Quick Guide To Sexually Pleasing a Virgo Man (Easily)

Updated September 2, 2022
Quick Guide To Sexually Pleasing a Virgo Man (Easily)

If you want to please a Virgo man sexually, you need to have a game plan. Make sure you know what your individual Virgo man likes.

Take things slowly. Virgo men are in no rush in bed. You can take your time and find what he likes.

There are some specific things that many Virgo men like, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to get to know your individual Virgo man. Pay attention to him and find his weak spots.

Virgo men like to communicate. You can talk about your fantasies with him, and he will likely talk about his own. This will make it easier to please him.

Start slow and work your way up from there. Many Virgo men will love it if you start with a massage or something simple before heating things up.

Take Things Slow

How do you please a Virgo man? When you’re with him, don’t rush. Go slow. Take all the time you need to figure out how to please him.

Virgo men like to take their time when they’re having sex, as they do with everything in their lives. They want to make sure they do it right!

Take your time to explore your Virgo man’s body and get him worked up. Virgo men like slow, passionate sex. If you want to please him, don’t rush through anything.

Your Virgo man wants to feel an intimate connection with you. He won’t feel a connection if you’re rushing through everything and just trying to have sex as quickly as possible.

If your Virgo man wants to take the time to talk, let him. If he says he needs something specific from you, give it to him. There is honestly no need to rush through anything.

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Romantic Environment

Are Virgo men romantic? Surprisingly, many of them are! This is especially true for a Virgo man in a relationship.

You can sexually please your Virgo man by setting up a romantic environment when you go to bed together.

Play some music that your Virgo man likes. Clean up your room and light some candles. Put fresh sheets on the bed.

Really set things up, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion with your Virgo man. He’ll be touched and turned on when he sees that you’ve put a lot of effort into showing him a good time.

Shower Together

What does a Virgo man find attractive? Cleanliness is one thing that Virgo men can’t get enough of. Many Virgo men like to have sex in the shower for this reason.

You can sexually please a Virgo man by offering to shower together. Even if you don’t get too steamy, this is a great way to start things off or end a night of pleasure.

Showering together can be a highly intimate experience. Your Virgo man will love being close to you.

Wash your Virgo man’s body or even ask to wash his hair. This can be not only intimate but very erotic for a Virgo man.

This is something you can do as a precursor to sex. Your Virgo man might want to take the time to get clean after work before he goes to bed with you. Showering together can get things started.

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Tell Him What You Want

Is a Virgo man a good lover? A lot of them are! You can often please a Virgo man by talking to him about what you want.

Hearing you talk about what you want in bed will turn your Virgo man on. It will turn him on, knowing how to please you.

How does a Virgo man show love? He usually shows it through his actions. Your Virgo man wants to take care of you.

Let your Virgo man know what you need from him. He’ll be glad to take care of you in bed and do whatever you need him to. This won’t just be good for you, though! It will turn him on as well.


Foreplay is essential if you want to please a Virgo man. You can’t just skip to the “main event” and expect him to have a good time.

If a Virgo man doesn’t have time to have sex, he’s just not going to have it. He’s not the type to have a quickie.

Take the time you need to get your Virgo man riled up. As mentioned, he likes to take things slow. You can spend all the time you want on foreplay. He’s not in any rush.

If you skimp on the foreplay, your Virgo man might feel like you’re not really into him. He might think that you’re in a rush to get things over with. That’s not what he wants, and he may be disappointed rather than pleased.

When you take the time to focus on foreplay and make sure your Virgo man is pleased, he’ll feel cared for.

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Dirty Talk

What sexually attracts a Virgo man? Many Virgo men are into dirty talk. Virgo is a very communicative sign, so you can sexually please one with your words.

You can start the dirty talk before you are even together. Send him a few sexy texts letting him know what you want to do to him once you two are together.

One thing you shouldn’t do is try to talk dirty to your Virgo man in public. He often doesn’t like PDA, so he may become embarrassed or think that it’s inappropriate, depending on the setting.

When you two are alone, though, really let loose. If you aren’t sure how to talk dirty to your Virgo man, listen to him while you two are having sex.

Many Virgo men will talk dirty in bed, so he’ll show you what he likes if you take the time to listen.

Take Control

Virgo men are sexually compatible with people who are intense lovers. Virgo men can be control freaks in other areas of their lives, but they often love it when their partner is the one to take control in bed.

Tell your Virgo man to lay back and let you do the work. Let him know that he can let loose when you two are in bed together and that you don’t expect him to be in control of everything.

If your Virgo man is stressed out or overwhelmed, having you take control in the bedroom can help relax him. He will love knowing that he doesn’t have to be in control all the time.

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Talk About Fantasies

Before you get your Virgo man in bed, talk about your fantasies together. This is often one of the best ways to figure out how to truly please your Virgo man sexually.

Virgo men love to talk. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, just like Gemini is. Your Virgo man will be pleased if you tell him all about your desires and listen to his fantasies.

Encourage your Virgo man to tell you what he likes. Talking about sex is a way to bond with your Virgo man and a great way to learn exactly what you need to do to please him sexually.

Just talking about fantasies will likely please your Virgo man. This is a great way to kick things off if you want to go to bed with him.

Find His Weak Spots

If you want to know how to please your Virgo man, you need to pay attention to him! Not all Virgo men are the same. You need to find your individual Virgo man’s weak spots if you want to please him in bed.

If you want to make a Virgo man obsessed with you, show him how attentive you are. Take note when he seems to respond well when you touch particular spots.

The sign of Virgo rules over the stomach and waist area, so that might be an erogenous zone for your Virgo man. Try touching that area of his body if you’re unsure where his weak spots are.

If that doesn’t work, keep exploring! You’ll please him when you find the right spots, but you’ll also please him when he sees how attentive you’re being.

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Give Him A Massage

Virgo men get stressed out easily. They are the type of people to carry that stress in their muscles and become tense. If your Virgo man seems anxious and stressed out, offer him a massage.

This is a great way to make your Virgo man feel better, but it’s also an excellent way to please him sexually. You’ll have an easier time pleasing him if he’s feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Take your time with the massage. Use some massage oil or lotion. Find all the spots where your Virgo man feels sore and work on them until he’s relaxed.

Once he’s feeling better, you can continue the massage. Keep gently touching him. Focus on any spots he seems to particularly like.

Massage is a great place to start if you want to please your Virgo man. Once you’ve already got your hands on him, you can move things along.