despite their differences. This friendship is often odd, but it works surprisingly well sometimes.

One thing these two signs can connect about is charity. Aquarius wants to make the world a better place. Virgo is selfless and nurturing. These two can easily bond by volunteering together or doing other things to help their community.

Even if their intellect is different, these signs are incredibly intelligent. It can be interesting watching these two interact because of this.

Virgo is highly analytical. A Virgo will research, listen to the opinions of others, and take in information constantly. They aren’t always comfortable taking a hard stance about something because new information might prove them wrong later.

Aquarius is forward-thinking and innovative. Aquarius doesn’t always take the time to gather information because they are too busy coming up with creative ideas all on their own.

Aquarius also tends to make up their mind about something and can be stubborn if somebody tries to change their mind. Virgo doesn’t always understand this since they are willing to change their minds if new information arises.

Virgo and Aquarius can offer one another a different perspective. These two friends can teach each other to see things in a different light.

Virgo can help Aquarius see that it’s okay to change their minds and that it’s beneficial to listen to research things sometimes. Aquarius can help Virgo be more open about their views and opinions, even if they might be wrong later.

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A Virgo man and an Aquarius woman’s compatibility isn’t always high, but these two signs can have a great relationship if they try. One thing that helps their relationship is that both Aquarius and Virgo are big on honesty.

A Virgo man isn’t going to lie to an Aquarius woman, and vice versa. Virgo is often brutally honest, while Aquarius simply doesn’t see the point in lying.

Aquarius’ compatibility in a relationship is higher with someone who can be spontaneous. Aquarius likes to mix things up and often becomes unhappy with too much of a routine.

Unfortunately, the Virgo personality is all about organization and routine. Virgo isn’t completely rigid, but they prefer to have an established routine.

A relationship with Aquarius can be frustrating for Virgo at times. Aquarius isn’t completely impulsive, but they can be too spontaneous for Virgo.

Virgo, like all earth signs, craves stability. Virgo wants to feel like they have a plan at all times. They want to know what to expect.

Aquarius is okay with going with the flow. They don’t need a plan at all times. Even if they have a plan, they’re okay throwing it out entirely at the drop of a hat.

Aquarius will drive Virgo crazy in a relationship if they can never stick to a plan. Virgo might feel like Aquarius isn’t taking things seriously enough, while Aquarius will feel like Virgo is a stick in the mud.

Emotions can be hit or miss for Aquarius and Virgo in a relationship. Both signs can be emotionally detached, and they express affection in different ways when they care about someone.

Virgo is very nurturing. They will show their love by trying to take care of Aquarius, but Aquarius won’t always appreciate that. Aquarius is a highly independent sign and may feel like Virgo is smothering them.

If Aquarius pushes away Virgo’s help, Virgo might feel like Aquarius is rejecting them and their love. These two must learn how to communicate their needs to have a successful relationship.


Virgo’s compatibility with someone in a marriage is higher if that person can challenge them intellectually. Fortunately, Aquarius is also an intellectual sign. These two signs can bounce ideas off one another when they know how to communicate well.

That can’t be the only thing Virgo, and Aquarius connect about if they want to make a marriage work. Neither will be satisfied if all their partner can offer is an interesting conversation.

The Aquarius and Virgo relationship can become stale and dull at times. This isn’t just routine-loving Virgo’s fault. Aquarius may also stop putting effort into the marriage if they start to feel bored.

It takes a lot of work and a lot of compromise for Aquarius and Virgo to have a successful marriage. While these two can be good friends, that platonic connection doesn’t always make for a good romantic one.

Aquarius often does not give Virgo the sense of security they need. Virgo wants a stable home life. They want to settle down, establish a routine, and work toward building a predictable life together.

Aquarius is often far from predictable. Even if an Aquarius is fine settling into a monogamous marriage with Virgo and raising a family, they will never completely establish a routine.

Virgo can get overwhelmed by their Aquarius spouse at times. While Aquarius can be depended on in times of need, an Aquarius can’t be relied on to stick to a set plan all the time.

Aquarius often needs to learn how to tone down their unpredictable nature when married to a Virgo. Virgo needs to learn how to let go of their need for a strict routine.

These two can sometimes compromise over their very different natures, but not always. It’s not natural for an Aquarius to settle down and stick to a routine. It’s not natural for Virgo to be spontaneous and constantly go with the flow, either.

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In Bed

An Aquarius man and a Virgo woman’s compatibility in bed isn’t often high. An Aquarius man can sometimes be too spontaneous for Virgo, while a Virgo woman can overthink sex in a way Aquarius finds unattractive.

Aquarius and Virgo can develop a strong friendship, but these two signs aren’t always physically attracted to one another. They might never try to have a sexual relationship in the first place.

If these two do go to bed together, they might find that they both leave unsatisfied in many ways.

A relationship with Virgo isn’t always exciting enough for an Aquarius. Virgo lacks the spontaneity and creativity Aquarius wants in bed.

Virgos can be good in bed, but they can also get so caught up in trying to be good that they hold themselves back.

If an Aquarius wants to try something new in bed, a Virgo might be willing. They won’t want to try it right away, though. They might want time to research it and become familiar with whatever it is.

A Virgo may also need time to work up to whatever Aquarius wants to try. A Virgo might want to practice in smaller ways so that they can “work up” to do whatever it is Aquarius wanted.

That won’t usually suit Aquarius. Aquarius can be spontaneous and impulsive at times. They might take the time to think something through, but they’d much rather try something out and fail than never try it in the first place.

The Aquarius personality can be a bit much for Virgo at times. Virgo can be shy and may take a while to open up about sex. Aquarius doesn’t always have the patience to wait around for Virgo to become comfortable experimenting in the bedroom.

Virgo will clam up if Aquarius goes too fast for them. Virgo will also feel disrespected if Aquarius pushes too hard for them to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

Some Aquarians are better with boundaries than others. One Aquarius might see Virgo’s reluctance and think they need more of a push, while another Aquarius might back off entirely.

In any case, Aquarius and Virgo need to compromise a lot if they want a prosperous and healthy sexual relationship. Virgo needs to open up and let loose more, while Aquarius needs to respect boundaries and limits better.

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