Understanding a Distant Virgo Man (Why? How To Fix?)

Updated September 6, 2023

A distant Virgo man isn’t always a sign that something is wrong. Some Virgo men are naturally shy and aloof.

If something is wrong, you can either cheer your Virgo man up or give him space, depending on his needs.

Virgo men will withdraw from the people around them when stressed out. A Virgo man won’t always seek comfort, especially if he’s feeling anxious. He might need you to offer comfort.

A Virgo man will also distance himself if you aren’t meeting his needs. He might withdraw from you because you aren’t making him feel stable and secure.

If a Virgo man wants space, give him the space he needs. He might appreciate you taking the time to comfort him, clean up around the house, or help him relax if he’s stressed out.

Withdraws When Stressed

If a Virgo man acts uninterested suddenly, it might not be because he’s lost interest in you. He might feel stressed out because of something that has nothing to do with you.

Virgo men don’t always handle stress well. They withdraw from everyone around them. They are not good at talking about their emotions or seeking comfort.

You may have to reach out to your Virgo man and offer help if he’s stressed out. He won’t want to bother you.

Virgo men like to seem self-reliant. They pride themselves on working under pressure and handling stress well. Your Virgo man may be embarrassed if he’s not managing his stress the way he wants to.

A Virgo man will usually try to deal with his stress by himself. He may be able to deal with it, but he will need help sometimes.

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His Needs Aren’t Being Met

If a Virgo man constantly disappears for days at a time, that is a signal something might be wrong.

You might not be meeting your Virgo man’s needs if he continuously distances himself from you. He may be seeking other people to meet his needs.

If a Virgo man’s needs aren’t being met, you can fix that. Talk to him and ask him what you need to do differently. Your Virgo man will let you know what you can change if he wants to continue your relationship.

When a Virgo man is done with you for good, he might not bother telling you what you can change. He may just let you know that he needs to look elsewhere to meet those needs.

He’s Naturally Aloof

Why does a Virgo man ignore your texts sometimes? This isn’t always a signal that he’s being distant or that anything is wrong. Virgo men are naturally aloof. Many of them aren’t big texters either.

A Virgo man will never be the type of person who messages you all day long. Even if you two are close, he’s not going to text you constantly.

Virgo men do loosen up more as they get to know people. If you are close to a Virgo man, he will seem less aloof. He will likely even be affectionate with you.

If you are casual acquaintances with a Virgo man, expect him to act distant sometimes. He will open up more once he knows he can trust you with his true self.

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He’s Shy

Why does a Virgo man ignore you sometimes? One reason might be that he’s shy.

A Virgo man might not always reach out to somebody he doesn’t know well. He may seem distant and withdrawn because he doesn’t know how to interact with you yet.

Your Virgo man might feel overwhelmed if you just met and you are constantly texting him. Try and hold back until he’s had the chance to get to know you better.

He might not always approach you when he sees you in public. You will often need to greet a Virgo man first. He’s not always the best at starting conversations with people he’s not close to.

He’s Pessimistic

Why does a Virgo man sometimes withdraw after intimacy? He might be afraid that any good experiences he has are too good to be true.

Many Virgo men are pessimists. They seem like logical, rational people, but they aren’t always. Sometimes they get caught up in their own heads and convince themselves of the worst.

A Virgo man might distance himself if he thinks he can’t trust you. This doesn’t always mean you’ve done something wrong. It just means he has trust issues.

Virgo men make mountains out of molehills sometimes. You might always be on time, but if a Virgo man is in a bad mood, he’ll decide you’re unreliable the one time you show up to a date late.

All you can do is reassure your Virgo man when he’s in a pessimistic mood. Let him know that you care about him and that things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

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Give Him Space

The best way to react when a Virgo man ignores you is with patience. Don’t get angry or assume the worst until you’ve checked in with him.

It’s usually a good idea to reach out once and ask if he needs anything. If he continues ignoring you or insists that he’s okay, then give him space.

Leaving a Virgo man alone is sometimes the best course of action when he’s being distant. He might need some time alone to sort himself out.

It’s a terrible idea to try and force a distant Virgo man to interact with you. You will push him away further if you demand that he interacts with you when he’s not feeling up to it.

Virgo men often like to deal with things by themselves. He’ll appreciate you reaching out. He’ll also appreciate you giving him the space he needs.

Be Respectful

Always be respectful of a Virgo man’s boundaries. You can offer to help him and reach out if he seems upset. If he asks you to leave him alone, though, respect that.

A Virgo man won’t always want your help if he’s stressed out or upset about something. He will continue to act distant until he deals with his issues himself.

Sometimes, all you can do is let him know you’re available if he needs you. Your Virgo man will reach out for comfort if he wants it.

A Virgo man’s texting style is aloof and infrequent. He won’t always text you back, even if nothing is wrong.

If something is wrong, you won’t make him feel better by constantly bugging him. Be respectful of his space. Text him once to say you’re thinking about him and that you’re there if he needs something. Leave it at that.

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Clean Up

If a Virgo man is pushing you away because he’s stressed out, there are some small things you can do to ease his stress.

Virgo men get anxious when their space is messy. If you live with your Virgo man, take on some extra chores around the house. Get his space as clean as possible, and that might ease his mind.

You won’t always be able to do this if you don’t live with your Virgo man. If he seems distant because of stress, you can ask him if he needs help with any chores.

You can also clean up your own space if a Virgo man seems distant. He might not like coming over to your apartment if it’s always messy. Tidy up, and he may start coming over more!

Help Him Relax

Virgo men sometimes need help to relax when they’re stressed out. They can get caught up in a cycle where they stress themselves out more and more because they don’t know how to calm down.

Offer to help your Virgo man practice some self-care if he seems stressed out. He might not want to talk about how he feels until he’s had the chance to calm down first.

You can offer to give him a massage or make his favorite dinner. You can also take over some of his tasks, so he has time to sit and breathe.

Gift your Virgo man a candle with his favorite scent, or bring him a treat he likes. He might not always have time to relax. You can do little things to make him feel a bit better anyway.

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Many Virgo men are social creatures. They don’t always like loud, boisterous parties, but they love to be around people.

Your Virgo man might distance himself when he’s feeling overwhelmed. This may be counterintuitive because socializing makes him feel better sometimes.

You can try calling your Virgo man and offering to chat. He won’t always respond to text messages. If he needs to socialize, it’s better to do it in person or over the phone if that’s not possible.

Offer to take him to dinner or over to a friend’s house. He might realize that getting out of the house is what he needed all along.

Socializing won’t always be what your Virgo man needs. Many times, though, socializing will help him loosen up. He’ll stop being so distant once he realizes being around people makes him feel better.

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