10 Suggestions To Stop Virgo Man From Ignoring You

Updated May 2, 2023

If a Virgo man is ignoring you, there are things you can do to get him to pay attention to you again quickly.

You can also change some of your behavior to ensure that a Virgo man doesn’t start ignoring you in the first place.

You should always respect a Virgo man’s privacy. If he does need some space, give it to him. He will be less likely to ignore you when he knows you’ll give him the alone time he needs.

A Virgo man might start to ignore you if he thinks you’re too pushy or judgmental. Don’t be overly critical of him, and he won’t feel the need to ignore you.

You can learn to read a Virgo man’s energy to prevent him from ignoring you. If he gets irritated, you can shift your behavior to calm him down.

1. Respect His Privacy

Virgo men are private people. They might be social, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to share the most intimate details of their life with everyone.

A Virgo man might start to ignore you if he thinks you’re too nosy. You will make him uncomfortable if you’re constantly pushing him for information he’s not willing to give.

If a Virgo man tells you that a particular topic is off-limits, avoid that topic. If you ask a question and he says he’s not comfortable answering it, don’t push.

Respecting a Virgo man’s privacy also means keeping his secrets. If you ever spill a secret he’s told, he might start to avoid you. He won’t trust you with anything he tells you from then on.

A Virgo man will feel more comfortable with you when you respect his privacy. If he knows you’ll give him space, he’ll be less likely to ignore you and more likely to talk to you if he needs you to leave something alone.

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2. Don’t Push Him

The best way to react when a Virgo man ignores you is by being patient. Pushing him will make him ignore you more.

You can prevent a Virgo man from ignoring you in the first place by never being too pushy with him. He might withdraw from you if you’re constantly pushing him to do things he doesn’t want to do.

When a Virgo man ignores your text, don’t blow up his phone or demand that he reply to you. He is probably just busy. Let him respond when he can.

A Virgo man will feel more comfortable and relaxed around you if he knows you’re not going to push him into anything.

Your Virgo man might ignore you when he’s upset, for example, if he thinks you’ll bother him to talk before he’s ready. If he knows you won’t do that, he’ll likely still spend time with you even when he’s not feeling his best.

3. Don’t Judge Him

When hurt, a Virgo man will often withdraw from people around him. If you are the one who hurt him, he’s likely to ignore you instead of confronting you.

You can prevent hurting a Virgo man’s feelings by not judging him or being overly critical.

Virgo men are often hypocritical when it comes to their views of criticism. They can dish it out, but they usually can’t take it!

Your Virgo man might start avoiding you if you’re constantly criticizing him. He may stop sharing his interests with you if you’re continually making judgmental comments about them.

He will be less likely to ignore you if he knows he can go to you about anything and not have to worry about facing judgment.

Be somebody he can comfortably talk to about anything. He will seek you out instead of ignoring you when something is bothering him.

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4. Ask About Him

If a Virgo man suddenly ignores you, you can check in on him. If something is wrong, he will appreciate you asking about him.

Virgo men sometimes get caught up in their work and don’t realize they have been ignoring the people around them. He might need a quick call or message from you to remind him that he hasn’t talked to you in a while.

If your Virgo man ignores you because he’s feeling down, it might make him feel better to know that you’re thinking about him.

He might not reach out right away, but he’ll be more likely to go to you if he decides he wants to talk to somebody.

Make sure you always show an interest in your Virgo man’s life. He might ignore you if all you ever do is talk about yourself! Give him a chance to talk about his interests whenever you two talk.

5. Be Calm

When a Virgo man goes silent on you, remain calm. He might not be ignoring you just because he’s quiet.

If a Virgo man is overwhelmed or stressed out, being around somebody with nervous energy will stress him out more.

Your Virgo man will be less likely to ignore you when he’s feeling down if you have calming energy. He will go to you when he needs to relax because he knows you won’t overwhelm him.

If you are naturally high-energy, try to tone it down if you think your Virgo man isn’t feeling well. He sometimes needs time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Be somebody he can relax with.

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6. Give Him Space

Sometimes, Virgo men just need space from everyone around them. This isn’t a bad thing. Everyone needs alone time now and then.

Your Virgo man isn’t ignoring you when he takes time to himself. He is just trying to relax and recharge. Be understanding of his need for space.

If he knows you will respect it when he asks for space, he will let you know when he wants alone time. He won’t just run off and ghost you.

If a Virgo man ignores you after an argument, give him space. He will stop ignoring you once he’s had some time to calm down. He can’t calm down if you’re bugging him!

7. Offer Help

If your Virgo man ever seems stressed out or like there is too much on his plate, offer to help him out.

Virgo men retreat from the people around them when they feel overwhelmed. If he’s stressed out from work, your Virgo man might start to ignore you just because socializing is too much for him.

He will be less likely to ignore you if he doesn’t get too stressed out in the first place. If he knows you’ll help him, he’ll be more likely to come to you when he needs assistance with something.

Your Virgo man will also be less likely to become irritated with you if you consistently do your share of household chores. He might be a neat freak, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be the only one cleaning!

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8. Lowkey Conversations

Why does a Virgo man ignore your texts sometimes? Virgo men aren’t big texters. He might feel overwhelmed if you constantly message him or have intense conversations over text.

When talking to a Virgo man via text message, keep things low-key. You two can have more serious conversations in person. That’s the way he prefers it.

A Virgo man might start to ignore your messages if you’re too intense. He may avoid his phone if you are constantly blowing it up.

If a Virgo man is stressed out, he might want more lowkey conversations in person too. Respect that and save the intense conversational topics for when he’s feeling better.

9. Read His Energy

What does it mean when a Virgo man stops talking to you? It could mean a huge number of things. You need to learn how to read a Virgo man to know what the problem could be.

If a Virgo man is suddenly distant, try to figure out why before assuming the worst. Has he been stressed out about work lately? Have you two been going out a lot, and he needs some alone time?

If you learn to read a Virgo man’s energy, you’ll be able to tell when you get close to overstepping a boundary. You will also be able to tell when he’s stressed out.

You can avoid overwhelming a Virgo man or hurting his feelings when you know what signs to look for. He’ll be less likely to ignore you if you can avoid upsetting him.

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10. Don’t Get Too Emotional

Don’t freak out if you think a Virgo man is pushing you away. He will continue pushing you away if you get too emotional.

You can prevent a Virgo man from ignoring you in the first place by trying to control your emotions.

If you two are close, he will sometimes talk about his feelings. He won’t always be in the mood for emotional discussions, though. Respect that, and he won’t push you away.

Virgo men don’t like huge emotional displays. They also don’t like causing scenes in public. Your Virgo man will want to spend more time with you if he can trust you to be calm.

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