What Should You Expect From an Upset Aquarius Man?

Updated May 21, 2023

It can be hard to tell when an Aquarius man is upset. May Aquarius men hide their emotions well.

An upset Aquarius man will act differently depending on why he’s upset. Expect some rude behavior if he’s upset with you, for example.

An Aquarius man might be cold and withdrawn when he’s upset.

Even if he’s not upset with you, he might distance himself until he’s in a better mood. He doesn’t always like other people to see his negative emotions.

Your Aquarius man might not want to talk about his feelings. He may want a distraction instead. Focusing on something else can make him feel better sometimes.

Don’t expect an Aquarius man to come to you about how he feels. Even if he wants comfort, he won’t ask for it outright.

He’ll Be Cold

How do Aquarius men act when upset? Many of them will seem cold and aloof.

An Aquarius man won’t always tell you when he’s upset. You might be able to tell because he won’t be acting like his usual quirky, outgoing self.

Aquarius is an unemotional sign in general. Most Aquarius men are eccentric people with big personalities, though. They may be emotionally distant, but they aren’t aloof or reserved all the time.

Your Aquarius man might seem way colder than he usually is when he’s upset. This is because he’s trying to cover up how he feels. He will put on a cool exterior to cover up the feelings hiding beneath the surface.

He will do this whether or not he’s upset with you. If he doesn’t want to bother you with how he feels, he’ll cover up his feelings by being aloof.

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Won’t Want To Talk

When an Aquarius man goes silent, you should respect that. Don’t try to force him to talk about how he feels. That is often the last thing he wants to do.

Aquarius men don’t like to talk about their feelings. He might come to you if he’s having a hard time getting over something by himself. That won’t be the first thing he does, though.

Your Aquarius man really won’t want to talk if he’s upset because of you. Talking to you might make him more upset. He will need time to calm down before discussing anything with you.

If you push an Aquarius man to talk to you about his feelings, you’ll just make things worse. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, he’s not going to.

Some Aquarius men are better at talking about their feelings than others. He may come to you eventually. You need to be patient, though.

He’ll Withdraw

An Aquarius man will withdraw after an argument. If he’s still angry or upset, he will want to take time to calm down.

Wait for an Aquarius man to come to you if he’s upset after fighting with you. He won’t accept an apology or discuss things with you right away. He needs time to himself.

An Aquarius man might withdraw from the people around him even if they aren’t why he’s upset.

He may be upset because of work, school, or a death in the family. He won’t always want to be around other people, whatever the reason.

Even if he doesn’t physically withdraw from you, your Aquarius man might emotionally withdraw. He might spend time with you, but he’s going to seem more distant than usual.

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He Needs A Distraction

What an Aquarius man wants to hear when he’s upset is that you have something to distract him from his feelings.

An Aquarius man isn’t likely to sit down and talk about his feelings. He might want to watch a movie or do something else instead.

Let your Aquarius man have his distractions. Don’t push him to talk even if you think it would be better to confront his feelings.

You can offer to take your Aquarius man to his favorite restaurant or do a hobby of his with him. Anything he likes should be a good enough distraction.

How do you comfort an Aquarius man? He won’t want to hear platitudes. He will get comfort just from being in your presence, especially if you are actively trying to distract him.

He Avoids Conflict

The best way to react when an Aquarius man is mad is to give him time to himself. Many Aquarius men hate conflict and will actively avoid it.

If you and your Aquarius man just fought, the last thing he wants is another argument. He might avoid you if he thinks you’re going to pick another fight with him.

Even if your Aquarius man isn’t mad at you, he might avoid you when he’s in a bad mood. He won’t want to say anything he regrets because he’s irritated.

An Aquarius man might also avoid talking about his feelings because he doesn’t want to cause conflict between people.

For example, he may not tell you if he’s upset at a friend of yours. He doesn’t want to cause any problems between you two.

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Hides His Feelings

An Aquarius man’s emotions aren’t always apparent. Aquarius men prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, especially feelings they consider to be negative.

Being emotionally distant is one of an Aquarius man’s traits. Even if he’s close to you, he might still have trouble showing his “negative” emotions.

As mentioned, an Aquarius man might seem cold when he’s trying to cover up how upset he is. This isn’t always the case, though.

Some Aquarius men are great at hiding their true feelings. Your Aquarius man might seem perfectly happy even when he’s struggling emotionally.

Your Aquarius man might eventually stop covering up how he’s feeling. If he can’t deal with his emotions himself, he may come to you if he trusts you.

He Might Be Cruel

When an Aquarius man is mad at you, he might act rudely toward you. He may even be cruel to you.

If your Aquarius man is upset because you did something to hurt him, he might be cruel as a means of retaliation. He won’t always hold back, especially if he doesn’t care if he upsets you as well.

Even if he’s not mad at you, though, he might still be rude when he’s in a bad mood.

This is one of the reasons why an Aquarius man might avoid the people around him when he’s upset. He doesn’t want to cause problems with other people just because he’s upset.

If you bug your Aquarius man to talk to you when he’s upset, he is more likely to react rudely. Even if you’re just trying to help, he won’t see it that way. He will become irritated.

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Focuses On Something Else

Focusing on his emotions too much can make an Aquarius man feel worse. Some people like to sit with their feelings and focus on them until they pass. Aquarius men prefer to focus on something else.

An Aquarius man might dive into work when he’s upset. This will allow him to focus on his job and all the work he has to do instead of how bad he feels.

He might also take up a new hobby or devote more time to an established one. If you notice your Aquarius man is spending a lot more time painting or doing another hobby, he might be working through some feelings.

Sometimes this works. An Aquarius man will work through his upset and his nervous energy by focusing on another task. If it doesn’t work, he might try to do something else to make himself feel better.

He’ll Go Out

Going out and being social can sometimes make an Aquarius man feel better when upset.

If your Aquarius man is upset with you, he might go out to put some distance between you two. He will need time away from you to calm down.

An Aquarius man might go out to a bar or club. He might also volunteer somewhere if he wants to be in a less rowdy setting.

Your Aquarius man might want you to go out with him if he’s upset about something else. Being in a new setting is sometimes what he needs to cheer him up.

Going out will serve as a distraction. It will also allow an Aquarius man to see other people and do things that make him happy. Sometimes, all he needs to cheer up is the company of friends.

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Handles Things Himself

An Aquarius man’s personality is pretty independent. When he’s upset about something, he will usually try to deal with the problem himself.

Most of the time, an Aquarius man can handle his emotions on his own. He will be able to cheer himself up by distracting himself or hanging around with friends.

There will be times when an Aquarius man can’t handle his emotions himself, of course. If he’s been upset for a long time and can’t cheer himself up, that’s the one time he will go to you about how he feels.

Never push an Aquarius man to come to you when he’s upset. He will if he needs to.

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