Scorpio and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated January 5, 2023
Scorpio and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Scorpio and Virgo have extremely high compatibility in some areas. These two might be different, but they just click sometimes!

These two might face some issues in their relationship, but once they bond, they will be willing to do what it takes to make their relationship work.

Scorpio is one of the best matches for Virgo and vice versa. This relationship can be extremely powerful, and the bond these two can form will run deep.

While Virgo and Scorpio aren’t always perfect together, they can usually work through the difficult parts of their relationship. These two can bring out the best in each other if they try.

Overall, this is a top match. Scorpio can be an intellectual match for Virgo and bring out Virgo’s sensual side. Virgo can motivate Scorpio to be the best version of themselves.


A Scorpio and Virgo’s friendship has the potential to be one of the strongest friendships both of these signs will ever have.

Virgo and Scorpio are similar enough to understand one another but different enough to keep things interesting. These two will rarely get bored with one another.

Scorpio and Virgo are often both ambitious, even if they show this differently. Scorpio will not fault Virgo for working hard to reach their goals. Virgo understands that Scorpio is just sometimes overcome by their ambition.

Virgo and Scorpio also both take a while to trust others. They will see this in one another, which can help them build trust.

Virgo does not expect to have Scorpio’s trust unless they’ve earned it. Scorpio won’t be offended if Virgo is wary of them at first because Scorpio completely understands how that feels!

When Scorpio and Virgo come together, they can honestly accomplish anything. Scorpio won’t quit once they’ve set their mind to something. Virgo can be flexible, but they are also hard-working and stick to a project if needed.

Scorpio is good at getting their Virgo friend to come out of their shell. This is because Virgo recognizes that, while Scorpio likes to have a good time, they can be just as rational as Virgo. Scorpio thinks things through before they do anything reckless or wild.

For this same reason, Scorpio is also good at bringing out Virgo’s emotional side. Scorpio is highly emotional, but they are also the most rational water sign. They can bring out Virgo’s nurturing, compassionate side by reminding them that it’s sometimes better to be emotional.

Virgo and Scorpio are good friends because they can be honest with one another. Scorpio has thick skin and can handle Virgo’s criticisms. Virgo typically learns to accept Scorpio’s criticisms, too, because they know that Scorpio is being honest and is genuinely trying to help them.

Once these two bond, it will take a lot to tear them apart. Virgo and Scorpio’s friendship can be intense, and it would take a big betrayal to make them stop being friends.

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They might be the best of friends but are Virgo and Scorpio soulmates? They definitely can be!

Scorpio and Virgo work so well together because their personalities play well together. Both can be rational, intellectual, and ambitious, but that’s not all they’ve got going on.

Scorpio is passionate, intense, and intuitive. They can bring out a side of Virgo that people rarely see because they know what to say and do to get Virgo to loosen up a bit.

Virgo is nurturing, witty, and surprisingly flexible. They can give Scorpio the love they need and are capable of keeping Scorpio stimulated intellectually as well.

Virgo can give Scorpio a sense of stability without boring them. Virgo’s intellectual, practical nature might seem boring to some signs, but Scorpio is capable of seeing the exciting side of Virgo.

Virgo is a mutable sign. They are more adaptable than people give them credit for. Scorpio sees this part of Virgo and is often fascinated by it, as Scorpio loves change and transformation even if they are a fixed sign.

Virgo’s compatibility is often higher with someone who can bring out their emotional side. Virgo can sometimes seem too practical for their own good, but Scorpio will uncover the feelings lurking beneath the surface.

Scorpio is better at bringing out Virgo’s emotional side because they also understand the need to appear logical. Scorpio is also good at reading Virgo and may know how they feel before Virgo even tells them.

Scorpio’s compatibility is higher with a partner who can be just as loyal to Scorpio as Scorpio is to them. Virgo is capable of being an extremely trustworthy partner!

Virgo is not the type to commit lightly. If Virgo makes a commitment to Scorpio, Scorpio can trust that Virgo genuinely intends to stick to that commitment.

Overall, the Scorpio-Virgo relationship is a very dynamic one. These two can connect emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They will have issues, but both signs will be dedicated to working through them when they love each other.

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A Virgo and Scorpio marriage can be an extremely stable one. They might encounter problems as any couple would, but overall these two have most of what the other is looking for in a spouse.

Both Virgo and Scorpio take marriage seriously. Scorpio sometimes gets an undeserved bad reputation, but they are incredibly loyal! The chances of these two cheating on one another are extremely low.

A Virgo man and a Scorpio woman’s compatibility in marriage is high because Scorpio knows she can trust her Virgo husband.

Scorpio women are incredibly jealous. They might have a hard time if their spouse is the type to flirt with others for fun. Luckily, Virgo isn’t that type at all! When a Virgo man marries, he’s entirely devoted to his spouse.

A Scorpio man and a Virgo woman’s compatibility in marriage is high because these two can both be the loyal partner the other needs. A Virgo woman will also be able to nurture and ground her Scorpio husband in ways few others can.

Control is one thing that can potentially be an issue in this marriage. Both Scorpio and Virgo can be controlling in their own ways.

These two can usually work through this by sharing control or letting the other be in control in certain situations.

For example, Scorpio can let Virgo control how chores are done. If Virgo likes things done a specific way, Scorpio can learn how to do things Virgo’s way.

In return, Virgo can let Scorpio have control in the bedroom or let them plan date nights. If these two have a power struggle, they can usually compromise and figure out how to allow both of them to be in control somehow.

Even if compromising can sometimes be hard for Scorpio, they will be willing to do it for their relationship with Virgo. If the relationship is excellent in every other respect, Scorpio won’t mind giving up a little control or letting Virgo have their way sometimes.

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In Bed

Scorpio and Virgo in bed together can be an interesting pair. These two have some incompatibilities in the bedroom, but their overall attraction can usually help smooth those out.

Virgo is often drawn to Scorpio’s intense, passionate nature. Scorpio sees Virgo’s reserved nature and is attracted to them because they want to figure out what’s underneath.

Scorpio and Virgo might have some issues in the bedroom when they first get together, but they will typically be able to overcome them easily.

Virgo can be shy in the bedroom at first. They tend to hide their sexuality in some ways and aren’t always the most open when it comes to sex.

Scorpio is extremely open about sex, so there might be a mismatch between these two at first. Fortunately, Scorpio can be the patient lover that Virgo needs. Scorpio won’t mind waiting because they know that a sexual being lurks beneath Virgo’s aloof surface.

Scorpio and Virgo’s intimacy levels in the bedroom are often very high. These two are capable of having powerful, emotional sex. Once they become comfortable with one another, they will form a deep bond that will make their sex life incredible.

Scorpio can sometimes be a little too intense for Virgo, but Scorpio will also listen to what their Virgo partner needs. If Scorpio loves Virgo, they will be willing to slow down and create a safe, comfortable experience for Virgo.

Virgo is not always as adventurous in the bedroom as Scorpio is, but this won’t always be a problem. Scorpio might be adventurous, but they don’t feel the need to constantly mix things up as a Sagittarius might.

When Virgo does want to explore, Scorpio will be more than happy to do that! Scorpio is excellent at bringing out that side in Virgo as well.

Because Virgo knows that Scorpio can be patient with them, they will be more willing to explore in the bedroom with Scorpio than with other signs.

Overall, Virgo and Scorpio can have intense, emotional sex. They can use their sex life to deepen the bond they already have in their relationship.

Both are patient enough that they can figure out how to be the sexual partner the other needs.