Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Pisces Man

Updated August 31, 2023

If a Pisces man’s mind games are bothering you, sometimes the best thing to do is get him back and play with him too.

Playing mind games with a Pisces man can be risky, though. If you want a relationship with him, you might ruin your chances.

You can mess with a Pisces man in many ways. Pisces men tend to be incredibly sensitive. He might play certain games with you, but he probably can’t handle it if you play with him back!

Ghosting a Pisces man, criticizing him, and guilt-tripping him are all things you can do to play mind games. If he ever lies to you, lie to him too!

You can also make your Pisces man jealous if you want to mess with him. Flirt with other men or compare him to some of your exes to play with his head.

Gossip About Him

Gossiping about a Pisces man is one of the best ways to play mind games with a Pisces man. This will mess with him if he trusts you and thinks you respect him.

Some Pisces men trust more easily than others. If your Pisces man tells you something in confidence, and then he hears you’ve been gossiping about it with others, that will mess with him and make him wonder if he can trust you.

If you always say positive things to your Pisces man’s face, but he hears you’ve been saying negative things about him to other people, that will also mess with his head.

Your Pisces man won’t always know what to think when he learns that you’ve been gossiping about him. He might start questioning your motives or wondering what you truly think about him.

If your Pisces man hears you’ve been gossiping about him, but nobody will tell him what you’ve been saying, that will mess with him! It will drive him crazy wondering what you’ve been saying.

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Ghost Him

Ignoring a Pisces man now and then won’t always mess with him. Ghosting him completely, with seemingly no reason, will bother him.

If you come on strong and connect with your Pisces man, then suddenly disappear completely, that will play with his mind.

Your Pisces man might drive himself up the wall trying to figure out why you ghosted him. He’ll likely think he did something wrong and lose sleep trying to figure out what exactly he did to drive you away.

Ghosting your Pisces man, then coming back and refusing to explain why will mess with him. Be careful not to do this too often if you don’t want to drive him away.

If you want to make a Pisces man crazy about you, you can play a little hard to get. If you go too far with that, you’ll mess with his head.

Be Dishonest

Pisces men aren’t always the most honest people. If you want to beat a Pisces man at his own game, tell lies the same way he does.

It’s common for Pisces men to lie, whether or not they mean to. If your Pisces man has difficulty being truthful with you, give him a taste of his own medicine.

Your Pisces man will likely be hurt when he realizes you’ve lied to him. If he suddenly starts catching you in lies, he’ll begin to wonder about all the times he possibly didn’t realize you were lying.

It will mess with a Pisces man’s head to know that you’re lying to him on purpose. It will mess with him even more if you point out that he also lies to you!

Pisces men sometimes lie and hope others don’t notice, or they accidentally bend the truth. If your Pisces man finds out you’re only lying because he does, that will mess with him.

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Guilt-Trip Him

Do Pisces men play mind games? Some of them do, and one of their common tactics is to guilt-trip the people around them.

If you want to play mind games with a Pisces man, guilt-trip him back! Don’t let him make you feel guilty. Make him feel guilty instead.

You can guilt trip your Pisces man by pointing out every lie he’s ever told you or bringing up times when he’s accidentally said something insensitive or hurt your feelings.

You can also guilt trip a Pisces man by refusing to accept his apologies. Even if he’s doing his best, let him know you don’t forgive him. Tell him that you no longer trust him or that you don’t feel like he genuinely cares about you.

Knowing that he’s hurt you will make a Pisces man feel guilty. It will mess with his head when you tell him that his actions have ruined your relationship or your opinion of him.

Criticize Him Constantly

Many Pisces men do not handle criticism well, especially from people they care about. It will mess with your Pisces man’s head if you constantly make judgmental comments about him.

It will mess with your Pisces man even more if you act like you’re being helpful when you make these comments. He might wonder if he’s too sensitive, or he may feel bad for getting upset when you’re “just trying to help.”

If you really want to play mind games with your Pisces man, criticize the things you know he’s already insecure about. You can also mess with him by attacking things he’s not insecure about.

Is your Pisces man a talented painter, and he knows that? Start criticizing his artwork constantly. Point out even the most minor of flaws. This might make him start to wonder how talented he actually is.

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Never Open Up

Trust is essential to Pisces men. They want the people in their lives to trust them enough to open up, and it can mess with them when their loved ones don’t seem to trust them.

If you want to play mind games with a Pisces man, refuse to open up to him. Make it clear that you’re keeping secrets and refusing to let him get to know you.

One of the signs a Pisces man is playing you is that he’ll make no attempt to open up to you. If you want to mess with him, refuse to open up to him as well.

If you eventually want a healthy relationship with a Pisces man, you should open up to him. He should open up to you as well. If neither of you does so, your relationship will be doomed.

Flirt With Other Men

Flirting with other men in front of your Pisces man is a great way to play mind games with him, whether you two are officially together or not.

If you’ve been flirting with your Pisces man for a while and he thinks you’re genuinely interested, he’ll be perplexed if you stop and start paying attention to other men instead.

Your Pisces man might get jealous. He’ll wonder if you’ve lost interest in him and drive himself crazy trying to figure out what he did to push you away.

If you’re already dating, it will mess with your Pisces man to see you flirting with other men! He’ll start to feel like he’s not enough.

Be careful with this, though! Your Pisces man might start to doubt your affections if you flirt with others too much. You might drive him away or damage your relationship if you overdo it.

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Compare Him To Others

Manipulating a Pisces man can be easy at times. One way you can usually play games with him and manipulate his feelings is to compare him to others.

If your Pisces man cares about your opinion of him, he might be disappointed to hear you always compare him to others negatively.

Talk about an ex of yours and compare everything your Pisces man does to him. If your Pisces man has the same career as a friend of yours, talk about how much better your friend is doing.

Knowing that you think your Pisces man is inferior to the other people in your life will mess with his head.

What happens when you hurt a Pisces man with all your comparisons? Pisces men can be forgiving at first.

A couple of comparisons might not make him reconsider his relationship with you. He’ll eventually leave if you constantly hurt him and make him feel bad.

Insult His Friends

If you want to play mind games with a Pisces man, you might need to mess with the people he cares about instead of messing with him.

Sometimes when a Pisces man plays mind games, it can be challenging to get back at him. If he doesn’t actually care about you, he might not care if you mess with him.

He will care if you mess with his friends, though. You can typically get to a Pisces man by insulting the people he loves and making them feel bad.

Make a bad impression the first time you meet your Pisces man’s friends. Be rude to them. Gossip about your Pisces man, or imply that he has been gossiping about them.

Even if your other attempts at playing mind games aren’t working, insulting his friends will get to a Pisces man.

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